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Paying for themes

I’ve seen theme makers that charge for customizations or commissions get rude messages about it, so I added the question about premium themes on my survey to see how people would respond. Most of it was positive, but I got some passive aggressive responses on there too. I won’t call out the specific comments, but I still want to make some things clear.

Theme making is work. It takes effort, time, and skill. Honestly what most theme makers on here are doing is underselling their work. I used to feel bad for charging more than $20 for my custom themes until my professor was genuinely shocked that I was charging that low and encouraged me to at least double my prices.

It’s not just theme makers, either. Creators of all kinds are taken advantage of on here. I see artists charging around $10 for a full drawing, or writers getting yelled at for even wanting money for their hard work.

We’re all pressured to make things for free, or we undersell ourselves in fear of not getting paid at all. We get yelled at for not taking the time to do every request we get, and even more so for asking for money for those requests.

I completely understand not having enough money to pay for a theme, which is why I enjoy making free content to share with everyone. I’m not forcing anyone to pay for something I make. But as an artist, I’m still allowed to want money for my work. 

We don’t owe anyone free content. We do it because we want to share it, not because others are entitled to our time and work.

I’m scared you won’t love me like I love you,
I’m scared you won’t want me like I want you,
I’m scared you will get bored of me,
but most of all I’m scared of how much I’m in love with you✨❣️