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It's not Filler

I don’t like when people call random tv episodes filler, like sure maybe they don’t contribute to the overall story arc of the season, but they give us more time to delve deeper into characters and maybe the more comedic side where they’re not constantly under pressure. These episodes are just as important as the big plot changing ones because we see smaller details, we get a breather, we get some laughs, etc. This is part of their story… even if it’s not part of THE story.


His name is Lorem Ipsum and he’s Noct’s unseen 5th party member.

Like filler text, he’s just…there.

He has no fighting skills but he’s an almighty teleporting cameraman. He inexplicably manages to film everything that happens.

I was working on a site for a client that was eventually going to sell hand-made crafts, but initially just wanted something to showcase her work.

I produced a really nice page for each of her products, and a gallery side-bar that opened into a slideshow.

Me: Hey! Give me a call and we’ll hash out the fine details and fix anything that’s in error. I’ve added some filler text but we’ll replace that soon enough. I also added the events listing you gave me.

Client: It looks good. I noticed an extra apostrophe somewhere, so maybe fix that. Other than that, I think it’s fine. I’ll give you some updates on the text later.

She then took up the rest of the meeting complaining about non-site related issues. I did some editing, fixed the extra apostrophe, and thought we were golden.

A week and a half later, I got this text:

Client: Do not do anything else to the website. I got booted from a vending spot because you listed the event before the coordinator OKed it and I have people complaining about the FALSE INFORMATION that YOU PUT UP.

Me: You mean… the stuff that you went over and said was fine for now?  That information?

She still owes me hosting fees and is claiming they should be deducted because of “potential income loss.”


A independent study project I did! The text is mostly just filler and was copy-pasted from tumblr posts. Maybe the stickies could have their own magazine in the future 🐸📰!

Hello! Thank you for sharing your project! 😀🐸🐸🐸🐸😀

The Stickyfrogs all agree that it is a Very Excellent project! (Wonderful choice of subject matter!)

They all send you biggest kissies and a sticky feetie pat of thanks! 😊🐸

Fun ways to celebrate Peggy’s birthday tomorrow
  • answer every phone call by shouting PIZZA HOUSE and promptly hanging up
  • skip work to go to the movies and give a stranger a handjob
  • go drunk rollerskating around your office
  • steal your secretary’s flowers
  • challenge your fratbro coworker by taking off your clothes and making dick jokes
  • walk down a hallway carrying a box and smoking a cigarette. you look cool, trust me.
Faking It - Chapter 12

Summary: Aelin has been invited to a wedding, but she can’t stand her extended family, and she certainly can’t go alone. The only problem? She doesn’t have a date. At this point, she’ll take anyone. The slightly irritating and definitely attractive barista at the local coffee shop has been flirting with Aelin for a few months, but it’s not until she’s desperate that she gives him a chance. It’s supposed to be a one-night-only, just-as-acquaintances kind of thing, but it doesn’t go quite as planned…

Author’s Note: Again, super sorry that this is late! I will try to do better next weekend. | Reblogs are greatly appreciated :) Let me know if you want to be tagged in future chapters. A new chapter will be posted every Sunday at around 4:30 pm EST.

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During her lunch break on Thursday, Aelin stared at her phone, debating for the thousandth time since she had been given his number over whether or not she should text Rowan. She’d had his number for four days now, and she still had yet to contact him. She wanted to, but her own self-consciousness always stopped her.

She jumped when her phone buzzed. It was a text from Lysandra.

You’re in luck, Aedion roped me going into yet another one of your family gatherings, it read.

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Mad Men 2016

Paul Kinsey is disappointed when his self-insert Star Trek fanfic gets zero kudos and only one review(from a spam bot).

Stan keeps complaining about the Ghostbusters remake. He goes to see it with Peggy so that he can gloat about how terrible it is. He ends up liking it more than the original(not that he’d ever admit it).

Harry campaigns for Trump. He spitefully breaks Pete’s Hillary mug. They get into a flame war on the Sterling Cooper intranet message board.

