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ένιωσα μια τρυφερότητα το πρωί
για τον εαυτό μου
σαν να μ'είδα απο μακριά
και να λύγισα
ήρθα και μ'αγκάλιασα


12:19am: hey, it’s been a while. how are you? where have you been? are you sleeping better? are you still so lonely?

1:04am: i’m not drunk, okay? i’m not. i just miss you. that’s all, that’s all.

1:46am: just call me back, alright?

1:58am: somebody said you found somebody new. does she love you? does it hurt?

2:04am: i don’t even miss you, dammit. i don’t know what i’m doing. i don’t think about you anymore. i don’t care.

2:05am: whatever, i’m blocking your number.

2:07am: okay so i didn’t block your number. i still hate you though.

2:11am: i don’t hate you.

7:28am: sorry, i passed out. i don’t even remember what i said. can you just forget all this? can you just forget me?

—  VOICEMAILS || s.o.
Breaking off pieces of yourself to fit into places will not help you belong, it will only make you bleed. Tearing yourself into half to fit in will not help you belong, it will only take your soul. The only way you will ever belong is when you feel complete without anyone reassuring you that you are. You are valid. Alone, or with company. Do not let anything convince you otherwise.
—  Nikita Gill