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anyway victuuri because it’s 4 am

  • Makkachin steals the blankets.
  • Victor loves being little spoon and when he wakes up with Yuuri’s arms around him he just nuzzles them or traces over the skin until their alarm goes off. 
  • Yuuri wakes up FAST but he still hates it. Victor is more of a morning person but he still needs a coffee before he can actually think beyond “Hold fiance. Take shower. Call fiance cute.” 
  • Yuuri drinks his coffee black because college hurts us all. Victor is shocked and disgusted and dumps 60 cookie and cream creamers into his coffee before he deems it semi-responsible to drink. 
  •  When they grab the wrong coffee cup on accident it’s turmoil. 
  • Y: “You need to shave.” V: “I don’t wanna shave.” Y: “And I don’t want beard burn. Go shave.” then 5 mins later he’s kissing Victor’s cheek.
  • Wearing each other’s clothes is just routine to them. They’re about the same size. (Most of Yuuri’s clothes tend to be looser anyway due to his weight changes through the year) so their closet is just a mix of clothes about a month after Yuuri moves in. Especially their work out stuff.
  • Wearing each other’s jackets though will always be their favorite and when Yuuri has bad days he’ll just wear Victor’s hoodies and sleep on the couch with Makkachin. 
  • Victor does the same thing only in Yuuri’s sweats. 
  • They both love touching each other. Like, Yuuri will be talking and Victor would touch his lower back. They’ll hook pinkies or hands without thinking while walking. Their hands will overlap on the boards as they talk to other skaters. Leaning on each for balance while stretching, messing with their skates, or exhausted by practice. 
  • They just love touching each other. 
  • Yuuri loves the all natural stuff the Inn uses and used to get some in his care packages from home in college, and when he moves to Saint Petersburg Victor stocks their bathroom up with it. Most of it are oils to put in the bath or home made soaps. Victor’s skin is just #Thankful.
  • Yuuri rambling pet names while kissing Victor because it destroys Victor. He can dish it out but he can’t handle it. 
  • The same when Yuuri cuddles him and wraps his arms around him.
  • Seriously. They love each other. 
Things I Love About Day6
  • Jae: that habit where he holds his guitar picks in his mouth; his fingers; Cali boy English; the Icarus rap in Like That Sun; his spirituality and connection to his religion is really admirable; that time he agreed to trade Wonpil for two buckets of friend chicken and a box of boiling crab; his nose is so cute; the gold mine that is his old social media; yellowpostitman; his guitar names; his lame but endearing sense of humor; hashtag king; Jae has really nice legs; his little high pitched laugh when he gets surprised or excited about something
  • Sungjin: HIS HANDS everything about his hands, the veins and the big knuckles and the way he uses them when he talks and the way his fingers get all crooked when he plays guitar; dancing skills obv; Richard the bike; the way he looks in blazers; the way he looks in tank tops; the first time he cried at their concert; such a neat freak lol; he takes so much care of his members; how he opens his eyes super wide when he's mad; the chorus of like every song; super expressive eyebrows; his shoulders are so broad
  • Young K: he's in college and he studies accounting; his voice is so nice not just his singing voice but just his speaking voice like I could listen to him talk forever; so intense onstage and so soft offstage; his relationship with Terry; when they flipped the banner in Taiwan; he eats so much; that hand symbol he makes that looks like a six; the dangling earring he wears sometimes that looks like a dream catcher; all those breakup songs; that time they made him display his biceps on Chinese TV; the way he squeezes his eyes shut when he's embarrassed
  • Wonpil: SMILE oh my god his beautiful enormous ray of absolute sunshine smile is my most favorite thing in the world; Sofa; his hair is naturally curly; his relationship with his sister is literally the cutest most pure and wholesome thing in the world; he annoys the members so much lmao; his tattoo and esp the meaning behind it; "I like a girl who has a dream and pursues it"; his piercings are so attractive; the pink sweater; that one leather jacket; how he closes his eyes when he's playing keyboard; his voice pitches a little bit lower when he's being really serious; whenever he gets embarrassed he just gets up and leaves
  • Dowoon: he loves animals so much; daejang jjigae; the little "uhh" right before he answers any questions; his arms wow they are so nice; his singing voice is so nice and deep and so precious; he looks up to his members so much; Savage!Dowoon; he always tolerates Wonpil's skinship but also complains about it; that really intense face he makes when he's playing the drums really hard; how his eyes shift really fast from side to side when he's nervous; he has such a naturally calm and quiet personality; his ears get so red

