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  • Kesha: *donates to charity*
  • Kesha: *supports many different causes and wants to make a change*
  • Kesha: *is a huge supporter of lgbt rights*
  • Kesha: *doesn't want to be defined by sexuality*
  • Kesha: *expresses that everyone should be themselves and to love themselves*
  • Kesha: *wants everyone to embrace their imperfections and to know that everything is gonna be okay*
  • Kesha: *is the ambassador for humane society international"
  • Kesha: *supporter of woman's rights, she wants to level the playing field and show that woman can do what men can*
  • the general public: she just makes dumb music and is drunk all the time
Bell Let's Talk 😊😊

Hey my follower friends especially to my Canadian follower friends out there today 😊😊

Today is the annual Bell Let’s Talk day to help support mental health here in Canada 😊 for Bell users: for every call & text sent today Bell will donate 5 cents towards mental health services here in Canada (make sure you turn off iMessage today in order to donate) 😊 & everyone else in Canada and around the world can get in on the action too as for every tweet & Instagram post with the #BellLetsTalk posted today 5 cents will be donated from there too 😊 and new this year for Snapchat users they got a new filter with #BellLetsTalk on it and every time you use the filter the 5 cents will be donated from there and also on their Facebook page they got a video of Howie Mendel on there & just by watching it & sharing it will donate the 5 cents from there as well 😊 so there are definitely many ways whether you’re a Bell user or not to help support this cause today 😊

Mental health is an important serious issue in today’s society from Autism to PTSD to Depression it’s an issue that needs to be discussed more and more not just today but every day and more definitely needs to be done to help support mental health and improve the services provided and this annual event has always done a great job in bringing awareness to this issue every year so guys “Let’s Talk” today and help support this very important cause and bring awareness to mental health 😊

In a bar

“Back for more, are you?” asked the bartender.
“Yes,” said the man. He sat down on the tallest stool at the bar. It was the bar’s only stool and definitely the tallest. Also the shortest. Things make less sense in a bar.
“You gotta be careful. People stronger than you have gotten hooked on the stuff. Ruined their lives.” The bartender cleaned a mug with a rag and then cleaned the rag with a mug. Again, things make less sense in a bar.
“Stronger than me?” The man punched himself in the arm and winced in pain. “I’d like to see ‘em.”
“Ya can’t see ‘em cause their lives are ruined. They ain’t nowhere to be found. Or at least they ain’t here. Are they?” The bartender looked around, but the bar was empty except for him and the man. The jukebox didn’t count since it didn’t have a name. It had had one, but petitioned the court to remove it.  Again again, things make less sense in a bar.
“Whatever,” said the man. “Give me one. Actually, make it a double. No, a triple.”
The bartender reached below the bar and pulled out not one, not two, but three donation slips for the ACLU. “You sure you can handle it?”
“Freedom can’t protect itself, can it?”
The bartender Googled whether freedom can protect itself. He only got links to people complaining about how Google was broken and kept linking them to sites about people complaining about how Google was broken. “I guess not.”
The man stuffed hundreds of dollars into each of the donation slips. He reached into his mouth and pulled out three stamps. He stuffed them into the slips. “ACLU probably needs stamps too.”
“Who doesn’t?” asked the bartender. The jukebox almost replied before it remembered it didn’t count. “Seeing as how you’ve been so charitable, how about a drink on the house?”
“Sure, Got Milk?”
The bartender’s eye grew wide. He dropped the mug. It smashed into pieces. He dropped the rag. It smashed into mugs. “No…this whole time! YOU WERE A MILK AD?”
The man just smiled and turned into milk.
Things make less sense in a bar.

  • ray, on a date with ryan: so what do you think about baked goods?
  • ryan: i like cake.
  • ray: [shoving breadsticks into his purse] i have to go right now immediately

All black everything

I’ll never understand why people don’t want to become an organ donor. You will not be using them anymore, so why do you refuse to give up something that you will not use for someone lying in a hospital bed, dying unless they receive a new organ.

I just don’t get it. Why not use your body for good? I DONT GET IT.

if you are a minor/dont have a credit card and would like to donate to trans charities in honor of leelah alcorn (or any charities for whatever reason really) a good way to do that if you have some cash laying around is to take your cash and go to any store that has gift cards and get a visa gift card (it will be next to other gift cards if your store has a section of them) which you can purchase with your cash (i think it goes as low as a 10$ card but i know there is $25, $50 etc) and use it the same way you would a credit card when you go to your charity of choice’s website. 

hey so i’m pretty stuck in a bad financial situation, even getting a job is hard when i don’t have enough for bus fare to get to it. i’m also up to my ears in hospital bill copays from my last several hospitalizations that my secondary insurance probably won’t end up covering so if you have anything to spare please send it to my paypal ( paypal.me/KierenSebby ).

i’m going to try to go to college out here pretty soon but i’ll be relying on loans for that, i’d really appreciate help in the meantime so i can make rent and pay the energy bill! thanks so much, please signal boost if you can. if you donate and there’s anything i can do in return for you please let me know - given my lack of art ability i can’t offer good commissions but i’ll do what i can.

I wrecked my car and now I’m screwed

My name is Rigel, a transgender college student from Pennsylvania and I have ADHD. I have been off my meds since October because I couldn’t afford them.

On the 9th of July I wrecked my car. There were no major injuries, but my car is no longer drivable. Although there is a chance that my brakes failed, I am 100% sure that I would not have gotten into the crash if I had been on my meds. 

Now that I have no car, I can not get to work, which means I have no money for anything. Doctors, meds, a new car, rent, food, bills etc. In addition, my very transphobic parents are talking about forcing to come back in live in their house for the summer, instead of my apartment, were I will be isolated for any support of my gender identity. I know that if I return home for this period of time, I most likely won’t make it out in piece. 

While I have been looking for a second job that I am able to walk to for months, I am having very little luck. Whether its due to my gender, or dyslexic handwriting, or those shitty personality quizzes, I am not sure.

Until I get another job, I don’t know what I am going to do. That’s way I’m asking, please, If you could spare anything, even a dollar, I would be forever grateful. I don’t really have any skills to offer up in exchange, so I probably don’t deserve anything, but I am desperate right now.

My PayPal (under my birth name, Alexandra) email is commander.wolffe(@)gmail.com if you could spare a few dollars.