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‘ i want to kiss you in a way that makes you not want to kiss anyone else ever again. ’ / Nate

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           her breath hitches in her throat upon hearing his words, eyes close as if to stop herself from   enjoying   this moment. nate somehow always manages to catch her off guard, especially with anything related to   this.   whatever this may be. she was caught between her feelings for two guys, but   she couldn’t   let herself hurt jace. he deserved so much more than to be on the other end of a love triangle. yet it was hard to stay focused while nathaniel was standing only inches away from her, making it incredbily hard to think about doing the right thing. the temptation was there, gen couldn’t deny that. not even to herself. nate used to be   everything   she wanted, the only person she wanted. anyone could see that there was still tension between the two. he wants to kiss her and she wants to   let him.   before the space between them becomes even less, genevieve shakes her head and opens her eyes. his lips only mere inches away from her own,     i can’t.   you know   i can’t. why do you have to make this   so hard   on us?      her voice was laced with sadness, eyes watering and she can’t get herself to look into his anymore. 

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is this one of those american regional gothic text post meme things because it sure sounds like it

Doesn’t it??? I wasn’t sure it was real life. Like, I don’t think I can get across how fucking bizzare & sage-like this man was. I live in Las Vegas so it’s natural we get weird people, but just??? It was WILD. And like, I grew up with a superstitious as fuck grandma. We had a cross over the front door, and she lost her shit when I got a pet rat, and would talk about little people, and I just cannot handle this.

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❛ is ‘no’ an emotion because i feel it ❜

text post meme // not accepting // @liightprotesting

                            ❝ pretty sure it’s not ——– c’mon, it won’t be THAT bad michelle ? just, think about it alright ; we could really use you on the team. it’s just a teeny little quiz, it’ll be fun. we can laugh at how easy the questions are, and prove how smart YOU are. ❞

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‘ i need $$$$$ not feelings. ’


fay nearly rolled  her eyes before she remembered that  manners  were a thing and that she should use them. sometimes. especially when dealing with influential people — not because she was overly impressed by them but because the last thing she needed was an influential person who developed a grudge against her and started to dig into her past.

it might be worth the try,  she started, her cheerfully insincere smile matching her disgustingly upbeat tone,  selling your feelings on ebay.

she was obviously  joking. there had been the case of someone trying to sell their soul on ebay, a while back, and while fay had briefly wondered whether it had been her  nemesis  who had attempted that, she had been interested enough in the incident to remember why selling the soul had been against policies; selling something that might not exist  or  selling a part of the own body.

( if it was possible, however, fay would have been the first to do it. )

Ask Meme

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I was tagged (forever ago) by @andrastes-great-flaming-ass @letti-adventures and @speedthunder so thank you all so much for tagging me in this!! <3 <3 <3

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Disney or Dreamworks: Disney (but honestly I just love animated movies in general so I don’t really have an opinion here….i just like to sing Disney songs)

Coffee or Tea: Tea

Books or Movies: Books

Windows or Mac: Windows

Dc or Marvel: I’ve never been super into the comic series but I’ve seen many more Marvel movies/tv shows….I guess I’d have to be more into the subject to actually make a call here?

Xbox or Playstation: xbox

Dragon Age or Mass Effect: DRAGON AGE!! Mass Effect just didn’t pull me in the way Dragon Age did? It could be because I just love medieval fantasy a lot more than anything space related ^^”

Night Owl or Early Riser: Night owl

Cards or Chess: Cards….I’ve never really played much chess =/…even though i was in chess club in high school??

Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE

Vans or Converse: Vans….though I really don’t buy either brand because i’m hard on my shoes and i don’t want to waste my money on shoes i’m going to destroy after like a month of wearing them ^^”

Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: Lavellan but I’ve played all of them and I love all of them. Honestly I didn’t really get too attached to any of the origins in DA:I there just wasn’t enough depth and background? The inquisitor was a pretty flat character in comparison to the warden and hawke…

Dogs or Cats: Cats!! I like dogs too but I am 100% a cat person

Clear Skies or Rain: Clear skies on days that i have to leave the house but rain when I can stay in bed all day :)

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall: Winter

Art or Writing: I love seeing both from people! I personally prefer to create art at the moment though!

Introvert or Extrovert: I am an introverted extrovert? According to my mbti? ENFP? I tend to be friends with extroverts because they keep me talking and there are much fewer awkward silences :D

My Question: Favorite Animal?

As usual i’m not tagging people because i don’t want to single anyone out or make anyone feel obligated to do this! But if you think this looks fun please feel free to consider yourself tagged! Just tag me in your answer! :)

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