Joan (much to her dissatisfaction) manages the Sterling Cooper Twitter account, which mostly consists of her blocking Abe, who keeps making new accounts to bitterly tweet at them about the evils of advertising. 

Sally finds Sylvia’s nudes on Don’s phone.

Betty attempts to revive her modeling career via Instagram.

Mewtwo spawns in the Sterling Cooper office and Roger uses it lure the 24 year old CEO of a multi-million dollar tech startup in for a meeting.

Show Me | A Bill Skarsgård One Shot

Hiya! I would like to request a song one shot? Based on the song ‘Show me’ by Bruno Mars??

requested by;  moonlight-fionn

song; show me - bruno mars

tw; smut, nakedness, kissing, more smut.

word count; 1583 (I got carried away and this is after editing some of the beginning to make it less filler text).

 You had been sent your latest script and the list of actors you would be working with. You slowly opened the envelope, excitement overwhelming. This was your first feature length Hollywood movie. You had done smaller television shows and Netflix originals but this, this was the next big step in your career. You stood there in disbelief, wondering how you had manage to bag such a fantastic part. The first read through of the script with the cast had gone fantastically well. So fantastic that your co-star and characters love interest, Bill Skarsgård had asked if you had wanted to go through some lines with him. You’d jumped at the chance and invited him round to yours the following day.

The next day had arrived and your nerves were starting to get the better of you. You had spent the night before excessively leaning your already clean and tidy flat. You had rearranged the furniture to give you and Bill some space to act out your scenes. You’d put on a simple pair of black skinny jeans with fifties style turn ups and a black rather see through polka dot blouse. You’d decided on a black vest top for underneath the blouse as you wanted to leave something to the imagination Your hair hung in loose curls around your shoulders and you’d kept your make-up natural. You didn’t want to look like you were trying too hard to impress your co-star or that you had dressed up for any reason. Never the less you still thought to yourself that it was all too obvious. Before you had a chance to change, the doorbell went. You took a deep breath and wrapped your fingers around the door handle.

As the door opened, you saw bill stood there, tall and handsome. His hair was longer on top and shaved on the sides; a hairstyle he had kept from a previous movie. He was wearing dark jeans, a v-neck t-shirt that showed sneak peaks of his chest. On top he wore a simple jacket and a pair of dark sunglasses rested on his nose.

“Hey,” he said simply, as if he wasn’t stood on your door step looking like the most handsome man in the world.

“Hey,” you said back, stepping to the side and gesturing for him to come in. He slid over the threshold effortlessly, his hand extending to offer you a coffee. How had you not noticed he had coffee in his hands? You smiled and took the cup, “Thanks Bill …” you said, closing the door behind him. “Can I take your coat?” you said politely. Your parents had always taught you proper hosting manners

“Sure,” he said with a smile, taking off jacket and handing it to you. You tried your hardest not to stare at his arms. Oh, how wonderful his arms were.

“Make yourself at home, I’ll pop this away then we can get started.” You gestured to the sofa in the living room and turned, heading for your room. You placed Bills jacket down on your bed, your heart skipping a couple of beats and feeling rather giddy. You shook your head, bringing yourself back down to earth before heading back out into the living room.

You and Bill went through a good few scenes, firstly reading the lines on their own, then acting them out. Soon, you hit the part of the script that involved a love scene. This wouldn’t be your first time acting out a sex scene, however, this would be the first time you acted out a sex scene with a fellow actor you had a crush on. You had to push this thought to the back of your mind as Bills arms ran down your sides, his lips attached to your neck.

“Perhaps put your arms over my shoulders and run them up through my hair? That’s always a great move for the camera,” he said against your neck, the feeling of his hot breath making you stiffen slightly. You moved your hands up his chest and over his shoulder, your teeth dragging in your bottom lip. Your hands shook slightly as they ran up through Bills hair and your breathing became slightly laboured. He noticed the change in your demeanour and pulled back. “Are you okay Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’m fine …” you said in nothing more than a whisper, your eyes staring into his.

