tbh if sweden didn’t exist there would be a very sucky eurovision because sweden has something to do with every song not gonna lie it’s a swede that ties all the shoelaces behind the scenes and sweden also won the eurovision for greece once sweden actually rules eurovision and you can’t deny it

so we all already know that draco has always known who harry potter is and that he’s probably heard his dad and his friends talk about him a lot and how powerful he is and what he might be able to do to the world when he grows up

also imagine little draco finding out that this really powerful harry potter is actually HIS age

imagine little draco learning to read and count and looking forward to the REAL school he’d attend when he was eleven, and thinking about this other boy harry potter and if he also had to learn to read and count, and if he also played with his toy broom on his backyard wanting nothing more than to fly high up in the sky so he could touch the clouds

imagine little draco constantly thinking about this mysterious and powerful boy his age and wondering what he was doing at that moment, if the boy was alone like him or if he had lots of friends and family playing with him

imagine little draco playing alone in his room with his toys, pretending that he was playing with this other boy who was constantly on his mind because he was curious about what could be so special about him since daddy always spoke about him more than he did anything else

imagine little draco hearing his daddy and his friends talking about how this boy had to die but draco didn’t understand why because he was just seven years old too, just like him. would he also have to die if he did something bad?

and imagine little draco from that moment, deciding to never ever disappoint his parents, to always do what he’s been told, even if he doesn’t really want it