pokemon generations text post meme

unova version 1 - 2 - 3 | hoenn version 

I wish I had perky tits.  I wish I wasn’t single so I could practice my dick sucking skills. I’m rather proficient closer to the excellent side of the spectrum though.  I wish I was already degreed and traveling. I wish I could salsa dance really well. I wish I could flawlessly do my natural hair I hope I get a man who doesn’t mind scratching my scalp. I wish escaping my issues and dropping folk was very easy. I wish I didn’t show my emotions on my face. I wish everyone loved me as much as I loved them. I wish it was Spring Break already so I could do all the things I planned. I wish I wasn’t hopelessly bored and a hopeless romantic.

Something that I really appreciate about The Clone Wars is that they make Anakin a likable, loving, genuinely good person while reaffirming and enhancing his more negative qualities. For example the show makes it clear that Anakin is a good person, but a selfish one. 

In the arc where Ahsoka get’s kidnapped and hunted by lizard people we see this very subtle selfish quality of Anakin’s. When Ahsoka comes home from her traumatizing ordeal what is the very first thing that Anakin does? He makes things about himself. He makes things about his failure to protect her, his  concern, his worry, his fear for her, his own shortcomings. He is obviously coming from a place of genuine love and concern for Ahsoka, but it’s still about him. There’s nothing evil about that kind of selfishness, seeing a situation from your own point of view doesn’t mean you don’t care, anyone who says that they don’t make things about themselves is almost definitely a liar but you can’t deny it. In that moment Ahsoka had to comfort Anakin. That moment is beautiful and poignant regarding their bond and their friendship, but it’s also very telling if you look at it through a slightly more cynical lens.

It reminds me of in AOTC when Anakin kneeled at his mother’s grave and talked about himself and his feelings of inadequacy rather than his mother herself. Or in ROTS when Anakin was concerned for Padme’s life and committed to saving it in a way he knew that she wouldn’t approve of. When he pledges himself to Palpatine he doesn’t say he wants to save her life because she deserves to love or anything that has to do with her. It’s because he couldn’t live without her, he needs her, he loves her, she can’t leave him because he couldn’t take that. It’s about him. 

Anakin’s feelings of selfishness don’t mean that he doesn’t actually love or care about these people, his possessive nature and selfishness actually come from his love for these people. He just can’t separate the way he feels about these people from the individuals themselves. He always makes it about himself and his needs and desires, not theirs. It’s possible that the first person that Anakin really loved in a nonselfish way was Luke by the end of ROTJ.

I don’t know that I’m making sense here but this topic fascinates me.

Here we go again

Okay, I’m sorry guys, I really didn’t want to say anything about this, but the post that you see above is just your “classic Tumblr strikes again” situation.

First of all, it is misleading to use pictures with different lighting when comparing colours. Oh, yeah, let me compare two skin tones, but in one of the pictures there will be natural daylight and in the other one, there will be direct sunset rays. Why not use pictures with relatively the same light settings?

Does a skin tone of a person on the left look lighter than the one on the right? Well, yeah. Does it make the person on the left appear to be white? I am sorry, but no. 

