text version later!

  • Kija, while on a phone with Kaya: so... how many candles in each pack you say?
  • Cashier: Ten.
  • Kija: Okay, I'll need a hundred then. No, wait.
  • Kija, to the phone: Uh-huh.
  • Kija, to the cashier: Two hundred.
  • Cashier: Mkay...
  • Cashier: *putting a whole box of birthday cake candles on the counter* So how old is your friend again?
  • Kija and Jaeha, together: Seventeen.

Ok so we’re discussing postmodernism in my social theory class and its been super fun but I also spent like, a fucking 5 minute tirade about my issues with bell hooks so look forward to a text post version of that later.

Mostly just my frustration of how she claims to deconstruct essentialism and authenticity while leaning on it.

Her aversion to recognizing her own heterosexism and cissexism through the deployment of a standpoint as a black woman in opposition to an imagined all-white feminist/lgbt movement, a false dichotomy where she benefits as much from society’s violent silencing of black gay and trans people as much as us white queers do.

Ok yeah nvm that was basically a condensed version of the rant right there.