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Something I forgot to mention in my review of Supernatural 12x12, “Stuck in the Middle (With You),” because I was super tired last night…

This episode gave us one of the most interesting plot twists in the Destiel love story we’ve ever had, and that’s saying something.

In real life, the only commonly recognised way for someone to suddenly acquire an adult “son” is via marriage, as a son-in-law. Or, if there has been no marriage yet, they might still be called a son or son-in-law (or in Aussie slang, an out-law :) to acknowledge the seriousness of the relationship.

Without that romantic tie, a close friendship between one of your children and someone else (the “brother from another mother”) does not usually translate to being openly acknowledged as another son within the family as a whole. I’m not saying that never happens, I’m saying that in our common understanding of families, “in-law” is the recognised way for an unrelated adult to enter a family. In fact, pretty much the only publicly and legally acknowledged way an unrelated adult can join a family is via marriage, which is one of the reasons marriage equality is a core concern for many queer people.

So when Mary protectively co-opts Castiel as one of her boys in that final scene, after he just confessed his forbidden love for the Winchesters, and all the special things he’s shared with Humanity/Dean… when it’s pretty clear he had to give up his original Heavenly family in order to become a Winchester (and, I might add, in a way that works as a heartbreaking thematic parallel to the homophobia and disowning that still often follows a gay union)?

Yeah, the show downplayed this subtext as much as it possibly could while still making it a central part of the episode, because of course it did, but in real life, the most obvious implication to this kind of dynamic is that Mary thinks Castiel is her son-in-law.

That is the unavoidable conclusion the (sub)text is offering us. If it can really be called subtext. As I doubt mainstream audiences recognised the implication, despite its obviousness, I guess it still is.

(Whether Dean, Castiel, or for that matter, Sam, think Castiel has married into the family is a whole other post. But whatever they think, the implication is unavoidably offered to us in this episode – Mary considers Castiel her son-in-law now.)

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Not gay doesn't equal straight. Pansexuality and bisexuality definitely aren't gay or straight :) Irene said herself she was gay. Sherlock never mentions his sexuality, apart from saying women/girlfriends aren't his area. Please do tell me why adlockers decide to mute the part of the show where Irene CLEARLY states she's gay. Homophobic much?

Can I say first:

Please. Do not call us homophobic. It is an insult because there are Adlockers who are part of LGBT+ too. They’re my friends. Don’t mute them either. People usually assume we’re all straight and I hope you’re not one of them.

 I will defend my fellow Adlockers and those a part of LGBT+ because they do not deserve the treatment they had endured by people who say we’re all homophobic.


Adlockers do not mute it. We listen to it and we understand it. Irene Adler is our queen and we understand her the most. We love her the most. We respect her the most… We kiss the path she walks on because we’re idiots for her.

I want to point out that plenty of pansexuals, bisexuals, greysexuals, and basically people who are not straight say that they are gay.

This is not just opinion. I have plenty of friends who had said that they were gay, but identify differently, who flirt and had relationships with both sexes.

Even so, might I remind you that Irene literally said, “Well, I am. Look at us both.” at John… clearly stating that, “You say you’re not gay. I say I am gay… but look at us both. We both care about Sherlock.”

Because people forget the whole scene. People often just stay with one line, forgetting the whole gist of it. Forgetting what the whole scene means.

Irene also had had sexual relationships with both men and women. She had clearly stated plenty of times that she would want to freaking bang Sherlock Holmes. 

Sherlock may not have said he was straight, but that doesn’t rule out other sexualities either. Bisexuality. Asexuality. Greysexuality.

Sherlock says girlfriends aren’t his area of expertise. He’s not an expert on women because he loves his work. He didn’t want to bother with a relationship. He’s talking about relationships, not sexuality.

Irene Adler fell in love with Sherlock Holmes. It’s clearly stated. There was a whole scene about it. Her pulse had elevated. Her pupils had dilated. Sherlock’s name was her passcode. The passcode of her phone. Her phone which she considers her heart. 

Her heart is locked and the key to unlock it is Sherlock.

Bisexual or gay… It doesn’t change the fact that Irene Adler fell in love with another soul… and that soul happens to be Sherlock Holmes.

And Sherlock is obviously intrigued by Irene Adler—and not just because she is just another case for him to solve. He tries to impress her. He sees someone who is as crazy as he is—and he feels something for her. I won’t be bold and idiotic enough to claim that it is love, but you have to admit there is something.

