As someone who grew up in a country with a diversity of different cultures (including the Indian culture), I just want to say that Jonghyun did not mock them - that’s almost how all Bollywood movies are like, and if you’re someone who isn’t exposed to them, then maybe you’re just being butthurt and/or self-righteous by making a huge deal out of this - but yes, he still shouldn’t have, in the words on people nowadays, ‘appropriated’ that culture in any way.

That aside (and no, I am not saying Jonghyun is right or fine to do that at all, that is a different discussion), he has already issued an apology.

This was pretty much the first thing he addressed since his concert ended. He didn’t wait and decide to speak up after the series ended. He didn’t let SM or his managers speak for him. He could have easily done all that - let SM represent him or talk about this AFTER everything, but no. He took it to his Twitter on the first night of the concerts and apologised himself. He realised he’s wrong and even assured that that bit will be taken out of the video. What more do you want from the man?

Okay, maybe someone found it really offensive or insensitive, and you have every right to be upset. You can point it out and tell him about it, but you have no right to bash him after he’s publicly apologised. You don’t get to put him on a pedestal and destroy him when he took the time to explain that he knew he was wrong and he would not make such a mistake again.

We are all humans. He is as much a human as you are. You are, by no means, superior to him just because you’re socially aware of such issues. Not everyone gets the same exposure. Everyone is ignorant in some way, and different races/countries/cultures perceive things differently. For example, in America, because of its history and racial diversity, you might learn that joking about skin colour is wrong, but in some parts of Asia, it’s perfectly normal to joke about it. 

For Jonghyun, he grew up in Korea. Maybe this wasn’t something he learned while growing up. I don’t know, but maybe. I certainly wouldn’t if I didn’t grow up in a racially diverse country and didn’t have Indian friends. Yes, the world is global, but everyone grew up with certain ideals and beliefs, and you need to be aware that just because it applies to you doesn’t mean it applies to someone else. 

You preach about the need to educate and to fight for what’s right. Yes, you’ve done that. He is aware and has admits that he’s wrong. Just because he’s an idol doesn’t mean you can go on and on about how he intends to hurt people or etc. He’s an idol, yes, but it doesn’t mean he naturally knows about everything and everyone.

To those who are hurt by what he did, you have every right to be upset. If you feel like his apology isn’t good enough, I’m sorry, but what do you expect him to do? Go down on his knees and beg until you forgive him?

He’s an idol and an adult, and I think the fact that he spoke up about his mistakes himself, at the first moment possible, is commendable. It speaks a lot about who he is as a person. He’s a human, like all of us. Everyone makes mistakes. Can you honestly say that you have never been accidentally/unintentionally ‘racist’ at some point in your life? How would you like if people bash on you even if you gave a sincere apology about a mistake you did not intend to commit?

We all know him. He’s a sensitive soul. Do you honestly believe he’s done this on purpose? He apologised. Give him a freaking break. He’s a human with feelings. Don’t be a jerk just because he’s an idol whom you expect to be a ‘PERFECT’ role model. Nobody is. People learn and change. 


(161204) @realjonghyun90: and i would like to share some thoughts on my comment: “i respect others’ preferences, but i don’t swing that way”, which i made during the talk segment of the concert. (*)

i do not recall my exact words, but at the moment i was thinking that i need to speak accurately so as to prevent controversy, which led to my word choice of “preference” and “swing that way”.

the meaning of preference is “tendencies caused by one’s natural disposition”. disposition is the essence of one’s heart. tendency can be understood as things such as happenings, ideologies and actions that run along a similar vein. therefore, preference, in other words, can be defined as “a particular course one’s identity takes”.

so, i used the word “preference” in trying to say that i don’t share the same tendencies as some other people, and not because i fear to use words such as “gay”, “homosexual”, or “sexual minority”. however, if “swing that way” is used by others as a colloquial expression to degrade sexual minorities, then my use of it is my own ignorant mistake. should that be the case, i apologize for it as well, but that was not the intention behind what i said. the world “preference” was the focus.

around five or six years ago i used the phrase “that kind of hobby”, which became a widely used internet expression. it was wrong of me to express a sexual orientation itself as a hobby. it happened in my early twenties, and after realizing my mistake, i have stopped using it to people.

i heard that it is now being said in many fandoms. anyone who is familiar with the meaning of that expression, i hope you will stop using it in the future. that was an ignorant mistake when i was even more unaware, and even if it is not by much, i would like to set things right.

