Fake Hospitality

~Rezzia sat up with a grunt when Marrif walked in. She looked like she was in a bit of a bad mood…but not that much…yet. She rubbed her forehead seeing Marrif walking in with Albus and the apple. She stood up drowsily putting a hand out to support herself as she stared up at Marrif~ I wanna leave…right now. I wanna go right now. 

Rezzia: Over Come Your Fears Already


(The bullets bounced harmlessly off the guy’s armor. He kept the flames on Marrif, but raised a gun towards Rezzia and fired off a flare. It made a hissing, whistling noise as it flew towards her, trailing smoke and light behind it. His aim was off and it missed Rezzia, but it exploded on the ground, spraying bright firework-like napalm. He turned away to focus more on Marrif, who, had to make a move quickly or else he’d be completely roasted. His skin was already starting to blister.)

~Rezzia held her arm over her eyes trying to protect them while everything exploded around her. She blindly ran torwards another counter to hide behind…She had to try and save Marrif or just try and help him out but she felt completely useless. She coughed  as the smoke began to settle and small cuts and scrapes lined her arms but they were nothing compared to Marrif’s burns. She stood up from behind the counter and let out another round of bullets at the guy. It was all so useless…but if she could get his attention and get it to attack her instead maybe Marrif’s blast would have more power? It was a risk but she had faith in Marrif~ HEY FUCK-FACE ~She screamed reloading her gun~






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