I hope you read this the same way I wrote it: calmly. I just want to help people understand why we ship what we ship… and we love Adlock because we love the way that ship glides its way to its destination… and we love their chemistry.

We ship them because we love their chemistry.

We ship them because it’s a human being who fell in love with another human being.

We ship them because it’s a soul who fell in love with a soul.

Ways The World Might Have Gone To Shit Without ‘Agent’ Phil Coulson:

1) Another Handler probably would have ordered Clint to kill Natasha - the world has no Black Widow. 

2) Natasha was never there to bring Banner in - it’s possible without her it would have been impossible.

3) Coulson led Fury’s expedition to find Steve Rogers - it’s possible without Coulson he was never found.

4) The Avengers (what few there were - if any) never would have assembled - Phil’s death was what motivated them.

5) Shield ran out of options and New York went nuclear in an attempt to destroy the alien threat.

6) Shield was weakened by this attack. Hydra saw this as an opportunity and made their comeback.

7) Therefore Hydra’s attacks on the Shield academies coincided with the time in which Fitzsimmons were there and this is when Jemma died.

8) Phil never met and mentored Daisy and so she was simply, maybe forcibly (like so many), recruited by Hydra post their resurgence. 

9) As for May. Coulson was a huge part of her life for 30 years… so who is she without him? An actual Hydra agent?

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During the CW press junket, Joe Russo said something about Wanda being on a journey away from her humanity to becoming a very powerful being in Infinity War. Do you think that will have something to do with her time in the RAFT?

Nah, he’s talking about her arc in Civil War (and beyond) more generally. This is the quote:

One character is searching for how to identify with humanity, another who is on a journey away from her humanity towards becoming a very powerful being.

I addressed this before in this tag quasi-meta. Basically, Wanda’s arc in the MCU, at least as imagined by Markus and McFeely, is about her becoming less connected to humanity as she grows more and more godlike.

Civil War introduces this idea in the kitchen scene.

I used to think of myself one way, but after this… I am something else. I’m still me, I think… but that’s not what everyone sees.

The first question is just how much of the Wanda from before is left. She wants to think all of her, but that’s too easy of an answer. A god is fundamentally different from a human. Some part of the person must have died so that the god could be born. The next question then is what does it take for a god to live amongst humans. What sacrifice must she make in order to feel like the person she was before?

At first, Civil War’s answer seems to be “hiding.” Hiding in the Avengers compound with Vision and waiting for things to “blow over.” But that ends up not being quite the right answer because, Due to Plot, she has to hide no matter what she chooses. The real answer then is denial. In order to be accepted in any way, she must deny the truth: that she is not the same, that her powers are what they are, that she is becoming a god.

Gods are dangerous. They destroy. Wanda has power that cannot be separated from her. It courses through her veins. It swirls around her like red ectoplasm. This is why Tony cannot understand that the problem of Wanda v. The Human Race will not be solved with a cooling off period and some good PR. His power comes from his suits, and as much as those suits come from him and as attached as he is to them, the are separate from his body. They are not literally him. Powers that come from tech are not the same as powers that come from your body.

The other thing Tony can’t understand (because Wanda isn’t telling anyone) is that she will only become more powerful. And I think she knows that. She knows she’s holding back, and at some point in the future, she’s going to have to embrace that fact. And then Thanos is in trouble.

I don’t think the set-up is 100% successful, if we only look at Civil War. Much of that movie deals with collateral damage and questions of sovereignty, so that stuff bleeds into Wanda’s arc too. But some people miss the stuff about enormous power and how it transforms you. They think Wanda’s arc is about collateral damage or guilt when Markus and McFeely are simply using those things to pivot to what her real arc – in this movie and overall – is about: Wanda becoming something other than human and how that affects her relationship with humanity.

So you get a lot of people claiming her arc and her choice to side with Steve “don’t make sense” because they’re misinterpreting what kind of character Wanda is and what themes and conflicts are at the heart of that character. The collateral damage is just the cost of being a god; it’s not the point in and of itself.

The problem is twofold: 1) telekinesis isn’t inherently dangerous in the way that Comics!Wanda’s powers are so the had to fudge the details and set up Everyone Thinks She’s Dangerous in a way that isn’t 100% logical and 2) this isn’t a one movie arc. It’s a piece of a larger multi-movie arc. All of this will become clearer as we go forward, but without understanding what they’re setting up, it’s easy to miss in CW.

