Taken For Granted (pt 1)

The boys speculate that you have a crush on namjoon but it seems like he couldn’t care less about you. What’s going to happen to y/n and the boys??

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REQUEST: he thinks you’re cheating on him with GD but he’s really your brother (maknae line) 💕 • REQUESTS CLOSED 💌

(just doing the maknae line for now but i MAY do the hyungs in the future)

BTS reaction of seeing their gf in strong pain

anon: hiiii I love your tumblr, can you make a reaction of them if their girlfriend has an appendicits pain during a date or something and needs to run to the hospital (sorry for my bad English)            

Thank you sweetheart! *-* Enjoy your request^^ And your english is fine tbh :D I only change that they see you in pain generally because I don’t know what is appendicits pain even in my lanuguage when I translated it. SORRY!


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He would be scared. For few minutes he didn’t know what to do but then he take you to his car and drive really fast because he was afraid that this can be something serious. When driving he would talking to you thinking that maybe you will feel better thanks to his words.

“We’re really close to hospital, Y/N. Just few seconds. Please bear it one more moment”


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The one that will keep calmness even if he is so freakin scared in his heart. He would ask you quickly what you need and when you said “Take me to the hospitaj idiot!” he knew that is serious because you never becall him and then he really started to be worried. Yoongi called for amublance and go in it with you. He was all time with you.

“Be calm babe. You’ll be fine. They’ll help you. I promise.”


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At first he thought that you want to prank him but when you started to yelling and crying, he had a heart attack. He started to runnig and looking for help. When you was in hospital, he can’t stay still and waited for doctor to take some informations about your health state. At home he would still checking if you are fine.

“Oh gosh. I’ve never be that scared before. I’m glad that you’re fine now Y/N. I don’t want you to feel like that again”


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He knew what to do. Take you to the nearest hospital and just wait for results of your health tests. He would be calm but still worried that something can happened to you and that you’ll have to stay in hospital longer. Namjoon would search how to help you and how to not allow to next suffering. He would softly kiss you when everything will end.

“I’ll help you to hold back your pain next time. I’ll never let you go suffer again”


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Chim would be worried. In hospital they gave you only some pain killers and he was slightly pissed because you were really suffering. At home he won’t leave you, provide for you everything what you needed. Jimin thought that this what they gave you in hospital won’t be enough - he wanted to be with you if pain will eventually back but he pray that it won’t back.

“You don’t need to worry about anything today. Just leave everything to me, you need to take rest” showing when you just stand up from bed like in gif ><


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He would panic when he saw you in pain even if he wouldn’t know what is happening with you. When you told him with your roupy voice that you need to go to hospital (beacause its not a first time that you feel like this), he would panic more. At hospital he’ll follow your doctor around to know if you are still alive irritating everyone. He was so desperate to see you and assure that you are fine. When he saw you, he hug you and don’t want to leave you.

“You can’t die because of this right? Please don’t do this again.”


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Maknae propably wouldn’t know what to do. Quickly call to Rap Monnie, telling him all your symptoms. He just told Jungkook that specialist must see you.He was so panicekd that he can’t keep a level head and instead of taking a car, he took you in his arms and run to hospital. After spending two hours in hospital, you two back to home and sit on the sofa , chilling out after hard day. He would sing for you, waiting to you fall asleep. He spend all night looking at you and recalling everything.

“I hate seeing you in pain. I want take all of pain from you and handle it oneself”