I am filled with a million stars
each hidden and yearning
to balance and beam.
but by holding on,
too many are burning out inside.
some day
I will let those surviving go,
so that they may shine
their love upon the world.
—  danielantonnyc, Shine 

You can’t leave Jimin and Jungkook alone ever. Like look at these two. When there’s no one else for them to interact with its so obvious how smitten they are with each other. I’m pretty sure ISAC had a rule this year that if you’re not competing then you need to stay off the field because they were really strict about the fans getting riled up. So that’s why it was just Jimin and Jungkook out during archery. And you know what happened? They flirted the whole time. It was like the v live all over again. They both look a little shy and awkward but are having fun playing with each other and my heart is happy. I love when it’s just them because their bond really shines. It’s like they have no one to hide behind and you can just see how sweet they are when it’s the two of them.

Remembers they went out together just the two of them a couple nights ago.. dies…


Elderflower Eyes by teanmoon

  • These eyes use the iris texture from Remi’s edit of Leh’s eyes, and some colors use shading from my recolors of Helianthea’s Bland Comic Eyes.
  • The sclera of the eye comes from the base game eyes
  • The iris has been resized to match the maxis iris size as closely as possible
  • They eyes have a matte specular (No Shine!)
  • They come in the 18 base game default colors
  • The base game colors are designed to match EA’s original colors as closely as possible
  • Plus 20 non-default add-on colors which appear as extra swatches in the eye color area
  • All non-default color swatch appear after the BG colors
  • The non-default blues, greens, and browns are full geneticized*
  • The black swatch of the greys co-inherits** with the BG black
  • The two non-default grey co-inherit with the BG grey
  • All colors are enabled for random
  • Please do not claim as your own, keep these eyes and recolors of them free

* - Fully geneticized means that the color can be passed from parent to child

** - Co-inheritance means that if the parent has grey eyes, the child has an equal chance of inheriting any of the greys that co-inherit

Thank you so much Remi for providing an easy to use recoloring PSD!


All Package Files in Zip

Defaults only

Blues Only

Greens Only

Browns Only

Greys Only

Remi’s psd adapted to TS4′s texture mapping for super easy recolors


happy birthday to our kkwonsso! you are so talented, funny, thoughtful and beautiful and you shine so bright. i know that you’re so passionate about whatever you do, and i hope you never lose that. thank you for always making us smile and for making us happy and for always thinking about us, now today we are thinking of you and wishing you nothing but the best on your day. i’m so proud of you and always want to see you succeed. i hope to see you doing what you love again soon. i love you and once more, happy birthday sso. ♡ #HappyKkwonssoDay

anonymous asked:

Heyo! Hope everything is going well with school starting soon and stuff! I love your artwork! It's so dynamic and expressive and characterization just shines through and it just makes my day! If you don't mind my asking, how long have you been drawing? Would you be willing to put up, like, some old sketches with newer ones to show how your skills developed? I think it's super encouraging for newer artists to see that kind of progression so they don't discourage themselves early ya know

Hey Thanks!! I’ve been drawing, I think, for over ten years. Professional speaking I’m rather new, since I decided to make it my career after I finished high school. But give or take 10+ years! <3

A while ago I got a similar ask on my main blog about my old art. I did a redraw of a character to see the difference! :D

(2007) animu crayola pencils fishy princess uuguu

(2016) i’d smooch her tbh

practice. its important to practice.