seventeen as things i’ve said through text messages pt.2

s.coups -  “they need to deactivate and think about what they’ve done”

jeonghan -  “he got me frustrated and I’ve never even spoken to him before”

joshua - “WE ALL LOVE CRAFT”

jun - “ooooo kinky ; )”

hoshi - “I didn’t wanna move so i sat and watched how to kill sims in all four games”

wonwoo - “I feel the embrace of death and christmas at the same time”

woozi - “cry cry cry - my version of shy shy shy”

dk - “I feel like a sim I need to pee so bad and I’m hungry and confused”


the8 - “i would fight ur dad”

seungkwan - “I’m so salty I need to stop”

vernon - “I think I need a meme intervention - memetervention”

dino - “don’t call me kiddo pls”

part 1

vespheral  asked:

[drunk text]: dont tell alex but theY ARE so hot ( nepxander + post canon )

Text meme & @vespheral​​​

( Neptune x Alexander part. tba )

[ text ↳ sent ] Neptune, you might want to double check next time you text someone
[ text ↳ sent ] Also, who are they? And why shouldn’t i be told?
[ text ↳ sent ] Are you, by any chance, drinking?

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[text]: WAS THAT A SEXT ( gentune + post canon! )

Text meme & @vespheral

( Neptune x Gennevieve part. tba )

[ text ↳ sent ] babyyyyyyy T^T
[ text ↳ sent ] gosh u r so cute…
[ text ↳ sent ] ofc it was !!!
[ text ↳ sent ] u r supposed to play along 
[ text ↳ sent ] should i send u some pics to help u get in the mood? ;)

vespheral  asked:

[text]: i want to show you how much i love you ( philleon + post canon! )

Text meme & @vespheral

( Saturn x Phillip part. tba )

[ text ↳ sent ] My love, you already do that every day.
[ text ↳ sent ] But of course i won’t oppose to that.
[ text ↳ sent ] What’s on your mind?
[ text ↳ sent ] Don’t say ‘you’, because being cheesy is my job.