text to win

  • Steve: In 10 years I can guarantee you I will be Tony's husband.
  • Bucky: In 15 years I can guarantee you I will be Tony's 2nd husband.
  • Tony: What happened to Steve?
  • Bucky: Series of unfortunate events.
  • T'Challa: In 20 years I shall guarantee you I will be Tony's 3rd husband.
  • Tony: ...what happened to -
  • T'Challa: Nothing you can prove.

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Luigi’s condition was getting worse. The doctors tending to him found his body needing more and more nutrients as the days went on. His organs were shutting down one-by-one, and the tenants of the Mushroom Kingdom were wondering if he’d ever wake up from his coma. Mario took it the worst, however.

He was inconsolable. His brother, his dearest friend in the world, was taken from him and was being dangled just out of his reach. As it got worse, Mario’s friends were concerned that he seemed to be in a state of denial; he began propping Luigi up and bringing him to parties, acting like everything was the same. Although Luigi’s friends were sad too, Mario was beginning to worry them even more.

That is until one day when they noticed something odd.

Luigi was doing really well at the party games.

In fact, he was on a winning streak…


Mark Lee is a Cute baby.

This needs endless reblogs.

Don’t hurt my baby.


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