If you look at what’s happened with Wanda so far and what will happen going forward, it’s all pushing her away from humanity. She has already lost her biological family and her home. She built a new family and home, only to be forced into hiding and cut off from other people. Even her choice of Vision as a romantic partner is something that separates her from normal people. It is her actively choosing The Other. I think Vision’s eventual death at the hands of Thanos will be the final straw. After that, who knows?

Couple of other things:

1. That quote is interesting to me because it shows they get the fundamental mismatch in Wanda and Vision’s relationship. They don’t understand each other, and that’s what makes it interesting. Vision, who has never known another life, is trying to connect with humanity. He wants to experience and be a part of the human world, to cook even though he can’t eat, to wear Banana Republic sweaters even though he doesn’t have to. Wanda is learning to accept that her old life and her old self are dead, as she drifts farther and farther into the realm of godhood. (See also: “We – you and I, we’re different than all of them.” / “I do not think that you understand. That you ever understood. I want to be like everyone else.”)

2. Wanda chooses Steve, but she is also choosing her truth (that she is something other than human). What Tony is asking is impossible. Staying in your house won’t keep you from getting deported and people won’t start loving dangerous, overpowered superheroes if they get put in time out for a while. Wanda answers the temporary ban from the human world with a more permanent one. She opts out altogether, better to live as a fugitive who embraces her powers than a captive who doesn’t.

3. And no, it’s not a plothole that having powers has caused her to forsake the goals those powers were supposed to help her further. She didn’t understand what her powers would mean when she got them and the fact that she has them has changed her worldview and priorities. She isn’t the same person. That’s character development, not a plothole.

So, I’m flipping through Ultimate Star Wars and stopping on the bits that interest me, as one does, and, oh, hey, Obi-Wan’s page!  Let’s check his stats– oh, they have the Stewjon thing.

Well, maybe it’s been decanonized by this point, let me check the da–

Oh, goddamit.  This book was released in 2015, which is after the decanonizing point, SO I GUESS IT’S STILL CANON, ugh.  I hate “Stewjon” so much, just imagine me making the crankiest face right now.


The Three Garridebs opening subtext

There was a post was in my dash with the opening of The Three Garridebs and, many of you have probably realized it ages ago, but I ONLY GOT JUST NOW the meaning behind the text:

It may have been a comedy, or it may have been a tragedy. It cost one man his reason, it cost me a blood-letting, and it cost yet another man the penalties of the law.

The subtext here is that queer people acting on their feelings were punishable by law.

Everything is building up to Starco

Hey guys, I haven’t seen Just Friends yet, but I have seen gifs and I’ve gotten the gist of it. I just want to reach out to all the fellow Starco fans out there and say IT’S NOT OVER.

You have to understand that to build a good and complex story that there has to be depth and conflict to build upon. We know Star and Marco have an incredible bond, and we know that Star has finally realized her true feelings about Marco. So this is going to be a big theme in the show as it revolves around Star and Marco. Specifically from Star’s point of view, and/or making the viewers really relate and put themselves in her shoes.

Reasons why Jackie/Marco can’t last forever:

1) First of all, I believe a big reason why we’ve had a focus on Marco having a crush on, and now dating Jackie to to help develop–and through storytelling–show Star’s evolving relationship with Marco.

2) Jackie is the first real relationship that Marco has had. She is mainly a plot device to help him realize his true value and break out of his shell to be more confident. Marco needed this. Before her Marco has had no experience with this kind of relationship at all. This is unlike Star who has had experience in romantic relationships–Tom being a main one. And possibly more due to her outgoing nature and status.

3) Jackie is a sweet and cool girl–but she really doesn’t have much in common with Marco. Case in point, the concert that she doesn’t really participate in. He said himself that he “liked the IDEA of her” meaning he’s idealized a relationship with her on the premise of his imagination. He doesn’t really know who she is as a person.

4) Jackie is a side character. If we really were to see a canon Jarco as endgame, she’d have to be a bigger and more important character. Most of all her scenes with Marco are only to incite a reaction from Star, and through her POV, the audience.

Anyway, I might have more stuff later. But these are my thoughts for now. Keep your chins up Starco fans! And peace and love to all shippers! ❤

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Hi ! I really really love your blog and i was wondering if you still do cannons? If so , what do you think levi would be like when youre sleeping together ( not sex , like just sleeping with each other) thank you :-) 💕

Hello! I’m really glad you like my blog, anon! <3

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Well, on nights that he isn’t passing out in his chair, I think he’d be the big spoon and sleep soundly for about two or three hours as usual. Then he’d get up without trying to disturb his partner and go about his usual way of doing things.

