Zodiac Elemental Progression


Aries - The Spark: The beginning, the birth, the instigator: Aries is the Spark of the Zodiac. Within them is the beginnings of a raging fire, the potential for greatness or for destruction, the power to create and renew but also to bring to an end. They are the beginning of the Fire.

Leo - The Flame: The energy of Fire mounts, becoming a true Flame in Leo, the star and the ruler. Leo, with their heart of gold and boundless drive, are the core of Fire. Fire is in their veins, pushing them to greatness, inspiring them to take the spotlight. Leo shines for they are the Flame.

Sagittarius - The Ember: The culmination of Fire, Sagittarius is the smoldering Ember left after Fire’s rush of power. Within them remains the heart and soul of Fire, bright and powerful, a being of light, but their energy is more subtle and gentle. Sagittarius is the easing of tension before the cycle begins again.


Taurus - The Soil: The gentle but strong start of Earth, Taurus is the Soil, the mother of all life. Taurus is the heart and soul of life, the culmination of years of decay and rebirth, perseverance personified. Earth begins strong with this sign serving to set the stage, forming the foundation.

Virgo - The Life: Once the Soil is prepared, so comes the Life. Virgo is the pinnacle of Earth’s power, the flourishing of green life, of flowers and plants and all things that live to bring Life. Passive yet powerful, Virgo is the heart of Earth and all of its hard work.

Capricorn - The Crystal: When life fades, as all life must, it is regenerated, compacted and reformed, as is the power of Earth. Capricorn is the Crystal, cold and strong yet immensely beautiful, structured through years of force and power. Yet as strong as it is, it will be broken again, returning to become one with the Soil, thus continuing Earth’s cycle.


Gemini - The Breeze: Air begins gently, with the Breeze. Gemini is the trickster and the lighthearted imp of the Zodiac, the playful Breeze. With mercury-swift minds and a silver tongue to match, Gemini is like the ever fluctuating Breeze, incapable of being pinned down.

Libra - The Eye of the Storm: As Air develops, it becomes chaotic yet calm, fiercely cold yet distant. Libra is the Eye of this storm. They maintain a beautiful balance that hides the danger of impish Air, the peace of the storm. But this balance cannot be maintained forever.

Aquarius - The Clouds: The Clouds, gentle and beautiful, the sky’s Waterbearer, can bring the life of rain or torrents and floods that destroy. Aquarius, the sign of harmony yet also revolution and unrest, is much like the Clouds, the final stage of Air.


Cancer - The Waves: Moved by the Moon, the Waves, like Cancer, are volatile and vicious yet also calm and gentle. Within Cancer lies the potential for life for what is water but the mother of all existence? Yet alongside that beautiful potential is the danger of storms and violence.

Scorpio - The Undercurrents: Just beneath the surface, the Undercurrents curl and twist, unseen and threatening, the Water’s secret intentions and motives. Scorpio is this Undercurrent, the deep and powerful urges of all of humanity personified. There is a reason Scorpio is the keeper of secrets.

Pisces - The Depths: Finally there are the depths, all of the hidden thoughts and desires, the unconscious pinings over which Pisces rules. The culmination of Water, master of emotion and human need, the Depths are dark yet beautiful and very much alive, a place where fantasy is reality and the ominous is beautiful.

- Lavinia Amoun ✶ AstroAlive Find your dominant element


 (๑^ں^๑) LOL…Jinki is so pleased with himself…

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"Rise of Islamaphobia", remind me about the spotless human rights records of Muslim countries? Australia is an objectively better country than every Muslim nation. That list is pathetic.

Ah yes, ye old “someone else did something wrong therefore our actions are excused” excuse. Brah. Brah. Lean in. Lean in closer.

*whispers* I don’t give a shit. Australia is full of racist cunts who can get fucked whether the rest of the world’s asses shine or not.


so okay amy santiago goes undercover and Saves America, ofc ofc, and it takes maybe a couple months but there’s No Contact Allowed and it gets kinda lonely and her heart aches at the memories that resurface, of two years before and how far they’ve come and how much, in weaker moments, she wants to go home

and then one morning the sky is blue and the birds are singing and the sun is shining and jake is sitting at his desk focused on a case bleary from lack of sleep bc its weird how much u get used to sleeping in a bed with another person, u know, and its hard to fall asleep without that extra presence - he’s sitting biting his lip focused on the case and trying not to think abt how long before amy comes back (he feels guilty every time he wants her back, bc this is so great for her and she was so excited and it wasn’t even That Dangerous, all things considered)

and from somewhere in front of him, he hears charles suddenly yell “AMY!” and jake’s head jerks up

and there she is. lookin at him with this goddamn glint in her eye

“I’ve been undercover so long,” she says, her voice overly dramatic, “I’ve seen … Terrible things …. ”

he’s on his feet and stumbling toward her and maybe he trips against rosa’s desk but -

amys grinning hugely now. “I haven’t know the touch of a m -”

and she shrieks out with laughter when jake picks her up and spins her around in the middle of the dumb bullpen in the middle of the dumb day and everything is dumb and I need to lie down thank u for listenin’ folks faREWELL


Every Color Shines So Bright by Brandon Le

Kpop on tumblr:

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“A literal angel”
“This is the kind of high quality content I want on my dash”
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“im dYING”
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“I am in love with this man.”

I just put myself through reading Dave Cameron’s speech on prison reform, it was full of sentences that made me actually physically shudder

“I want us to make it even more aspirational for people to work in a prison and to want to run a prison.”

“we will develop new Prison League Tables”

“We will not stand by and watch people being radicalised like this while they are in the care of the state.” 

“Satellite tracking will be ground-breaking for the criminal justice system – meaning that the police and probation service can know where an offender is at all times.

It means we can tightly manage and accurately track someone’s movements – opening up radical new sentencing options.”

“Turning waste and idleness into prisons with purpose.”

“Finding diamonds in the rough and helping them shine.”


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Am I the only one who felt a burst of hope shine through with the Rock Paper Scissors? Dean made a choice that was different than what everyone expected of him, and he was Happy!

Oooh. Good insight. I think I was so caught up in the omg he won and look at his sweet surprised face that I didn’t catch. Good insight!!

[Trans] SHINee WORLD J + PLUS Blog Update 160211 - Jonghyun (1P)


Hello Everyone on SHINee World J + Plus. This is Jonghyun. 

We have started our concert tour~
To be able to hold a enjoyable stage for the first time in Fukui, it was really fun ^^
The concert tour has only just started. 
I am looking forward to meet everyone during the rest of the concert performances~

Source: SHINee WORLD J + PLUS | S.M Entertainment Japan Inc
Credit: minoutshine
English Translations: Forever_SHINee[4]

Please take out with credits to Forever_SHINee!