Wow that last post made me remember my YA series loves.


The series I followed p much religiously were Magic Tree House, Secrets of Droon, and the Deltora series.

MTH I kinda…stopped getting after they became hardbound (what, after 30-something?)

Droon I have a shitload of. Like 30-something. But I stopped keeping track.

Deltora on the other hand…I have literally every single book except the last two Dragons of Deltora.

That series oh my god Deltora it’s SO GOOD I CAN’T EVEN TELL YOU.

I’ve reread it over and over.


(im serious i screamed and fell off my chair when i saw it like oh my god deltora is my childhood let me fucking love you japan)

This past week has just been me staring at a couple hundred lines of code and occasionally moving some variables around. I’m trying to disassemble my mess of battle system code to make it easier to manage. Nothing much to report on yet, but I think it’s starting to work a little better.

I did come up with something good though! When the turn starts, you’ll do a sort of attack preparation sequence, where a little graphic appears in the textbox and you have to react to it, like a timed press, and then after you finish that, it executes the attack, doing more damage if you timed it well. It used to happen at the same time, and that was super hard to focus on as a player, and the scripting for it was pretty complex. This new way is better. You perform, then watch, and the script is just one block of code with conditionals, since it doesn’t have to be dynamically executed in time with the attack.

I have the base attacks planned out in detail, so once I get this mess sorted out, I can add everything properly. The enemy AI and turn system is done, so I just need to fix this.

The battles are literally half of the gameplay. I can’t believe I got this far without finishing it. It’s well overdue! I’ll see if I can get it done enough this week to provide some quality footage of a battle.

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Theory(-ish) time! So, Holly Blue didn't seem to understand any of humans talking. Do gems have their own language? What does their word for Homeworld sound like?! I mean, probably some of all the human languages is gem-ish because CG shenanigans, but I can't get the idea out of my head that Homeworld has a different name. (Which may or may not be White Diamond??? Or, like, what if the word "Mom" is Homeworld's gem-ish name?)

Gem language… gem back again because Immediate Realization of a Thing. Y.D. kinda disregarded all the earth life because it’s organic. But like, organic chemistry is just the carbon-based stuff, not just life-y biology things.  But, diamonds are carbon, right? Are Diamonds not diamond-y? Does YD think we’re tryin to steal her style? Does organic just mean life-y to gems? So many questions, so little textbox.


SinJa Comic Preview Page!

Read from right to left, like how you would read manga please~ (Actually I’m not sure, the formatting for this page is a bit messed up)

The latest chapters of SnB have been messing with my feels so much that I just had to vent them on an angsty SinJa comic (it’s going to be a huge project!!!). Plus, I wanted to try out a new manga-making program I downloaded a few days ago… Applying screentones is unexpectedly fun (: 

I was thinking of using SnB-ish styled panels and art style for later on pages. Please look forward to it!

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Hi! I'm interested in buying your advance textbox script. I was wondering, if you would consider adding some kind of "blooping" system to the text?

Hey! I have no idea what this means!

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Hello Diest, I've read up on both of your advanced textbox tutorials, and I'm confused by something, your newChat script doesn't have an example with it, so I'm quite confused on how to actually use it, could you provide a quick example?

///Create Event
message[0] = “Hello!”;
message[1] = “Bye!”;

///Step Event
if (player_clicks_on_me())
       newChat(message, “none”);