I know Levi is an awkward individual with a harsh mouth, but I think that if he’s comfortable enough to share a bed with someone without it being a “have to” circumstance (i.e. being stranded somewhere, etc); he’d be comfortable enough to cuddle and sleep soundly. But I doubt very highly that it would make him sleep longer. Levi seems like he’s pretty set in his ways and has a routine of things. Especially since he’s a clean freak who showers in under three minutes.

I imagine he’d cuddle and he’d enjoy the shared warmth. He’d sleep comfortably and he would like having someone to hold. At least until his arm goes numb lmao xD

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I ship Johnlock, not adlock, and I'm curious about why people ship other things. I was trying to understand why people ship adlock, so I read your post. While most of it made sense I was still confused about two things. First, how do you explain the scene at Angelo's in ASiP when Sherlock says women aren't his area. Second, while Moftiss say Johnlock won't happen, they also say they lie a lot. And the people in the show "Joke" about them being gay a lot. Sorry if this seems rude. And thanks!

Hi dear anon! Not rude at all. I’m very much open to polite discussions such as this, and I truly appreciated the fact that you read my post to be given a glimpse of why we ship Adlock. 

Now to address your first question, I understood the scene as a whole and not just that statement where Sherlock dismissed the idea of women not being his area. As he explained to John, he knows that whether or not he prefers a woman or a man, he understood that John respects that. However, he simply is not someone attuned to romantic entanglement or whatever it is that the commonwealth is into.To quote, he is “married to his work.” 

Here’s what Benedict has to say about it in an interview: “He can read women if he’s not attracted to them or involved with them, and he knows that he’ll get very confused if he’s starting to feel something for someone. So to embroil himself where he might be enslaved through adoration or sexual desire or any kind of power or chemistry to do with love is too big a risk for him, for what he wants to achieve. That doesn’t make him gay, and it doesn’t make him asexual; it means, you know, he’s purposely abstaining for the sake of his craft. Not something I do.”

Personally, I don’t think that Sherlock is “straight”. In my opinion, he’s not attracted to someone based on gender or physicality. He’s a sapiosexual; he craves and gets interested in someone’s intellect. It’s not necessarily romantic, but there is an attraction. 

I do think he loves John, though platonically, because he got acceptance and understanding from him. Suddenly, he doesn’t feel like an outcast. They complement each other and it’s an interesting dynamic. 

Now relating this to your second question, I honestly think that Mofftiss claim that Johnlock wouldn’t happen because it’s not the story they want to tell. To quote Mark“He explicitly says he is not interested. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t be. Doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. I’m a gay man. This is not an issue. But we’ve explicitly said this is not going to happen… No matter how much we lie about other things, that this show is going to culminate in Martin and Benedict going off into the sunset together, they are not going to do it. And if people want to write whatever they like and have a great time extrapolating that’s absolutely fine. But there is no hidden or exposed agenda. We’re not trying to f*ck with people’s heads. Not trying to insult anybody or make any kind of issue out of it, there’s nothing there. It’s just our show and that’s what these characters are like. If people want to do that on websites absolutely fine. But there’s nothing there.” 

And another one: “Of course we’re not against it. But as we have explained many times, that’s not the story that we want to tell. Obviously as a gay man myself, I have no problem with the notion that a Sherlock Holmes and a Doctor Watson could be in a relationship together, but ours aren’t. It’s as simple as that. Sherlock is clearly capable of feeling emotion and of falling for someone, but that someone is not John Watson, despite his love and great affection for him.”

As for the characters who are obviously on #TeamJohnlock, like Mrs. Hudson (the lovely woman that she is), I’ve read or watched an interview of Mofftiss addressing this before (I can’t find the source, sadly) that back in the Victorian era where the ACD canon stories are set, there’s not much of an issue of two guys living in one flat. The idea of ‘shipping’ at the time was not as big as it is now and people are not as obsessed with ‘labels’. 

But with today’s world too critical about being given labels or nit-picking public figures’ personal lives, they explained that they wanted to explore the idea of how the characters of the show approach this relationship between Sherlock and John in the 21st century. And with gay relationships a much more progressive idea today, of course it’s what people would assume about the two, especially with the previously uninterested Sherlock Holmes taking in an army doctor as a flatmate. It can very much explain why they have John explaining that he’s not gay in a lot of moments in the show, much like celebrities opting out to elaborate on their sexuality because everyone just seems so interested. 

