okay but Little Red Riding Hood retelling wherein the wolf is a guardian of the forest and all its creatures, but its life is tied to that of Little Red’s family. Under Grandmother’s rule, they have seen nearly a century of peace and prosperity. 

However, the Huntsman and his forces know that the old woman is dying, and when she goes, the wolf will die as well, leaving an opportunity to attack the forest. They’ve been biding their time for a hundred years, knowing that they cannot beat Grandmother’s wolf. 

What they don’t count on is Red. Sweet, little Red who is at her dying Grandmother’s deathbed, who holds her hand as she takes her final breath. Who, with tears shining in her eyes, whispers, “Goodbye Grannie. I’ll see you in the next life.” Curled next to the bed, the wolf howls once, a single note of mourning, before closing her eyes and joining Grandmother in death. 

Grandmother’s body isn’t even cold before the Huntsman bursts into the cottage, seeking to kill the next heir and her wolf before they can become a threat to him. 

“You should not be here,” Red says. Her voice wavers and tears still shine in her eyes, but she is unafraid. “Grannie wouldn’t like it.”

“Your Grandmother is dead, idiot girl,” the Huntsman snarls. “And you will join her.”

“No,” Red replies. “She will join me.” The blanket that Red used to cover Grandmother’s body shifts and an almighty growl shakes the foundations of the cottage. “You should run now,” Red offers as an enormous black wolf erupts from the bed where her Grandmother had lain. Her fur is the same dark color as Grannie’s, and she has their family’s legendary golden eyes.

And so continues the legacy of Red Riding Hood. In life, they support their forest home, and go on to protect it in death. 

To my knight in shining armor.

Even though everything is a mess
I will always be your princess,
So lets put an end to all our fights
And stay with me these cold winter nights,
‘Cause I’ve been craving your body heat
And I was hoping we could meet,
Just reconsider the decision that you’ve made
I don’t want our love to fade,
It’s understandable you want to be free
But my heart is locked and only you have the key,
Please just love me once again
I promise this time you will be my only man.

Truly Yours

—  Excerpts of stories I’ll never finish/ poems / #168
Proud Louis Tomlinson hugs his sister Lottie at her event in London
It was Lottie Tomlinson's time to shine on Tuesday night as she celebrated the launch of her Nails Inc X Lips Inc collection at Tape, London.


PUBLISHED: 17:41 EST, 25 October 2016 | UPDATED: 17:58 EST, 25 October 2016

She’s spent her entire teenage years watching her brother in spotlight.

But it was Lottie Tomlinson’s time to shine on Tuesday night as she celebrated the launch of her Nails Inc X Lips Inc collection at Tape, London.

The 18-year-old was joined by her proud big brother Louis, 24, and his girlfriend Danielle Campbell, 21, at the event.

Louis wrapped his arm around Lottie and had a big smile on his face as the pair posed for pictures.

Make-up artist Lottie ensured she stole the show in a black bralet and white trousers with cut out sides.

Her long platinum locks fell in loose curls, and she decorated her piercing blue peepers with lashings of mascara, while she finished off her make-up with a pale pink lipstick.

She showed off her pout as she flashed a peace sign at the camera, while stood beside Louis.

The One Direction star opted for a simple white T-shirt and black trousers, finishing off his look with suede shoes.

He sported some stubble and his familiar fringe, while his arm tattoos were on full display.

Danielle opted for an all-black ensemble, with a cropped top exposing her taut tum. She matched it with a pair of leather trousers and over-the-knee boots and accessorised with large hoop earrings.

She wore her brunette tresses scraped back in an updo and enhanced her cheekbones with subtle contouring.

The beauty sat beside One Direction groomer Lou Teasdale before being joined by Louis.

The singer held his girl close, and they were all smiles for the cameras.

Lottie accompanied One Direction on their Where We Are and On The Road Again tours.

Since then, her and Louis’s mutual friend Selena Gomez has even personally invited the make-up artist onto her Revival tour to lend her creative eye after they struck up a bond in 2015.

Lottie met Selena when the US popstar was performing on the X Factor UK in 2015 on the same week as One Direction.

