Groups in KPOP That Seriously Need to Disband Already

Crazed Fans: They always try to bring others down to prove how fantastic their biases are. Kinda sad, really. Not to mention how bad they make their faves look. They actually end up burning the bridges their faves are working so hard to build; they’re getting in their own faves’ way but have their heads up their asses too far to realize it.

Anti fans: Spend hours a week talking about how much they hate certain people whose actions do not affect them whatsoever. Need I say more?

Koreaboos: Like, I know the line between ‘appreciation’ and ‘appropriation’ is a lot blurrier than people want to think, but seriously…how many times to you have to make others cringe till you realize how dumb you look? Your ‘oppas’ are not Gods, Koreans are not The Most Beautiful Species of Human on the Planet™, and lots of times what you do crosses the line from ignorance to straight up being racist. Like seriously??? What’s with all the white washing??? Also, don’t be surprised if you ever vacation in Seoul and don’t see a single idol. Don’t be surprised if no one ever bursts into song and flash dances aren’t a daily occurrence. And don’t be surprised if no one’s impressed by your average non-Korean looks and below average Korean language skills. Because you’re just not that impressive.

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