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If you’re going to donate, please don’t take it back on paypal. Only donate if you’re absolutely positive if you can.

I’ve got a negative account balance now because someone took back money that I had already used to buy myself dinner.

The only reason I have a donation button is if people have a few dollars and I entertain them, they have the opportunity to throw me a few bucks. It’s in no way required, and I never even talk about it. So please, only donate if you’re not going to take it back.

Thank you.

Hey, good folks!

This is my little poof ball Mali, and she’s in trouble.

I noticed her eye was starting to swell closed the other day and decided she needed to be seen by a vet, turns out I wasn't just worrying for nothing.

Instead of the doctor telling me she hit her head on something like my mother swore he was going to do, he told me she has a stage 3 infection in her mouth thats spread to her eye, and it will keep spreading.

In simple terms, shes got bad teeth making her eye bad and is going to need the offending teeth removed as soon as possible. But money is a big issue because I don’t have anybody willing to spend how much her surgery would cost.

I need 1,000$ to get this done.

Please, if you can donate my PayPal is Cjjewelr12@gmail.com

If you don’t want to donate please reblog so other people can see this 

or even consider commissioning me. 

I want Mali to be ok and live long, please help her.

Surgery next month

I have a major surgery in about a month, while this is a blessing, it involves me travelling out of province with my girlfriend for over a week. the timing sucks, we have very little notice (compared to what we expected) and my disability was just denied - it’s going to be months before support I need comes through. if you could spare anything it would mean so much - this surgery has to happen but we have so much to do, and we’re already worried about food for the month.

Our paypal to donate is below, and I’d really appreciate if you could donate or spread this post. <3 <3 


anonymous asked:

Can falconers gift their birds feathers? I've been looking for the laws around that topic but I can't find anything.

Yes, but only to individuals or organizations with valid permits to keep them. The official word from the Federal Falconry Regulations text is:

ii) You may donate feathers from a falconry bird, except golden eagle feathers, to any person or institution with a valid permit to have them, or to anyone exempt from the permit requirement under §21.12. (which is here)

So basically you can only legally own bird of prey feathers if you are a member of a federally recognized Native American Tribe, a licensed falconer, or a member of a school or organization that has the valid permits to legally possess raptor feathers.

I’ve seriously fudged up and I need help.

 I’m $1000 in RED RIGHT NOW, I made a terribly serious but horrible stupid mistake, fell for a scam like an idiot. My family really needed this money, and now, as much as I hate resorting to this, I really need help! 

I’ve tried for over 8 months now to find a job, I am NOT KIDDING, 8 months of searching and nothing to show for it. I’ve tried offering services such as transcribing, but nobody is interested. I am *TRYING*, but my efforts have turned up a big fat zero.

I will continue to search for a job. but in the meantime, I have to e-beg just to get myself out of this hole I stupidly fell into.

IF YOU CAN DONATE, any amount can help! 
Donate To My PayPal:

I will do whatever I can in return for any donations made. I will transcribe videos, add captions, I will draw, I will translate Japanese > English or vice versa, editing a story or essay or whatever? ANYTHING I can to payback whatever you may decide to donate.

Please boost this! It’s taken every fiber of holding back my shame to even make this post in the first place. 

I will keep searching for a job and pray for a miracle. But in the meantime, I really just need a helping hand. Thank you for reading.


More baby birds!

This tiny new arrival is a baby blackbird, and it was brought into the centre recently after being attacked by a cat.

Angela, our vet, gave it a thorough check up and found a number of small scratches on its back and left flank. These were cleaned and treated before the bird was given painkillers and antibiotics to combat the bacterial infection. It was moved into one of our warm incubators and will stay with us until it is large enough for release!

Please like and share!

If you want to help us save wildlife, please donate. Every pound given goes towards helping us to give wildlife a second chance. You can either donate online (worldwide) or my text (UK only) by texting WILD5 to 70300 and donating £5.

I’m unable to access my messages on my phone at the moment but I wanted to post this for all current and future buyers of my photography prints/merch! ♡♡♡

I was recently asked about my shop’s charity donations/how picking them works c:

Once you message me on here or on FAA, I would simply like to know:
1) your first name,
2) what you bought would be fun to know but that isn’t necessary and I can check that on my seller page settings,
3) What charity you would like me to donate half your purchase amount to ♡ if a charity is not specified by a buyer, I will equally divide it among the three.