So overall, I personally think most Adlock shippers are not dismissing Sherlock’s sexuality. It’s just our basis for shipping is their sapiosexual attraction. I do understand and appreciate that Johnlock is more of an affectionate approach, as it humanises Sherlock, which is lovely. And this is why I love having discussions like these rather than angry back-and-forths. 

I do hope this clears some things up, dear nonnie! Thanks for engaging me in a logical and reasonable discussion about our ships. xx

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Sorry to bother again, this is an old anon coming back for advice. You're the only one that gives thoughtful and polite responses instead of just calling me racist for wondering. From my time on tumblr, I've noticed that unless you show the character exactly as in canon, someone's going to be mad pr offended. I agree that you should be thoughtful, but is it necessarily BAD to stop listening to what others say you did wrong? It's so hard to be creative and/or original and not make people mad.

It is ABSOLUTELY a valid defense mechanism to just stop caring what others say. I mean really, that’s the freest place to be. The tumblr callout culture is SO hair-trigger, and the standards change so often and get so narrow, that honestly, that’s probably the best place to be. Do your best, but at certain point, you just have to stop caring and be yourself no matter what.

My fandom philosophy, summed up:

1. Enjoy myself. This is a hobby, not a profession. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing, so that is my number one priority.

2. Inasmuch as it is in me, be kind. Do everything I can to stick to canon characterization, including race and skin color, and if I want to change things up, make it clear. Call it an AU. Apologize for unintended offense and edit if necessary.

3. Take constructive criticism, but take it with a grain of salt. Not every ranting review or message should be given any attention or thought. That said, sometimes even a harsh and cruel criticism can have a nugget of truth in it. Consider it, but don’t let it control you.

4. At a certain point, just say fuck the haters and go on with your life. No one gets to take away your fun. That’s rule number one.


sorry for the cramped picture but like. heres one of my spreadsheets from like a month ago lmao… ive done the math so many times but like to sum up this nightmare (focusing on boruto and sarada since they have the most scraps of info anyone can find):

  • end of war - fall (naruto’s birthday - he’s 17)
  • 2.25 years after the war - winter - “the last” naruto and hinata get together (they’re 19)
  • 2.5 years after the war - spring - “Sakura Hiden” - n&h haven’t married yet, sakura & sasuke haven’t gotten together yet (all still 19)
  • 2.75 years after the war - spring-summer - “Konoha Hiden” - n&h get married (still 19, sasuke is 20)
  • “naruto gaiden”/ next gen is supposed to start 15 years after the end of the war (fall - naruto’s birthday)
    • by that point Boruto and Sarada are canonically 12.
    • so, the LATEST they could have been born is the spring 3.5 years after the end of the war (sarada’s canon birthday is march), a little less than a year after naruto and hinata get married.
  • the spring 3.5 years after the war = naruto, hinata, sakura, and sasuke are all 20.

more on the kids’ birthdays:

  • almost every single character in naruto has a canon birthday. even characters who don’t have names. even characters who are immortal. even fucking summoning animals. zetsu is one of the only characters who doesn’t have a birthday.
  • sarada has a canon birthday (she shares mine actually - march 31)
    • this means the block of time she Had to have been concieved is around Konoha Hiden….even tho sasuke and sakura were not together yet….????
  • as of today boruto and himawari still Don’t Have Canon Birthdays…. but for them to be 5 and 3 respectively by the hokage’s inaguration, and for boruto to have been conceived after marriage:
    • boruto’s birthday has to be somewhere between late winter and spring
    • himawari’s bday is between summer and spring
  • Who Is In Charge Of The Math For This Hellish Franchise Haha!!!

tdlr im a Fucking Obsessive and i think abt this every night!!

aos totally gave us the how, when, and why jemma died though. it has to be tied to the regrets of one of her teammates because thats all Aida changed and if we follow that logic then its obviously phil coulson. phil was never an agent so he was never put it charge of the avengers initiative. as a result he never died on that helicarrier. the avengers never assembled and the battle of new york ended in nuclear destruction. this left shield vulnerable to a hydra resurgence and so hydra struck earlier in this version of reality. this rise of hydra also included attacks on the shield academies except this time since it happened earlier it coincided with the time in which fitzsimmons attended the academy - this is when jemma simmons died.