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Tales from the Loop, by Simon Stålenhag.

I’d like to think this book LOOKS like my novels FEEL.

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What do I mean by that? I’m not precisely sure. TALES FROM THE LOOP is an art book, a handsome matte collection of a dreamy alternate 80s. There’s a bit of text, but the text is mostly besides the point. Really, TALES FROM THE LOOP is about the images: hyper-realistic paintings of Swedish life with decaying robots, inquisitive dinosaurs, rundown hovercraft, and well-worn androids. It feels like our world, but just a little strange. Sometimes this strangeness is magical, and sometimes this strangeness is off-putting, and sometimes, deliciously, it is both.

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I read it first on my own, paging through slowly, and then I paged through it again with my eleven-year-old son, who found it an even more wistful experience than I did.


You know what I want for MLB in the future?

I want another Copycat episode, but with Adrien.

I want Marinette to get asked out by Adrien, while Chat Noir is running around on the rooftops of Paris because he finally has a day off and there’s no school.

I want Chat Noir to see Marinette on the date with “Adrien” and realize that’s actually someone who has a crush on Marinette and became akumatized after she politely rejected their confession, then later found out she had a crush on Adrien.

I want there to be Marichat moments where Chat Noir has to find away to get her as far away from this imposter as possible so he can get the akuma, while also not revealing himself since he may have the day off, but he’s grounded for missing one to many photo shoots and has to stay home, so now is also being pursued by his bodyguard.

I want Chat Noir to have to be the one to tell Marinette that the Adrien she went out with today was actually a fake, and she didn’t actually get asked out by her crush.

I want him to see her visibly upset at the fact that not only did she fall for the akumas disguise, but that she is also upset at not being asked out by the real thing, just when she thought he was starting to notice her.

I want the akuma battle to go on with Ladybug much more serious during it, not even bothering with the first bump and just going straight home.

I want Chat Noir to watch Marinette from afar as she sulks on her rooftop balcony from not actually going on a date with her crush while trying to think of way to cheer her up, and still seeing her upset as Adrien when school comes back the next day and she’s slouched over her desk not looking at him.

I want Adrien to finally realize that Marinette genuinely likes him.

I want him to actually start noticing her.

And what better way to notice someone, than when they’re heartbroken over you?



OROPHER was the King of Greenwood the Great during the Second Age, and the father of Thranduil, father of Legolas. A Sindarin prince of Doriath, he led a remnant of Sindar east after the War of Wrath and the ruin of Beleriand, and was taken as King by the Silvan elves in the Greenwood and he ruled there for the duration of the Second Age until he was slain in the battle of Dagorlad during the War of the Last Alliance. Thranduil, his son, succeeded him and led back a third of Greenwood’s army after the war. 

I can’t believe I’m seeing post where people think Marinette is jealous of Santa and that’s how he gets akumaized, and I’m just laughing so HARD
Because I’m just imagining Ladybug running up to Santa and


And there’s candy cane guns and gift wrapping everywhere

And Nino is just in so corner, eating his potatoes in peace, when a stray Christmas bow knocks them out of his hands and that’s how we get Ninotato, the real Christmas Akuma

Hello and Welcome to the Borderlands Fanwork Gift Exchange 2016!

–art by tumblr user elleaunstylo

Friends, fanartists, writers, animators and cosplayers alike–all of us here on the staff welcome you to this year’s Borderlands Fanwork Gift Exchange!

What is it?:

The Borderlands Gift Exchange is a community-wide, Secret Santa-styled event designed to bring fans of the franchise together in the spirit of the season!

Participants in the Gift Exchange will be matched up with another individual in the community, and encouraged to create a gift of fanwork (fanfiction, fanart, animations, photo manipulations, and more!) tailored to each individual’s request, prompt, or guideline. In turn, all participants will be matched up with someone else and receive a gift of their own!

Essentially, the BL Gift Exchange is designed to spread love and goodwill, and bring our little community just a bit closer. 

How do I participate?:

Starting now, there is a questionnaire form available, designed to properly match individuals together according to interests within the Borderlands fandom, ensuring that people are matched properly and receive a gift perfect for their passions! Please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability, and be sure to specify any other specific details that you feel the existing questions may not address!

As soon as all sign ups have been compiled together, we will match everyone up and send out assignments through your preferred means of communication.  

What are the deadlines?:

The sign-up deadline will be November 28th 11:59 PST. That means you must fill out and submit the questionnaire by that date or else you will be unable to participate! 

Within the first few days of December we will be matching people up and then sending them out to everyone no later than the 3rd! After you receive your assigned person and their prompt you must complete your gift and submit it to this blog by

December 22nd 11:59 PST.

As soon as all submissions have been received and compiled, they will be queued and posted through December 25th, so please keep an eye on this blog!

Are physical gifts allowed?:

In the spirit of fairness and to make sure everyone feels welcome, this will be an exchange of digital fanworks only. That means fanart, fanfiction, photo manipulation, videos, moodboards, music, or anything like that is highly preferred! If you have questions about a potential gift medium, feel free to message us!

Sign Up Here!!