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pidge: *starts speaking*

lance: sorry pidge but i can’t hear what you’re saying??? you’re too short that your voice doesn’t even reach my ears

pidge: *hunk trying to hold pidge back from attacking lance* I’M GONNA FUCKING MURDER YOU SOMEDAY


requested — boyfriend texts with sicheng



as much as i would enjoy the idea of chris and melissa dating because lets face it, they would be hella cute together, melissa literally just got divorced. SHE JUST GOT DIVORCED. so please, for the love of god !!!!! do not tweet at her or at chris, asking them if they’re together or any kind of shit like that. leave them alone.

Signs + Love (anime edition)

+ Just a post on signs confessing / how they react to their crush based off the shojo mangas and anime I’ve watched through my lifeless years. (that was a joke!)
Girls: Moon and Venus
Boys: Sun and Mars
*Also dominant


An Aries will most likely confess straight-forwardly, they’ll get angry but be okay with it when you tease them. Their hints are quite obvious when they like someone, they don’t like to play games unless the person they like is very shy. Will blurt out things without thinking and can cause them to blush. Very courageous, they don’t sugarcoat anything. If they tell you something or anything, they MEAN it. Around their crush they’ll be very playful and energetic. Most likely that anime character who always rubs the back of their neck and has a wide smile, also waves at their crush. They will show a lot of concern also, and will do anything for you, your health, and your security.


A Taurus is very teasing and a prankster. They like to see the reactions out of their crush. Once they caught someone that interests them they won’t budge. Likes to annoy their crush and say the most weirdest things. Will sometimes take the challenge of poking your temper. It takes patience for a Taurus, they want to take things slow, because they want to see if you’ll be there for them no matter what they put you through. Can be playful flirts, and will be very stubborn with everything you say. Will most likely deny their feelings for you for a while. Can also keep things to themselves, so when they say something based off what they’ve gone through, or anything emotional this would be a big sign.


Hot and cold, they will be very confused about their feelings towards someone. They want to experience new things all the time, so if your relationship is just a routine then they won’t like it. Can be difficult to understand, so once they find someone who does they’ll end up falling for them. They’ll be very witty and will also be straight-forward with how they feel. Also like to learn new things, so if you rant about things you know and things you’ve discovered, or analyze things, they’ll find you very interesting. Sometimes they’ll rant about random things to their crush then sometimes they’ll end up distant. Can be very indecisive about their feelings as well so once they’ve made up their mind if they like you or not, their love attempts will be noticeable. Will look at you when you aren’t looking and act like you don’t exist but then they’ll start feeling warm inside.


Cancers don’t fall in love too easily, but when they do, they seek people who are nurturing and someone they can basically look up to. They want someone to text them if they’ve arrived home safely, or makes sure that they took their medicine while they’re sick. They’ll be quite shy to confess because they’ll be scared of rejection since they finally found home within their crush. They will act uncomfortable/nervous around their crush like if their blood pressure is rising up. Will plan a conversation in their head before talking to their crush, may kind of manipulate you in some type of way. But only manipulate you because they took interest in you.


A Leo is confident with every little action they do. They’re needy and will probably be that one person who has muted everyone else’s contact besides yours (jokes). Their flirting is quite obvious, and no one could really question when a Leo likes you or not. Leo’s are loyal and will treat you higher than anybody else. Lots of spoiling even if their crush and a Leo aren’t official yet. Gets angry or starts raging when someone hurts or lays a finger on their crush. Very jealous and will deny it because of their pride. Very energetic and silly around their crush; their interest for somebody is so obvious that when they see their crush you can see their pupils enlarge. 


Cautious with those around them, and will observe every little detail about who they like. Will remember the little things, so when they bring it up, it means something. Straight-forward with their feelings, and it’s a possibility that they fall in love with people easily. They want someone who will help them improve and someone to be their perfect piece. They are also very picky with people, but sometimes it won’t really matter. Really cutesy and cliche. Flirts in a really sly way, where it’s a bit unnoticeable unless you already know how they act. Also quite confident, they will tell you they like you when they know it’s the perfect time to confess.