Please, look at this picture and tell me who is white and who is not:

Secondly, if you want to go beyond skin colour:

Atlantid Caucasians - Portugal, Northern and Central Spanish States, the British Islands and parts of France;

Mediterranean Caucasians - Southern Spanish States, Southern France, Corsica, Sicily, Sardinia, Italy, Greece, pockets in Southern Portugal and in Britain;

Alpine Caucasians: Northern Italy, Southern Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland and parts of France;

Dinarc Caucasians: Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Western Ukraine, Northern Italy, pockets in Western Greece, pockets in Eastern France and in Britain;

Nordic Caucasians: Northern European Countries, pockets in Germany, England, France, Northern Spain and Northern Portugal;

East Baltic Caucasians: Most of East European Countries including Russia.

So technically, both Luke and Reyes are Caucasians (generally speaking). So far we only know that he speaks with a slight Spanish accent and his name is of Spanish origin. Therefore, he can be Hispanic or Latinx or both. If it is revealed that Reyes is from Latin America, then, of course, the nature of the discussion will be entirely different. 

If you are still not sure about skin colour, behold the strangest collage ever created:

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How do you normally explain to people you're not glorifying war?

I’m a historian. I don’t see my tumblr as glorifying anything.

I never started demons for other people, this was my own space where I posted photos of the moon and deers, then photos from the Great War side by side, and it organically grew. And as an undergrad I was constantly taking courses on conflicts so it was natural I’d post shit I found in a text book that struck me as rememberable because hey, if I found it insightful, maybe someone else would too?

Personally, I think a lot of people (esp civilians) glorify it because it’s v impersonal when they look at these photographs and posts. It’s very sterile because there’s no personal connection, so I can understand where you’re coming from anon.

Let’s be real here though: I post shit for me, and this history is personal to me because I know veterans who survived Omaha Beach, or the Frozen Chosin, the Siege of Khe Sahn. I know a woman who survived Auschwitz as a child; I worked with them for like four years. I have heard the horrors from the source, and idk that makes this page–this history–so much more important to me because I know the people it has effected to such a high fucking degree. If a person sees one thing on this page that makes them look deeper into the subject, or read a memoir, then it doesn’t become glorification.

War is terrible, and yeah, it may feature noble deeds, and remarkable sacrifices, but it also is brutality unrestrained. War breaks women and men down alike, it’s unnatural and not glorious, but it needs to be seen. 

You can't understand the pain

Of wanting to be a mother. Of wanting to carry a child. To give birth. To dream of it. To wake up crying. To know you can never bring a child into this world. The pain of being a transgender woman.
Don’t ever fucking tell me I’m lucky i don’t have to deal with periods…

I think one of the worst impact bullying had on me is that it made me constantly self conscious of every single one of my move. It’s like, even years after, it has left an indelible print on me. No matter where I am, who I’m with, I always have to think and control the way I’m gonna move, act or talk bc of those times where I was mocked and brought down for the way I was; I feel like I never do anything in a genuine natural way it always has to be thought and calculated first and that sucks. And what’s even more upsetting is that it became a normal thing I do it automatically it’s part of myself now.
This is one reason among hundred other ones why bullying truly is a form of abuse and I hope everyone who also struggled/struggles with it will get better cause I know how you feel.

ah, so a few days ago, i answered a question about why i don’t like to do libra mars favors and what happened to me today was a prime example of why i dislike it

so i’m naturally a flaky texter - and i make sure to tell this to people and repeat the fact that i am so that there’s no misunderstandings. i take a pic of my dinner and post it onto snapchat

my friend with a libra mars INSTANTLY texts me before I even take a bite and texts me, “hey did you do x for me” which was COMPLETELY off topic from the dinner pic i’ve taken

you know, for a sign that’s supposed to be “considerate” i beg to differ because the manifestations can be the exact opposite… like i have libra dominance… i know (libras aren’t considerate, they’re just charmingly aggressive, which isn’t really considerate lol)

Akatsuki Headcanons!

Ok, I have a giant list of headcanons, and these are the ones I’m willing to give away. They won’t really spoil much for my comic, so here they are!


