text tie

one of my fav headcanons was that talon consists of reaper, sombra, and widowmaker sitting in a basement on milk crates huddled around a computer and I was gonna say “I’m sad to see it go” but doomfist changes nothing. it’s just a slightly more crowded basement now


Wow I can’t believe someone leaked our engagement pics

After tonight’s travesty at the Emmys, it’s only fair that the Grace & Frankie writers make Grace/Frankie canon.

For morale.

I adore every single moment where Ezekiel does literally anything and Jacob gets frustrated about it.

Honestly like the most unrealistic part of Supergirl is that Kara doesn’t have an entire gaggle of female friends because she is TOTALLY that friend who always has a hair tie and texts you on Friday night to see if you want to come over and bake cookies and will bring you chocolate and give you a back rub when you’re on your period and writes heartfelt happy birthdays on facebook like basically Kara is the sweetest girl ever and literally any girl who ever met her would cling to that friendship like her life depended on it


Red is him, blue is me

Dear Tumblr: This was my late-night motivation for that ealier post about tickling.

My friend texted me this a week ago, and after much persuasion I snapped and told him. He then proceeded to take a minute before saying that it was adorable and honestly:

I couldn’t find a reason for it being weird.

I bet you guys can’t either.

Then… yknow… he demanded I come over and show him what its all about so that’s a fucking +1… but seriously guys.

Don’t overthink it. It might not turn out like this for everyone, but maybe this can be some inspiration not to hate your little tickle bug interest. Love the little bug.

Love yourselves.