Libras are known for being very flirtatious and bouncing from a person to another person, but once they have found true feelings for someone they’ll be very patient and understanding towards them. They aren’t prone to confessing or confessing much often to those they REALLY like, when they do so, it has whole meaning to it. They want someone they can stick to and experience a lot with, a stable relationship where the two will act like bestfriends. Will tease their crush and expect them to snap back. Can also be confusing but they just want someone who knows them well enough, someone who knows when something is wrong or when they’re acting different. The type of person to stay quiet in loving situations and start blushing. They’re all about love so any small affection will make them happy. Will act very talkative and smiley around their crush as well.


Scorpios are intensively jealous and tense with their own feelings. They show their feelings in the most smallest ways. One of the signs who are very straight-forward about their feelings. Can be difficult, and will find ways to make sure it’s okay to trust you. Around their crush, they’ll give intense glares and there will be lots of staring. Very protective and caring. Scorpios are like puzzle pieces and people just have to figure them out in a strategical manner. They won’t rush into things, unless they don’t have true feelings for you. Patient and reserved in relationships. Sometimes can come off mean but that isn’t their true intention. In fact, you might notice when a Scorpio like you when they treat others differently/harshly and treat you in a better manner.


Flirty and free-loving, will definitely come off confident. They are in between being shy and being straight-forward. Will take their time to know you, and to fall for you. They also like to be charming and will tell their crush flirty jokes. Very playful and caring. A Sagittarius is very warm and comforting so sometimes it’ll be hard to know when they actually like you in any way. It’ll usually be a gut feeling with this sign. Can be very clumsy around their crush, and before they can state their in love with someone they’ll just want to have a fun relationship. Will be very talkative around their crush and start cracking up joke, and telling funny stories to bring a smile on someone they have feelings for.


A Capricorn is known to be serious all the time, but once someone opens up their joking side it’s a whole new person under them. They’ll be straight-forward with who they feel but they’ll say it in a more proper way, like “I have caught interests in you.” They’ll take their relationships like if it were planned, and once they have taken interests it’ll be very slow and calming. There is no rush with a Capricorn. You’ll see a less serious side once you’ve got to know them, they like to make smart remarks and insult you in the most non hurtful way. But usually they are really smooth flirts, they know what they want and they plan on getting it. You only know when a Capricorn likes you is when they tell you.


An Aquarius isn’t the type to reveal their feelings, they’re most likely to be in-denial. Can be difficult to understand, because they are very cautious to who’d they want to share their feelings with. It’ll be hard to communicate with them and have them open up about their private life. But once an Aquarius likes someone they are very considerate lovers. It’ll be hard to know when this sign likes someone, usually they would start off from being friends then slowly taking care of you, keeping you entertained, until you’ve finally reached to the point where they speak about their deep feelings. This signs takes patience and shouldn’t let their difficulty discourage you.


Pisces are very shy and nervous around the people they like. Apparently around their crush they can sometimes end up stuttering (source: a Pisces boy). Can be found shaking their leg too much around their crush, or will stare at them from across the room and space out in their direction. Will find the courage to ask small things about you. They blush a lot when shown affection, and will take a while and courage for them to confess their feelings. Hide their feelings a lot, but when they talk about something endlessly they really like you. They don’t want you to think they’re boring so they’ll start asking a lot of questions sometimes.

The Signs as Rami Malek Characters

Josh Washington (Until Dawn): Aquarius, Cancer, Aries 

Elliot Alderson (Mr Robot): Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

Ahkmenrah (NATM): Libra, Scorpio, Gemini

Kenny (The War at Home): Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius

After a particularly adrenaline fueled chase, Sherlock texts Lestrade detailed instructions where to find the murderous clown assassin. John is so aroused that he can’t hardly wait to get his and Sherlock’s clothes off….

