Relationship W/ Chanyeol

When he first sees you:

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Becoming friends: (You’re Kungsoo)

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Realizing he likes you:

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Getting jealous over a friend:

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Asking you out:

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Holding hands:

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Seeing you in the crowd of a concert:

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Seeing you get hate:

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After a fight:

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Making up:

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love triangle: signs & seventeen
  • put in the tags who you end up with (or if they end up with each other instead of you, who knows)
  • aries:jeonghan, seungkwan
  • taurus:seungcheol, joshua
  • gemini:minghao, dino
  • cancer:hoshi, wonwoo
  • leo:seungkwan, vernon
  • virgo:joshua, seokmin
  • libra:dino, jeonghan
  • scorpio:wonwoo, jun
  • sagittarius:vernon, mingyu
  • capricorn:mingyu, minghao
  • aquarius:jun, woozi
  • pisces:woozi, hoshi
  • Minhyuk:*shouts from living room* Wonho! Come here quickly! There's a moth! Can you get rid of it?
  • Minhyuk:Hurry, hyung! Please, I'm really scared!
  • Minhyuk:Hyung!
  • Minhyuk:Wonho!
  • Minhyuk:*reads aloud text received from Wonho* Wonho is dead. You're next. Signed, Moth.
  • Minhyuk:?!?!?1!
Relationship W/ Hoseok

When he first sees you:

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Becoming friends: (You’re Jimin)

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Realizing he likes you:

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Getting jealous over a friend:

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Asking you out:

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Holding hands:

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Seeing you in the crowd of a concert:

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Seeing you get hate:

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After a fight:

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Making up: (You guessed it, You’re Taehyung)

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WRONG ADDRESSEE [part 8] - all starts when he accidentally texts you about having feelings for you. That, though, is just the start of your journey. SEOKJIN & NAMJOON x READER {FLUFF > ANGST

complete series:  [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8]

oh well, going down into depress mode, aren’t we? Seriously, I have no idea why Namjoon always gets so depressed in these texts… he just thinks too much, doesn’t he? Oh well :S


•° Imagine asking hobi to help you make a rap  °•

like really, hobi’s work get so less attention, like im not complaining about yoongi okay? im happy that my ult released his mixtape and all, but i just want others to appreciate hobi’s hard work, like omfg 1 verse.





I am so sorry to whoever it was who requested those snaps before, I could not for the life of me remember what it was you wanted and I feel so bad, please request again if you see this :)

~Admin P


•° Imagine worrying about Jin after hearing that he news that he was accidentally hit making him leave ISAC because his nose won’t stop bleeding •°

literally was scared to death when i saw about it, like really jin, don’t make us worry like that :’(    

Mark Imagine - Adorable

A/N - This one was requested by an anon so thanks for the request and I hope you liked it! Keep sending in your requests everyone~

You let out a sigh of relief as you finally stepped into your apartment and threw off your shoes. You’d had a stressful day working and you just needed a rest. No disturbances. Just sitting around doing nothing and regaining your energy for another day of working tomorrow. As you walked to your bedroom, you heard Mark come sprinting to see you.

“(Y/N), you’re back! How was your day?” He sounded cheerful and excited, the complete opposite to your current mood.
“Not great. I had a lot of extra work to do and I’m exhausted. I’m just going to change out of these into something comfy.” Mark followed you into your shared bedroom and sat on your bed, watching as you looked through your wardrobe in an attempt to find some casual clothes to wear. He could see how tense you were so he got up and walked up behind you, using his hands to massage your shoulders.
“You can wear some of my clothes if you want to be extra comfortable, baby?” He still sounded full of energy as he rubbed your shoulders for you.
“I think I will. Your clothes are just too nice, Mark,” you said giggling, already feeling some of the tension leave your body.

After you changed into his clothes, you went into the living room so you and Mark could cuddle. He was already sat and waiting on the sofa with his arms out, reaching for you. Snuggling into his chest, you began to feel more relaxed and you were soon forgetting the stressful day you had had. At least you were until your phone buzzed, alerting you of a text message from your boss. She was asking you to work even longer tomorrow than you had today. Obviously, you responded saying that was fine but as you put your phone back down, the frustration had already built up again. You had barely survived the day today, let alone an extra few hours tomorrow. You groaned loudly as you fell back onto the sofa, causing Mark to look a little worried. He always thought you were overworked and this was just proving his point. Knowing you’d be too annoyed to want to cuddle, he decided to resort to what he knew best. Aegyo. Never in your life had you been able to resist his cute actions and he knew it. No matter how annoyed, stressed or upset you were, his adorable aegyo would always put you in a good mood.

He got off the sofa to kneel on the floor in front of you, making you give him a look that said, “Don’t you dare try anything.” Ignoring your stern gaze, he began to pull his signature cute face, accompanied with a high-pitched noise that always made you fall for him even harder than before. You tried to roll over so you would be face down but Mark made sure to hold your legs still so you couldn’t move away from his cuteness entirely.
“Mark, I’m not in the mood for this. Can I please just go to sleep or something?” You asked, letting your frustration seep into your voice.
“Nope,” he replied laughing, “I’m not stopping until you smile and laugh your adorable little laugh.” You groaned in annoyance again, only to have Mark pull up your limp body and lean in so his nose was touching yours.
“You know you love me, baby. And you know you love my aegyo.”
“No I don’t,” you replied halfheartedly, knowing full well that was a lie.
“How about if I do this?” He began to sing the gwiyomi song, complete with adorable hand gestures, knowing you had a soft spot for when he did that.
“Fine!” You shouted exasperatedly. “I admit that you are adorable now can we please cuddle? And can you keep doing aegyo for me please?” Now it was your turn for the cuteness so you could try and convince him to resume your cuddle session from before.
“Yes!” He practically jumped on you and wrapped his arms around you, letting you snuggle into him once more. Now as you lay there, you realised how truly amazing your boyfriend was to have completely taken your mind off the stressful day you’d had and the stress that was awaiting the following day.


The boys decide to prank you (requested)

the other boys decide to play a prank on you, where they pretend to be a girl. 

I’m doing a lot of calum texts lately lmao. if you want to request another fake text conversation click here.

Sorry about the massive grey shit at the bottom of the second image, I can’t access my phone rn so I had to make this on a dodgy website and it fucked up lol.

  • Harley:Did you take my gum that was in the car?
  • Joker:Probably.
  • Harley:I'm going to shoot you the next time you take my gum.
  • Joker:Shoot me? Really?
  • Harley:Yup. With a shotgun.
  • Joker:Jesus.
  • Harley:He can't help you now Puddin' ;)