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RULES: answer 30 questions and tag 10 blogs you are contractually obligated to know

Nicknames: Rose, Meso

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Star sign: Aquarius I think??

Height: 5′7″? 5′8″? Something like that? Oh god, this is making me weirdly nervous it’s a test I’m going to fail somehow.

Time: 8:35 PM Central Time

Birthday: January 26th! A big milestone coming next week! Woo!

Favorite Last band streamed: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Favorite Last solo artist streamed: Lorde

Song stuck in your head: MAHNA-MAHNA (doot-doo-dee-doo-doot)

Last movie you watched?: In the theater, it was the new Star Wars, which I really enjoyed!

Last show?: CRITrole.

Why did you create your blog?: Started this one about seeeeven? years ago keeping up with people from the livejournals. Started the LJ ten years ago to keep up with people from a fannish forum. And so on.

What do you post?: Lots of assorted (lately just CR) retweets, videos and gifs I made, sometimes writing stuff or neat cats or dogs or birbs of the internet. Random life updates.

Last thing you googled?: Browser history tells me it was “alt code symbols” for transcript purposes.

Other blogs: Nope!

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/eponymous_rose/

Do you get asks?: I have ACTUAL PROOF of several asks somehow disappearing on their way to my inbox, so if I ever don’t respond, just send it again and I won’t be annoyed. Yes! I am very lucky to have people sending me stuff from time to time. And, since I turned off anons, 100% fewer death threats from that one dude who’s busy getting himself into legal trouble over harassing other people. Cool.

How did you get the idea for your URL?: My initials are A.K.A., as in an alias, so I wanted to do a play on the whole “rose by any other name” thing. It’s one of those things that makes perfect sense when you’re 19 and overthinking things (and, to be fair, when you’re 29 and overthinking things).

I follow: 101 blogs, the vast majority of which are inactive, and I think the last person I followed on here was like three or four years ago? I mostly just browse blogs individually now.

Followers: I… haven’t looked at this number in a while, but it is apparently 3,116. Shit. Um. I mean. Uh. Hi. That’s terrifying. Who are you. Welcome? I hope you find things you enjoy here? I love finding out what awesome things people are up to (or what their amazing pets look like!!!) if you ever feel the urge to send me a random message?

Average hours of sleep: Over the past year or so it went from a strict seven and a half to about six. I feel a lot more well-rested on average, though, and never get sleep paralysis episodes anymore, so I’ll take the trade-off, however it came about.

Lucky number: Six! When I was a kid I won a bunch of prizes picking six during a game at a birthday party or something, so I decided that it would be my lucky number.

Instruments: Piano! Technically a bit of violin, but that’s buried somewhere in my parents’ storage room now.

What are you wearing?: I had to work from home to sign for a big package today, so I got to avoid work clothes! Navy hoodie, jeans, long socks that go from suns to partly cloudy to cloudy to rainy to thunderstorms.

Dream job: What I’m doing now with a little more job security.

Dream trip: I love @mystery-moose’s response here: visit all the internet friends! @mystery-moose, @loquaciousquark, @bettydice, @silksieve, @critrolestats pals, and many more! Visit school friends in Canada and assorted States! I’d also like to do pretty much any solo traveling abroad - I find it infinitely less stressful than traveling with a group. That said, maybe a trip somewhere nice with my parents and brother?

Favorite food: @mystery-moose mentioned chicken katsu which, YES PLEASE. I passionately adore almost all foods, but some major faves are: pierogi, gulab jamun (ANYTHING WITH ROSEWATER SYRUP), falafel, olives, gnocchi, sushi, just bring me A Food, especially if I’ve never tried it before, and I will probably enjoy it.

Significant other?: The last person I turned down on a date tracked down my phone number to call me names and send me threatening texts. We’ll give it a minute. (Loooow on the list of priorities, man.)

Last book I read: On the plane back from Austin I read Borderline by Mishell Baker. Loved it, looking forward to reading the sequel.

Top 3 fictional universes: Critical Role, Mass Effect, Star Trek. They’re not necessarily places I’d like to exist, but they are awfully fun sandboxes to play in and each means a lot to me for different reasons.

I always get weird about tagging people, but you can absolutely do what I did and do the questions on your very own blog with no specific prompting! Send me a note if you do - I’d love to get to know you folks better. <3

SVT as quotes from my friends pt 3

Seungcheol: “Hey, no stabbing. The Ides of March aren’t until March.”

Jeonghan: “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, or at least laugh at.”

Joshua: “Yo yo yo darkness, my old homeslice.”

Junhui: “There’s the big island, Oahu, Kauai–” “Kawaii?!”

Soonyoung: “Ah, the serene sound of firecrackers in the night.”

Wonwoo: “Here’s the thing: I was never actually an emo.”

Jihoon: “It doesn’t have to be a blood sacrifice. You can also chant my name three times in front of a mirror.”

Seokmin: *pokes refrigerator* “Hey. Why are you making that noise? Stop that.”

Mingyu: “We’re watching Fixer Upper! It’s my favorite fixer-upping show.”

Minghao: “Being judgmental will take you far. Look at Simon Cowell.”

Seungkwan: “It would have caused a scene. *very loudly* And if there’s one thing I REFUSE to do, it’s cause a scene!”

Hansol: “Pants…yeah, in hindsight, maybe those would’ve been a good idea.”

Chan: *gasps* “I get it! It may have taken six years, but now I understand!”

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bonjour et bienvenue

»you can call me genny, g, beau, whatever you’d like!

»i used to run the blog @cloudy-johnnycade but i decided to depart from that blog and start a new one. aka this one.

»here, i’ll mostly be posting a big mix of things i like; different fandoms, aesthetic things, memes, text posts, things i write (as i do enjoy writing!), etc.

»i’ll make an “about me” thing soon!!

»i’m also going to try to make a tagging system (i didn’t have one on my last blog and it was kinda messy).

»always feel free to send me asks. i love getting asks, and making friends. i swear i’m a nice person!

»message me if you wanna chat on snapchat/instagram.

»idk what else to say.

»let’s do this thing.

Last Word Meme

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The Rules: share the last line you wrote from a WIP.


1. “Edge,” Lena says, ever so casually. “He threw us in a lead box laced with kryptonite. Unless your friends find us in the next few hours, we’re going to die.”

2. Rey remembers how he laughed in closing: “–And if you want a turn with him, Huttslayer, I’ll give you a discount”; that’s when she heaves into a trash can.

3. Jon stares at her in wonder, and she knows she’ll never feel the warmth of his arms again.

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