‘We met backstage,’ Lottie explained. 'She came to Lou to ask her to do her hair. She had really long hair at the time, and it was getting all knotted up. I was assisting Lou with her hair, and she asked for a makeup touch up.’


Hair @adedarma / Necklace - Rings @simpliciaty / Top @elliesimple /
Pants @hfs-sims4 / Earrings @missfortunesims / Nails @pralinesims

Eyeshadow - Face Shine @simshallow / Lips @serenity-cc /
Eyeliner @twinksimstress

Jamie and Bree's FIRST meeting


“What—” I began, and then stopped. 

Across the fire, a man had stepped from the shelter of the sugarcane. Jamie, tall as the cane itself, with the dying fire staining shirt and face as red as his hair. He raised a finger to his lips, and I nodded. I gathered my feet cautiously beneath me, picking up my stained skirt in one hand. I could be up, past the fire, and into the cane with him before Ishmael could reach me. 

But Margaret? I hesitated, turned to look at her, and saw that her face had come alive once again. It was lifted, eager, lips parted and shining eyes narrowed so that they seemed slightly slanted, as she stared across the fire.

 “Daddy?” said Brianna’s voice beside me.

 The hairs rippled softly erect on my forearms. It was Brianna’s voice, Brianna’s face, blue eyes dark and slanting with eagerness. 

 “Bree?” I whispered, and the face turned to me.

 “Mama,” said my daughter’s voice, from the throat of the oracle.

 “Brianna,” said Jamie, and she turned her head sharply to look at him.

 “Daddy,” she said, with great certainty. “I knew it was you. I’ve been dreaming about you.” 

 Jamie’s face was white with shock. I saw his lips form the word “Jesus,” without sound, and his hand moved instinctively to cross himself.

 “Don’t let Mama go alone,” said the voice with great certainty. “You go with her. I’ll keep you safe.” 

 There was no sound save the crackling of the fire. Ishmael stood transfixed, staring at the woman beside me. Then she spoke again, in Brianna’s soft, husky tones. “I love you, Daddy. You too, Mama.” She leaned toward me, and I smelled the fresh blood. Then her lips touched mine, and I screamed. 

 I was not conscious of leaping to my feet, or of crossing the clearing. All I knew was that I was clinging to Jamie, my face buried in the cloth of his coat, shaking. 

 His heart was pounding under my cheek, and I thought that he was shaking, too. I felt his hand trace the sign of the cross upon my back, and his arm lock tight about my shoulders. 

 “It’s all right,” he said, and I could feel his ribs swell and brace with the effort of keeping his voice steady. “She’s gone.” 


“I kept dreaming,” she said. “About my father. Fathers. Both of them.” 

 The dreams were little more than fragments; vivid glimpses of Frank Randall’s face, longer stretches now and then, in which she saw her mother. And now and then a tall, red-haired man whom she knew to be the father she had never seen. 

 “There was one dream in particular…” 

It had been night in the dream, somewhere tropical, with fields of tall green plants that might have been sugarcane, and fires burning in the distance. 

 “There were drums beating, and I knew something was hiding, waiting in the canes; something horrible,” she said. “My mother was there, drinking tea with a crocodile.” 

Roger grunted, and her voice grew sharper. “It was a dream, all right? Then he stepped out of the canes. I couldn’t see his face very well, because it was dark, but I could see that he had red hair; there were copper glints when he turned his head.” 

 “Was he the dreadful thing in the canes?” Roger asked.

 “No.” He could hear the susurrus of her hair as she shook her head. It had gone quite dark by now, and she was little more than a comforting weight on his chest, a soft voice beside him, speaking from the shadows. 

 “He was standing between my mother and the awful thing. I couldn’t see it, but I knew it was there, waiting.” She gave a small, involuntary shudder and 

Roger tightened his hold on her. “Then I knew my mother was going to stand up and walk right toward it. I tried to stop her, but I couldn’t make her hear me or see me. So I turned to him, and I called to him to go with her—to save her from whatever it was. And he saw me!” 

The hand on his arm squeezed tight. 

“He did, he saw me, and he heard me. And then I woke up.”