Undertale and Cosplay

I feel like Undertale is going to bring us a lot of very interesting cosplays over the next few years because I think there’s around “three ways” they can be done.

The first way is straight up game design: This is like Toriel fursuits, using skeleton heads or full masks for Sans and Papyrus, and doing full blue makeup and fish prosthetics for Undyne.

Then there’s the “Overtale” designs in which the characters are 100% human, and while would probably be the easiest option (which there’s 100% nothing wrong with as many people don’t have the skill, money, or time for the resources required for non human cosplays) it could possibly be the least recognizable without partners / groups.

But then there’s that weird in between area of the two with endless possibilities that are probably best described as “gijinka”, but that also bring up a lot of tough decisions. How far should skeleton makeup and arm/leg bones go? Do Toriels paint themselves white, or just go with a white wig and gloves? How monster-fish will Undyne have to be to still be recognizable as Undyne? What hairstyle is chosen for characters without hair? There’s going to be a lot of variety within this, and it’s going to be really cool to see each individual’s interpretation.

Do you have any ideas for your own Undertale cosplay? Share your ideas and designs for the world!