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@swiftwidget and I (main blog @aoimikans) are currently working together on a not-so-little fanfic, and I can honestly say I’m having the time of my life! So…. I decided to draw the opening scene. (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Please read Canvas Part 1 here!

(If you still have trouble reading the text it’s taken word for word from the fic in the link)


   //I’ve been thinking a lot about formatting lately. Small text, icons, and separating dialogue from action is my main way of formatting. On hoho, I make it so the opening quote mark is lower than the speech text. On my other blogs I do slight variations. The reason I do this is because of Atheistic; but it started because I was shamed. I thought small text was hard to read, and it can be taken to extremes even now, I thought icons were disgusting and a trend that needed to die.

      I remember the day when a friend started using icons on their blog and I remember the visceral disgust when I saw them. I hated them so bad lol. On the day I got my first icons from hoho, I hated them too; but I used them because they were a gift.

     I grew to like them and as I worked with them and figured out how they could be used, it became hard for me not to use them even on Skype. The same thing with formatting. I remember the first time I formatted on hoho’s blog. It was in response to be wanted to be seen as quality and it
              looked a little
                        like this.

        My posts
           were short in content;
     and read like vignettes.

         I started to stop
             when my computer broke

     and had to use my mom’s phone to rp at night. Still I did it from time to time to try to stay consistent but it got too hard, and I switched back to the paragraph style I used to use when I was iconless. But that was only after

      I made a blog for a friend
      and wrote like this because
      they wouldn’t reply to my
      posts if I didn’t fit their
      aesthetic. It was the same 
      friend who made me my 
      Hohenheim icons.

     I didn’t like writing that way because it was a lot of work and while they always told me to

        “Do it after your done writing!! You’re triggering me when I watch you write like that!!”

    I always did it while i was writing because I felt like it had to fit. I’d swap out words for others just so I could make it

    fit into that little box I 
    had to build so that
    I could still be loved

    It was a bad feeling. Still sometimes I wonder if some people don’t rp with me now that my style is looser, that I rp with people who have that short style that I used to have on the fourms, that snappy bite sized information bit that isn’t snazzy but emotional and it’s quick. Sometimes I wonder if my clunky formatting gets on anyone's nerves like icons used to get on mine.

    Words are powerful, words hold contents that can be used to travel from mind to mind, anywhere in the world. Formatting is a pretty bow that ties them together, and it can be nice. it’s a horrible feeling to be judged for that bow, and I honestly hope that no one else has to go through the feeling of not feeling good enough to talk to,

     Just for a little stylish choice.