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Blackface is not okay. Blackface will never be okay. Blackface isn’t funny. Blackface is not fucking cosplay. Darkening your skin for the sake of a fucking joke is not funny. It’s not cute. It doesn’t make you cool. However, it is hurtful for black kpop fans to keep seeing this happen. It is annoying for black kpop fans to watch you defend your faves when they do problematic shit like this. It is a cause of anger in many black kpop fans who see their race turned into a fucking caricature. It’s 2017 people can freely educate themselves on the internet about whether or not doing something is okay or not. So you can casually miss me with that “oppa/unni didn’t mean it uwu” bullshit because yes they fucking did. 

abby-6-stuff  asked:

Since you love cardcaptor sakura, do you see any similarities between Sakura and Syaoran, and Marinette and Adrien?




I have actually made a draw paralelling the umbrella scene with them (oh god that old art xD) 

like cmon, Nadeshiko, Sakura’s mom has 17 when she met Fujitaka, Sakura’s dad, and wow how coincidentally that Adrien has a mother, who was also a model! which photo  he has at age of 17!!!

she is teaching her son to play the pieano LIKE WTF ABOUT PARALLELISM ASLKDJAKSLJ

But like, Fujitaka is actually what Gabriel SHOULD BE AS A FATHER ARE YOU LISTENING GABRIEL.

And like, Plagg is basically the fusion of Kero and Suppi???!!!

Tomoyo is like Alya, cause she is the best friend of the protagonist and most of the time voice of reason and who also finds the time to film everything no matter how risky cause she must to

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(and who also has a crush on her friend. Fite me, Alya has an obvious crush on Mari. Pre and post Animan)

Sonomi and Nathalie? I mean we still dont know what Nathalie felt/feels for Mama Agreste but she will do anything for Adrien, same what Sonomi does for Sakura. Even if that means accepting the father in this (altho Fujitaka is a good man and Sonomi was just jealous. Nathalie, on the other side, has to deal with Gabriel bs, but she will do it for Adrien)

And this is just speaking of the characters cause if i start talking about the cards and the akumas…



(cant find the picture of ladybug screaming for adrien, but you get me)


actually more than one card can apply here, time and return, but it involves time travel like timebraker

obviously Miraculous is more superhero like, so there other stuff that would not fit. But there are obvious parallels between the shows (not only for the obvious tropes).

(warning: discourse)

Ya know…I never really see things like ‘queer is evil’ and ‘ace/aro people aren’t part of the lgbtqa+ community’ anywhere but on this godforsaken website.

Those are not controversial subjects, they never were. Queer has always been the word that the community has used, for over 100 years. Ace/Aro people have always been welcome since that orientation was given a name. These were never things we questioned. 

So why did a bunch of close-minded people on this website decide that they got the final say in how an entire world-wide community, that has been around for years longer than they have, gets to identify or who gets to be apart of it?

Like fuck get out of your bubble. This is the real world, and we are queer and we love ace/aro people and ya’ll gate-keepers and terfs and antis can fuck right the fuck off with your hateful nonsense.