When Jimin is the sappiest little sap ever ♡
(I promise I’m writing the thing actual writing thing that I promised before Christmas! Give me tiiime)
Happy New Year cuties!

- Sophie

Okay well since I'm totally newb at this cool Tumblr stuff

and I don’t know how to show the little thing where people have followed me or answered a question ???

I will just… do what needs to be done on here.

Like a derp.

So, here goes.

Hi! to all my new followers! 

Thank you for allowing me to steal you glorious souls from my friend and Comrade, Okami / Okra / JUSTICE ( t ene t picky picky nit picky prick )

I greatly appreciate your patience and I hope that you can put up with me! 

I’m really weird and I really… have no method to the madness with the things I post or reblog.  Sorry.

And for gee-whilickers

I don’t know how I post things relevent to your interests when everything I post is TOTALLY IRRELEVENT HAHAHA

Unless of course you’re one of those total badasses like myself

who just digs the shit out of the irrelevent.

In which case, welcome to the club!

Don’t drink the koolaid.