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At the anon who's fucking her best friend: Hi, I'm not trying to be mean or something, but if I was in your place, being as sure as you sound about being hetero, I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't fuck her because she says she wants something more and you just can't give her that, so it'll just end up a huge mess and she's gonna be so hurt. It'll break her heart please at least try and tell her how you honestly feel. I hope you read this, and take this advice from a stranger, ty.

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Part 1: Tom moves to brush his lips against Taylor’s mouth, exhaling softly as they both smile into a lingering, tender kiss. Soon after, a loud whistle cuts through the room from behind Taylor. Tom glances in direction of the whistle, laughing knowingly. Taylor shakes her head in mock exasperation and asks, "Let me guess. Abi?" Amused, Tom directs his attention back to the two orbs of gorgeous blue staring up at him, glittering with laughter.

“Bingo, my dear,” he says as he pulls her tighter to him with a playful force, “Now let’s truly give her something to whistle at.” He moved one hand to the middle of her back and grabbed her left hand close to his chest, dipping her low and moving in for a kiss to end all kisses. His mouth found hers with an intensity that caught her off guard, causing her to blush amidst the room full of people.
 She felt her heart pounding and grabbed the back of his neck for support with her free hand. Unwittingly, she found herself melting into his embrace, the slow burning fire that he ignited with his lips momentarily making her forget about her initial self-conscious reaction to guests that surrounded them, parents included.
 Ever so slowly, he broke away from her lips and pulled her back up, into his chest . The blood started to rush back to her head, making her feel a bit dizzy. In the next moment, the room broke out into boisterous applause. Tom glanced down at her and winked as he immediately fell back into a slow step with the music, swaying her softly to the music that she had forgot was playing. Taylor laughed, “Well played, Mr. Hiddleston. Well played.”
 He twirled her around and brought her back to his embrace, “Why thank you, Mrs. Hiddleston-Swift.” And with that, her heart melted right then and there.

This anon is my hero.

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To the anon that asked if they should give up on theatre and accept that they're trans: I'm very openly trans, and got accepted to a theatre program at a university!! Absolutely do not give up on theatre!! Bring the representation we NEED to see to the stage!

Thanks anon!
-mod rin

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Roman and chocolate milk are the True OTP™

It’s true love. hahahaha. Before Gus moved in he used to drink soda and energy drinks on a daily basis . Gus insisted that these were bad for him and that he should just drink more water instead. Roman didn’t comply , he loved his crap too much. So Gus turned to plan B and  alowly replaced the energy drinks with flavored milk and juiceboxes . 

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anxiety isn't the same as a physical disability, too many people think they've got 'anxiety' when they don't they're just wanting attention and wanting an excuse for not doing something. If someone's got a broken arm, then that's gonna stop them from doing something but being a bit nervous about things is just a fucking lame excuse for not functioning properly, get off your high horse

1. i have autism which isn’t a physical disability am i making that up for attention? pls tell me i’d love to know. 

2. you do realize that saying things like anxiety are made up is spitting in the face of both modern medicine and psychology right? my 93 year old great grandmother who doesn’t believe in evolution or global warming believes this kind of argument should you really be tossing your hat in with those kinds of people? 

(and for the record, anxiety and ‘getting a bit nervous’ are completely different things you are drawing false equivalencies to hold up your non-argument pls try again.) 

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Onko sulla kertoa kivoja elämänohjeita? :> (idk lasketaanko tää tohon anon-postiin sopivaks mutta lasketaan ny jooko kummiskin?)

Juokse mieluummin jäätelöauton perässä kuin ihmisten perässä. Jäätelöautosta saa jäätelöä, mutta karkuun juoksevilta ihmisiltä saa vain pettymyksiä.

Toisekseen, tasapainoa ei voi ikinä löytää ellei horju ensin, eikä yhtäkään mestariteosta ole maalattu ilman, että tekijällä on joutunut maalia kalsareihin ja nenänpäähän.

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Your blog makes me feel so damn alive, I love everything of your arts oh my god. You are pure gold

Thank you so much! Seriously. It was nice to get a kind anon after the last one lol ❤️ I’m glad you enjoy all my hard work!

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i'm trying to sew a shirt for my kennith cosplay, there's blood on it (thimbles do not coat my fingers), it's taking forever to sew (no sewing machine to lose myself in), and i got the measurements on two very large and complex pieces wrong so i need to replace them,, just Kill Me, End My Sewing Suffering

r.i.p this anon right here

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Top 5 Bucky quotes?? Ty ily

+ this is also for the anon who asked the same question

1. “I’m with you to the end of the line”
3. “Can you move your seat up?”
4. “Who the hell is Bucky?”
5. “The little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight. I’m following him.”

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Soldier, do you know how many people are at the pool party right now? It seems like a lot of people are there.

We’ve got a medic,

that drowning engie,

t-the, uh, the spy. I think it’s a spy at least…

The mountain of hair and a scout,

… and my rival…. That’s six

There were quite a few anons who came in and out and that one medic who died though too.

((lol if i missed anyone, tell me

Have this deliberately slowed down and hastily made gif (no touched up editing) using some *cough* sources of the lovely face caress coz I thought you needed it after reading that post of yours. I have clips of most of the lovely moments in the movie (I am so so bad but the Spones!!!) that I recorded off my computer myself but I thought it would make you feel better (it’s making ME feel better) and only took 10-20 minutes of my photoshop time so. (BB!Anon)

Oh, BB, I am fine, really. However, this is amazing!!! I love it and I love you, thank you! I’m so entertained by Spock pushing him away, as if Bones is gonna stop taking care of you, mate.