- Kisame had mastered many various sword-types before obtaining Samehada.

- As a child, he was very kind-hearted and innocent. He also had a low self-esteem due to his appearance. I believe that he was actually born looking the way he does.

- He has an older sibling. (He is not an oldest child)

- Kisame had crushes on several girls in the academy, but never dared voice his interest.

- Kisame hated unnecessary rudeness as a child, and always respected someone less once he heard them say anything of the sort. As he grew up, however, he learned to find entertainment in rude comments instead.

- He loves to take walks. He also dislikes routine, and would try to see something new everyday.


- Hidan loves to climb trees, and made up lots of games involving climbing on them like a monkey when he was a child.

- Before mastering the scythe, he had mastered the chain and sickle.

- He wasn’t the best student, but he was the top of his class when it came to actual combat.

- He was always an exhibitionist. His mother couldn’t get him to wear a shirt or pants around the house until he was 8.

- Hidan was always on a spiritual journey, and to him, Jashin is his savior.

- He actually had a decently ordinary childhood (for a ninja).

- He was that kid who liked to scare other kids. He got in trouble often because of this, but he didn’t really understand why, since he thought ninjas were supposed to train to be rid of fear.

- He got blamed for things he didn’t do, and this upset him a lot as a kid.

-He is a fidgeter.

- Hidan was actually quite forgiving if someone apologized to him. Once he found Jashin, however, he would still kill you for being a heathen after you apologized. He admires repentance, though.


- Kakuzu currently needs reading glasses, but refuses to spend any money on a pair.

- He loves to read, particularly about famous battles, legendary ninja and political leaders.

- Back when he lived in Takigakure, he owned an armchair made out of brown leather that he would sit in to read.

- He is good with his hands, and builds everything himself.

- He was always organized and very good at saving and making money, even before his obsession with it.

- Understands economics and enjoys theorizing future GPD and the like.

- Enjoys eating anything that is cooked for him, even if it doesn’t taste that great, because it was made for him and it was free.

- He was exposed to battle at a very young age.

-He actually wrote a book once, on his experiences in battle. He used a pen name, because it would be embarrassing if anyone ever traced it back to him.

- He looks back on his childhood as a good preparation for his adulthood.


- Deidara is a total mamas boy, partly because his father wasn’t that great.

- He underwent some sort of childhood neglegence or abuse at some point.

- Deidara obviously loves 3D art, but is an excellent 2D artist as well. 

- He enjoys doodling on any paper that is given to him. He doodled in class all the time, but he still got good grades.

- He didn’t stand up for himself much as a child, until he got tired of it and lashed out. Since then, people were a little bit afraid of him.

- He loved to play outside, and if it was muddy or dirty, it was even better. He also liked to find bugs and other “artistic” things.

- Kurotsuchi was the one to inspire him to sculpt birds.

- He was actually tanner as a child, since he spent more time exposed to the sun. Deidara tans very easily, and he doesn’t burn.

- He had more muscle on him before he got ahold of Iwagakure’s kinjutsu. Since then, he quit exercising as much, because he didn’t need to be in shape in order to get around or fight. 

- Deidara was the healthiest person anyone had ever met. He radiated health. After Sasori’s death, though, he lost some weight as well as his healthy glow.


- Sasori has a faint birthmark on his tailbone, as well as a corrosion scar from accidentally dropping a poisonous spider on his right thigh while he was studying it in his lab. His grandma had to make him an antidote, and did so before he died from it. She thought it was funny.

- When he was little, he stumbled upon a small cave on the outskirts of Suna, which then became his quiet place. He would go there whenever he wanted to be alone.

- He is very tidy, and showers whenever he can. He constantly stared at his imperfections and would try to scrub them away as a child. He couldn’t help himself.

- Sasori actually likes the terrain of his homeland, partly because it’s dry and so it’s good for his puppets, but also because it makes him feel like he’s in a sea of nothingness. He won’t admit it but he misses the desert. (He hates the village, though)

- Sasori can sing, and he sings to himself a lot without noticing.