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okay well if you're trying to distract yourself pls feel free to provide some thoughts on the topic of Sam's wardrobe specifically his terrible shirts and his reasons for loving them so kindly (or alternatively: Sam and Dean go to the beach and Sam's beachwear is like Jared's bizarre beachwear choices) (... I invite you to tell me more)

I won’t pretend to be able to write good meta/speculation, but I do have several (disorganized, unsubstantiated) thoughts on Sam’s often eccentric fashion choices. My ideas on the subject are deeply connected to both the way Sam and Dean were raised, and to who Sam is as a person, and can be distilled into two possibly contradictory streams of thought:

1) During his childhood, there wasn’t enough room for Sam to have many things of his own, and he was discouraged to a certain point from expressing individuality. Starting when he got to Stanford, he used his clothing as a way to show his individuality, both to himself and others, by literally wearing it on his sleeve. This tendency, IMO, continued into Season 1 (hence the legendary purple dog shirt), but disappeared slowly in the years after that as the course of his life changed and his sense of self was eroded.

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2) Sam as a person is highly function-oriented. He isn’t all that interested in luxury. He eats because his body needs it, not because he really enjoys food (and he tries to feed his body only things that will be beneficial to it). He works out because it makes him a more efficient hunter, not to look good or impress anyone (except maybe when he was soulless and fond of doing shirtless chin-ups in motel rooms). I’d imagine his attitude toward clothing is largely the same. A shirt is a shirt. It serves the same purpose as any other item of clothing: to keep him warm and conceal his well-defined chest from our collective lustful gaze. This is my theory on why, for example, the hideous and infamous rusty bacon shirt has made so many appearances. To Sam, plaid is plaid. What the thing looks like is irrelevant.

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Anyway, these are my rambly thoughts on Sam’s choice of shirts. Of course, they can probably be easily refuted, since Sam has also done things like grow his hair out and keep it consistently long, despite the impracticality of the style and the frequent resulting jabs from Dean, so he clearly still has personal preferences re: his appearance. But alas, writing meta is not among my strengths. I’d love to write fic on the subject at some point though (possibly involving Sam and Dean and the beach…).

Baby Sehun (Sehun)

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Type: Fluff

Request: EXO Sehun coming home early from tour to surprise you but the boys tell you. So you decide to surprise him and tell him your pregnant with a sonogram?

You smiled as Jongdae sent you the text about them coming home early and how Sehun was getting ready to rush home to see you. But you decided to surprise him with the first real look at your little bean in your tummy. Baby Sehun was currently 2 months along and was growing nicely already. You were sure that your baby was a pretour conception as a good bye and good luck for Sehun. 

You punched a hole in the top of the sonogram lacing a ribbon through it before tying it around the bear’s neck and sighing. “Daddy will be happy to hear about you” you coo to your stomach as you lightly rubbed it getting up. Grabbing your keys and the bear before you headed towards the door. 


You stood nervously cuddling the bear tightly as you waited for your husband to get back. “Y/N!” you hear as you saw Baekhyun and Chanyeol there giving you a wave. Soon they were pushed out of the way and Sehun was heading over to you. He quickly wrapped you in a hug as he rocked the two of you “it’s been too long” he whispers as he presses a kiss to your cheek. Pulling back he took in the sight of you along with the bear “what’s this?” he asked as you offered it to him “it’s going to be little Sehun’s someday” you tell him as he looked confused looking it over. His eyes soon found the small sonogram. 

He looked closely at it as the other boys had finally came over to you. The bear hit the ground as you smiled “you’re really?” he asked as you nodded. Within seconds he was down on his knees latched onto your waist. “What is going on?” Minseok asked as he picked up the bear. Sehun was too lost in your stomach as he laid against it “hi in there. Do you even have ears yet?” he asked quietly as you smiled at him more “I’m daddy you know. I helped make you” he coos softer as the boys were patting his shoulder after understanding the situation. “Congratulations guys but you know it’s kind of obvious what Sehun is doing. And there’s cameras everywhere” “don’t ruin it” Baekhyun whined at Chanyeol. “Why don’t we get food. Lets celebrate” Jongin says as you nod in agreement.

i still fully maintain that a priya/leyla affair would have been 100% more interesting as a summer affair and would have been a pairing I’d have been *super* invested in

Alternative picture, same text. ❤️💜❤️My Baker Street Boys! (And Jawn totally could of…Sherlock had a lot of scotch that night….just sayin’) and goodnight. 🌛