text post

when you try to talk and people just talk over you so you start over and they continue to talk over you so then you just shut the fuck up and make a text post about it so you feel less awkward sitting here while everyone ignores you fun times am I right haha


Hello, cuties. I’m leaving for my trip to America tomorrow, so I will be on a semi-hiatus. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have wifi, but I won’t be able to post frequently. I’m gonna put lots of posts in my queue though and you’ll definitely here from some of my adventures while I’m away. In case you’re curious, firstly, I’m visiting my family in Maine, then heading to Nashville and Memphis (can you hear me singing all those Elvis songs?) and the beautiful Smoky Mountains for some nature and lots of fresh air. After exploring Tennessee, we’re off to some fun in the sun in Florida and my favorite place on earth which is also the happiest Disney World (gosh I can’t even put all my feels into words; going to Disney just makes me so happy *sings disney songs all day long*) and Universal Studios. I am so grateful to have the chance to visit so many incredible places because travelling is most definitely my favorite thing to do. Here’s to lots of adventures and fun!

I’m gonna miss you. xoxo Kat

And I mean that lol like you guys love me and care about me enough to follow MY blog and like MY personal text posts and selfies like you guys will never know how much that means so please come and talk to me because I love and care about you enough to wanna know what’s going on in your lives as well!

I have a very weird memory attached to floam.. you know that goo shit with the bits in it, and back in the day it was the shit?

Well like I was just at the start of the puberties and I STANK to high heavens but wasn’t really accustomed to it

anyway I was standing by my mom with a shitload of floam in my hands and she was like “God, something smells awful”

Embarrassed, I reply with a frantic “I think it’s the floam, it smells weird when it gets old”

Very believable, young pubscent Emil. A valiant effort. (Puts a hand on their shoulder) Now go take a shower and wash your pits and crotch honey.

For a very long time I decided to keep the magic part with me because during middle school some kids would make fun of me for having a grandma who “worship the devil” and some of those kids were really religious so they believed we were bad people and I just developed this protection wall where I’d keep this away from me and I normally don’t answer but it seems that so many is very curious about it and wants to know more, this blog used to be full nature based but everyone grows old by time so I’ve decided to be more open with how I show my personality and I would like to combine few personalities and hopefully you guys won’t mind seeing more posts about crystal energy and herbal healing

Battery Park theater the best movie theater in NYC & i’m going to tell y'all why. 

its mad low-key & even on an opening night of a movie that theater won’t be packed.

also because I seen jaden smith in there & he paid for my snacks & shit at the concession stand because i told him he basically socrates with dreads.

I sometimes wanna tag u in cute posts and just randomly tag u in stuff like this text post but then I realize that you might be embarrassed of me and we aren’t talking rn