[translator’s note: he’s referencing a fanmeet where he said: “taemin, i love you” and, when the audience erupted in excitement, jonghyun said to the fans: “i have that kind of hobby” with a smile and everyone laughing. ever since then, fans adopted “that hobby” as a roundabout way to refer to homosexuality, mostly in a fanfic context. after several years, it’s not widely used as slang amongst various fandoms, ie: fanfic category: jongtae / band au / romance / “that … hobby”.]

these words have been posted without any company meeting and describe entirely my own opinion. i thought i should be the first to give feedback since the concert is held in my name. i will use more discretion in order to not cause problems in the remaining performances.

if i haven’t recalled the controversial words precisely verbatim, then i will say that in my head i probably came up with the sentence: “i respect others’ preferences but i do not swing that way,” however i was unsuccessful in clearly delivering that message. either way, i do not think the implication was hugely different. my thoughts remain the same. 

[translator’s note: the point of this post is to explain that he might have slightly misquoted himself - because, as he mentioned, he doesn’t recall his exact words during the concert, however, his explanation and apology remain the same.]

many of you must have been excited for tomorrow’s concert and i’m so sorry that it seems i’m making you come with heavy hearts. this situation has occurred because i am lacking, but the reason why i quickly apologized and fixed my blunders is because i want to make tomorrow’s performances more perfect. everyone coming tomorrow please scream even louder.

i hope we can move on and get lost in the two to three hours (together during the concert), feeling time pass in a flash. hurry and sleep, it’s late. let’s meet tomorrow in an even better condition.(source: shineetalks)

[translator’s note: jonghyun made this comment during a portion of the concert in which he acknowledged a few men in the audience. one was a boyfriend of a female fan, and jonghyun remarked that while singing a racy line he happened to look into the guy’s eyes. after describing that, he went on and made the comment in question in response to the awkwardness he had just explained.

for many of the fans there, the tone made it seem he was implying that he was not coming on to the man, despite the circumstance. it truly did not come off as critical of any sexual orientation, however, he is apologizing. anyway, tl;dr: he said that he respects other people based on whatever sexuality they are, but that he isn’t gay himself, and he wasn’t using the word to refer to any specific sexual orientation but some people took it that way.]

okay i usually dont talk about this kind of topics but do you really think jonghyun did that to annoy and disappoint his fans? do you think that if he’d known he was gonna get this feedback he would have done it? i mean if you think jjong is that mean, why are you even stanning shinee? why are you a shawol if you think jonghyun is such a bad person? 

it’s funny how people say you need to educate others so that they won’t do things like these, but if it’s an idol we’re talking about they’re already completely educated and they know about everything. just so you guys know, human beings NEVER stop learning, they learn new things everyday until they die. jonghyun learnt about that today and i’m sure he won’t do it ever again. 

he is an idol, but above everything he is an human being like you and like me. doing something wrong not knowing it is, is as bad as not educating someone to make sure they wont do it again. 

In light of recent Holby City spoilers I currently feel like trash because I’m kinda really excited?!?
Obviously I’m not some kind of sadist, but the thought of CR & JR having something so dramatic to sink their talented teeth into thrills me. Oh and call me naive- but I truly think Holby City will dodge the death trope for Berena, and things may be angsty as hell but it’s storytelling and it’s air time for our ship and it’s a platform for our two faves to shine. Bring it on.
(I’ll be crying and screaming whilst the ep airs but I’m kinda trash for this-sorry)

Kim Seokjin

The oldest hyung
The one who takes care of the others
The one who always has their back

The selfless, the ever hardworking.

The man who created Eatjin
The man who perfected the flying kiss

The ever clumsy
The ever dorky
The awkward hyung

The one who works hard day and night, to help with music along with the rest of the members. The one who worked Day and night and is proudly able to show to the world that he holds two Daesangs with his group.

The one who wrote the only song that’s been able to make me cry, because every single lyric that he sang beautifully holds as deep of meaning as any other song on the album.

The under appreciated hyung who deserves the entire world.

The ever shining the very beautiful flower.

The one who stays up late at night to listen to songs with us, to share his thoughts and to talk to us.

The one who spends days practicing his singing,

The one who spends countless hours in the practice room.

Sweaty and Exhausted

Just to make us proud.

If no one has said this to you.

I am so proud of you, that even words can’t explain them.

I am proud of you, because you are unique.

You are one of a kind

You are Kim Seokjin

You mean the world to me.

I hope we were able to make you proud this year. And I hope we were able to make you happy.

Even if you can’t read this.

Thank you for always working hard.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being the Jin that I’ve come to love so much.

Because you are someone who can never be replaced.

Bangtan is bangtan because of you.

Thank you for being the handsome prince who always takes care of these clumsy dorks.

Happy Birthday Kim Seokjin.

And if no one has told you,

You mean the world to me.

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Jjong enjoying the fans singing Beautiful Tonight 😊 X Inspiration Day 1 161203 #shinee #jonghyun #kimjonghyun

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Jonghyun is such a sweetheart