“Really? Because your body just went stiff, your breathing is erratic and I think you’re starting to sweat,” he said, running his thumb along your temple. You shivered at his touch. “You did it again,” he said, looking at you with a worried look in his eyes. “Does this make you feel uncomfortable?”

“No, not at all … keep going,” you said, pulling yourself back into reality. This was a scene and you were acting. His lips moved up your chin and found their way to your lips, moving in sync with yours. Bills grip on your waist tightened as he moved you towards the sofa, you fall gently backwards as your knees hit the cushions. He guided you down before placing himself on top of you, his hand running up and down your sides. The electricity was running through your body every time there was skin contact, it was getting harder and harder to remember this was practicing for a scene in a movie.

His lips pulled away from yours, his hand up your blouse, cupping your breast. For a split second you just stared at one another. You noticed how beautiful and green his eyes were, his adorable little nose, his full lips, swollen from the ‘practice’ kissing. There was a growing heat between you as you lay there, back against the sofa with Bill between your legs.

“Y/N?” he whispered, his breath hitting your face. His breathing was staggered as if the kissing had gotten to him too. You looked at him, almost unable to speak. Before you managed to, Bills lips were back on yours, except this time, they didn’t feel staged, they felt real. Real like he wanted to kiss you. A quiet moan escaped from your lips as your hands ran through his hair and down his face, cupping his cheek. You closed your eyes, taking in everything about this. He smelled heavenly, his lips against yours felt heavenly. You could feel a tension growing in your knicker and you knew you wanted more. Bill slowly pulled back, but only enough to speak. “I can see it in your eyes that you’ve wanted this …” he breathed, his large hand cupping your face, his thumb stroking your cheek.

“Oh god yes,” you said without a moment hesitation. You felt him smile against your lips, then your cheek, then down your neck and onto your chest. His fingers ran down your front, undoing each button as he went, pulling your blouse open. You sat up slightly, allowing him to remove your blouse and pull your vest top up over your head. You had opted for no bra today as your blouse wouldn’t have fit right with one. Bills eyes ran over your chest, watching it heave up and down with anticipation. He lent down, pulling one of your nipples between his teeth, sucking and biting gently, eliciting a low moan from you. Your fingers grasped at his t-shirt, which Bill took to mean you wanted him to remove it. As he did that, you fumbled with the button of his jeans, popping it open and taking down the zip. A smile came across his face as he crushed his lips to yours again, pushing you back against the sofa, his hips grinding against yours. It didn’t take long for you to both be completely stripped of your clothing and grinding against one another on your sofa.

Bill placed himself at your entrance, looking at you for permission. Your eyes were saying ‘Oh, please me’ but your lips were failing you, so, you bit down on your bottom lip and simply nodded. Bill leant his forehead against yours before pushing himself into you, moaning as he did so. You hooked your leg over his hip, giving him a better angle to work with as he slowly moved within you. Your head fell back against the arm of the sofa. Bill was hitting every spot with each thrust. His pace quickened, becoming rougher, the sound of his hips knocking against you spurring you on more. The heat rose within you as you felt yourself climbing to your high.

“God I’ve been waiting for this,” he said through gritted teeth against your neck. Your brain began to spin. There was no way that your crush on Bill had been reciprocated? How did he know who you were before you got this part? You ran your nails up his back, causing him to arch which hit some sensitive part of you that simply exploded. Your back arched, pushing your chest into his as your walls clamped around him. His slowing moved, allowing you to ride out your high. “Shit,” was all Bill could muster as he reached his high, shooting into you in hot bursts. He collapsed down on top of you, being careful to support himself with arms so as not to put too much weight on top of you.

As your breathing stilled slightly, you laughed quietly to yourself.

“What?” Bill said through his slowly calming breathing.

“Work is going to be interesting on Monday.”