I have an account of each purchase and where the profits are going to in my journal and a private digital offline checkbook. Once I reach $50 for any charity, I’ll donate to them! Then to let you all know, I’ll update my blog about the successful donation~☆

I have yet to reach that amount for The Cat Adoption Team, The Snow Leopard Trust, or The Nature Conservancy (my three charities I’ve chosen to support); but thanks to all of you the savings for donations are adding up!! It’s so exciting to do good while sharing art!

Thank you all for the support and caring about animals and nature! !

I kinda get why creators are like “okay here comes some shameless self promotion haha……” but at the same time not? Promoting stuff like social media and donation pages just makes it easier for us who consume their work to know how we can support them + we don’t have to go on a major search just to find their twitter lmao


I’ve never done this before and I’m really nervous and I really need some help.

I’m unemployed and I only have 40$ to my name. I have bills and a huge debt that’s killing me with interest. I’m desperately applying everywhere right now but so far no one’s reached back to me. I don’t have reliable transportation so job pool is limited. I would’ve stayed at my old job just to save money but it was literally killing me both physically and mentally. I’m trying to scrounge up 500$ to pay it all off but that doesn’t look realistic. I just need enough to pay off some of it until I get a new job (hopefully soon!)

I don’t need much, any bit really helps. Even if you can’t donate i’d appreciate if this spreads around

my paypal email is: anataliahall@gmail.com


More fox cubs!
Orphan season is well and truly underway and recently we got a call to collect 6 tiny fox cubs from a local vet practice. They had been orphaned after a builder accidentally removed them from their den and, sadly, could not be reunited with their mum.
They were rushed back to the centre but luckily were not injured. After being cared for overnight, three of the cubs (and our two older cubs) were collected by Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue to provide companionship for lone cubs, and thee will remain under our care until they are old enough for release!
Please like and share :)
If you want to help us help them, please donate. Texting WILD5 to 70300 will give us the £5 needed to give these tiny creatures a feed.

I wrecked my car and now I’m screwed

My name is Rigel, a transgender college student from Pennsylvania and I have ADHD. I have been off my meds since October because I couldn’t afford them.

On the 9th of July I wrecked my car. There were no major injuries, but my car is no longer drivable. Although there is a chance that my brakes failed, I am 100% sure that I would not have gotten into the crash if I had been on my meds. 

Now that I have no car, I can not get to work, which means I have no money for anything. Doctors, meds, a new car, rent, food, bills etc. In addition, my very transphobic parents are talking about forcing to come back in live in their house for the summer, instead of my apartment, were I will be isolated for any support of my gender identity. I know that if I return home for this period of time, I most likely won’t make it out in piece. 

While I have been looking for a second job that I am able to walk to for months, I am having very little luck. Whether its due to my gender, or dyslexic handwriting, or those shitty personality quizzes, I am not sure.

Until I get another job, I don’t know what I am going to do. That’s way I’m asking, please, If you could spare anything, even a dollar, I would be forever grateful. I don’t really have any skills to offer up in exchange, so I probably don’t deserve anything, but I am desperate right now.

My PayPal (under my birth name, Alexandra) email is commander.wolffe(@)gmail.com if you could spare a few dollars. 


anonymous asked:

Hey, we could donate some $$ for that mod. It's no different than donating money on nexus. That modder would get their money either way~ but this time it's for a specific mod.

I mean on one hand that is extremely kind of you, but on the other…
I would have to find a modder who has the skills, who takes commissions and is easy to work with. Then I would have to work together with them to make sure that the mod is exactly like I imagined. (I’m pretty anal about this. I’m all for artistic freedom when it comes to fanart and commissions but a follower mod would be different.) If he’s a voiced companion, I’d have to find a good voice actor. All of this takes a huge amount of time and effort, even if I’m only surveying the process of making the mod.

Maybe I’ll offer it as a Patreon goal? Cam’s familiar with modding and he could learn to make a basic Buttons companion, we just need to allocate our resources :P That way if you wanted to make it happen, you could support the comics we make instead of the mod directly, and still get the companion mod.
idk, I’ll think about it because I would too kill for a Buttons follower for myself!