170326 - Shinee World Concert V in LA

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Taemin: there is one thing I have been meaning to try. I’m too shy to show my face. “LA ARE YOU HAVING FUN TONIGHT?!?”
Jonghyun: whoa Taemin, you have learned so much English
Key: Ok guys, so I’m back so…. what were you guys talking about?
Taemin: why you come hurry? Uh pls come your friend minho…




170326 SHINee @ SHINee World  in L.A. : talk part 1

Key talking/singing about La La Land

Kibum: hmmm….ahh…there is something  about me…hmm ( don’t remember the lyrics)

Minho: are you ok? seriously are you ok?

Kibum: oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yea oh yeah oh yea ….(to minho) talk something….oky i remember ….( dnt got wt he say)…key!! ( laughing & pushing Minho)

Minho: *Dabs*….( crowd cheering) …key also followed doing dab ( I didnt expect this lol  but they are actually posing La La Land poster)

Taemin : it’s like power rangers

Minho & key posing like  power rangers 

Taemin : Power ranger members are five …we also five

Minho : This is SHINee Five ….

vid cr: KandyKandy