The On Demand Channel
  • So I was watching The On Demand Channel and AMC has been posting 3-4 minute clips where the writers, actors etc discuss each episode. They also post clips that go behind the scenes. I watched the clip of 2.02 and here were some tidbits I thought were interesting:
  • The fight scene with Sunny/Baji chained together fighting Mouse was to reboot their relationship.
  • Quinn sees baby Henry as a second opportunity at fatherhood. He used Henry's baptism as an attempt to possess Henry and Veil. Quinn also uses the baptism to mentally possess his troops.
  • Veil is under threat all the time and tries to keep Quinn sweet because if Quinn comes out and says he's not protecting her Veil doesn't know what his army would do to her.
  • Sunny wanted to get rid of Baji but when they reach the wall he realizes he has to rely on Baji until he gets back into The Badlands.
  • Anyways it's a really cool feature. Sort of a mini after show. Has anyone else been able to watch because I enjoy hearing the breakdowns of certain scenes. There were other tidbits about Lydia and MK but I thought what was discussed was self explanatory so the ones I posted stuck out the most.