Studio Identity by Par Hasard

“Par hasard (french) could be translated to: coincidentally or by any chance. Based on that, we decided to play with a grid of random dice numbers.”

Olivier Charland and Cécile Gariépy make images that both move, and don’t. After working at ValléeDuhamel and Sagmeister & Walsh (Olivier) and directing films at Les Enfants (Cécile), they launched their own design studio, Par hasard, in Montreal. The studio produces images, spaces, and videos with a handmade, minimalist and lively aesthetic. They are also pretty good at mini-golf, but that’s another story.

yes, ofcourse, a fan called that cartier rings company. of course.

fan: “hello, this is a fan speaking, i want to ask did kxk buy the ring or did you force them to sponsor your ring?”

cartier company’s receiptionist: “what blasphemy are you talking about? ofc we never force them to sponsor our ring! pshh!

fan: “that’s exactly the informartion i need so an article about kxk couple ring could be posted for the 67485th time”

seriously? a fan, called the company, just like that? like, dont you actually need to call the store (in case the rings were bought by them directly) or perhaps call the person who’s in charge of ordering (buying it through shipment)? and even if you manage to talk to the person in charge, would the company give the information, just like that? to some random ass fan? and this “fan” just happens to have the “connection” with the company? 

for real? you seriously expect us to buy this bullshit? lmao.

Whenever I get a bad news, I get 36282671 all at the same time to make sure I don’t get back up :

- Gastroenterologist called to say my anemia was back as well as a vit.D deficiency. My Crohn’s disease is doing well so she is looking for where the bleeding may come from and might have to do another gastroscopy to find out. which is the worse and most painful exam to me ever….. ( and god knows I have a high pain treshold.)

- With my hormonal therapy , there are various severe problems that could happen so random bleeding is NEVER a good news.

- Interviewers gave no news back. of course and my boss told me they didn’t call for references so telling….

- Ya know those friends who spat in your face when they find cooler ones ? yeah. that. That shit hurt and I am so tired.

- Parents callings to make you feel even worse about yourself and your life and your choices. Of fucking course. Because ANYTHING that happens is obviously my fault.

Life needs to give me a freaking break.

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(1/2) Dex was always told that his golden-brown eyes were a gift, something beautiful and unique and entrancing. His aunts and cousins gave him tips on how to accentuate them, black mascara and dusty purple eyeshadow and a coquettish smile. He was told he could melt a man's heart with a soft look, was told not to gaze with anger or disdain lest their fiery intensity burn too hot for anyone to see him as beautiful. But on the ice, his anger could be explosive, and his eyes could only be seen for

(2/2) a split second before he was driving the other men into the boards with all his strength. He could leave behind a childhood filled with sitting prettily and lowering his gaze. He could leave the coquette at the door and shoot down the ice like a rocket with his shimmering, fiery eyes trained on a singular objective. So when some random guy with soft green eyes, who has never had to tone it down just to survive, has the audacity to tell him to “chill”? Well. That might be a problem.


oh my god??????????

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Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Murderer’s Maze
Dramione / Tomione
A new killer causes a worldwide media sensation by committing crimes so depraved, that they’re creating a global panic. It appears that he chooses his victims random, but they’re always accompanied by a riddle that leads to the next one. Only Special Agent and Consulter Hermione Granger can stop the killer—if she can solve his most complex and terrifying puzzle. Will she see through his game before her time runs out? Or will she lose herself in his maze of terror?

Alternate Sleep Patterns
When Ron Weasley calls Neville Longbottom one Saturday night to ask him, to hack into horcruxporn.com because his monthly access ran out, the first thing Longbottom says is “No.”

It all starts on the roof of the Slytherin fraternity house - with Tom Marvolo Riddle leaning against the brittle handrail, a dark grin in the corners of his mouth when he asks, “Do you want to play a game?”

Swallowing Bullets
“Do you love me, Ginevra?“Her eyes narrow. Tom watches her curiously, the dark of his eyes strangely blown and hungry, almost as if he tries to swallow Ginny whole. Her throat goes dry. Tom smiles but it’s not a sad smile nor is it happy; it’s dark around the edges, spiked and horrific and the white of his teeth glimmers like clean bones."Do you love me enough to pull the trigger?”

Blessed (not yet published)
Tomione / Drarry / + a lot of other pairings (it’s a soulmate AU)
Tom Riddle’s wrist had always been blank, except for a scar.

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Anh có thể cho em xin list nhạc của anh không ạ? :)

Hiện tại anh để 21 bài. Em có thể qua trang chủ virgo-man.tumblr.com. Thích bài nào thì bấm vào chữ cái tên bài hát đang phát trên thanh nhạc, sẽ dẫn tới link bài hát. Hoặc vào soundcloud.com/bachph để cùng nghe và chia sẻ nhạc với anh nhé.

1.  Reminds Of You
2.  Cecile Corbel - My Lullaby
3.  July - Do you remember? 
4.  Michael Marantz - This is Learning
5.  relaxdaily N°080 - soft & calm background music
6.  Marvin James - Theme song
7.  Tam Thốn Thiên Đường
8.  Sebastian - Adrian Johnston
9. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (Vanderway Edit)
10. Giraffage -  Music Sounds Better With You
11. Don’t Wait (Giraffage Remix)
12. Giraffage - Tell Me (Qrion Remix)
13.  Giraffage - Tell Me (Qrion Remix)
14. Gnash -  feelings fade (ft. rkcb)
15. Gnash -  rumours (ft. mark johns)
16.  kitty - Miss U (Jai Wolf Remix)
17. blackbear - 4u
18. Blackbear - The Afternoon
19. Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam - SEX (Dirty Version)
20. SG Lewis - Shivers (Delusion Remix)
21.  kali uchis - ridin round ft. tory lanez (oshi redo)