- He’s allergic to peanuts. (It’s ok, he doesn’t like them anyway)

- Sasori loves his hair, and secretly admires it. If you asked him what his favorite feature about himself was, he’d definitely say his hair. He doesn’t ever brag, of course. 

- He was very modest as a child. He always slept with a turtleneck on. As he grew older, he slowly became less and less squeamish about showing skin in front of others. When he was a teenager, he finally started to go to bed shirtless. He currently likes to walk around shirtless all the time (to show off his puppet body), and it irritates Deidara slightly, because he secretly admires the detail work on Sasori’s torso.


- Itachi flosses his teeth all the time, as well as keeping his nails clean and cleaning his ears. He’s obsessed with this sort of thing, according to Kisame.

- Itachi is one of those people who has a bunch of useless facts stored up in his brain from reading random bits of material. He secretly gets excited whenever he knows a useless fact relevant to a conversation. 

- He has sensitive skin and he gets flushed easily for no reason sometimes.

- He enjoys watching sunrises and sunsets whenever he is traveling.

- He also can actually be picky when it comes to where he sleeps. Kisame always lets him pick where they stay for the night, because Itachi’s sixth sense is knowing whether or not a hotel/ryokan is worth their money.

- When he was little, he got very flustered whenever he was asked to answer a question in class. Kids teased him, but several girls developed crushes on him simply for this fact. 


- Konan came from a well-off family, and they had class. She was raised to be a lady, and it shows.

- She enjoys watercolor painting as well as making origami.

- She has obsessive tendencies, unbeknownst to most. If she stumbles upon a new hobby or food she likes, it will soon take over her free time until she grows bored with it. 

- She dislikes jewelry or anything that gets in the way of the motion of her hands.

- Although many people think she gets flustered easily, Konan is actually difficult to embarrass. She simply does not voice her confidence.

- She talks a lot once she trusts you.

- Konan is a bit of an exhibitionist too, but in a more subtle way. She enjoys wearing sexy clothes underneath her cloak, because it makes her feel like it’s a secret that she’s actually hot.


- Nagato liked to sing a lot as a child, but he’s not very good at it. Not that he cares. You go, Nagato!

- Nagato used to be somewhat disappointed with his life. He wished something big would happen to him. Then his parents were killed, and he regretted those past thoughts ever since.

- Though Nagato was always outwardly kind to everyone he met as a child, it took a lot to earn his respect. Now, it is even harder.

- Nagato had acne on his forehead as a teenager, but nobody ever knew.

- Nagato is a great cook, though he doesn’t make meals very often anymore, now that he’s in charge of Amegakure.

- When Nagato was in school, kids often asked him if he was feeling ok, since he is so pale. He would always grin sheepishly and say “yes”

- Nagato could tell that Yahiko and Konan liked each other way before either of them did. 

- He was always sensitive about his personality. He got hurt whenever people brought up his introverted nature. As he aged, he grew less timid. Kind of like being afraid of answering the phone as a kid, but totally owning it when you are an adult.

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A) Age: 17
B) Biggest fears: My procrastination leading me to not graduate or fail 
C) Current Time: 9:14 pm MTN
D)Drink you last had: Iced Tea with Lemon
E) Every day starts with: Tumblr, online classes, eat, tumblr, sleep
F)Favorite song at the moment: Lakehouse by: Of Monsters and Men
H) Hometown: The BIG APPLE (New York City - Manhattan)
I) In love with: Nature
J) jealous of?: DOnt even ask 
K) killed someone?: Not worth it
L) last time you cried?: Watching my grandmother cry because my uncle passed 
M) Middle name: Dont have one :P 
N) siblings?: OnLY Child and I love it!!
O) one wish?: To become successful in life
P) person you last called/texted: @ihavewaytoomanyproblems 
Q) question you’re always asked?: How old are you? ( @berriiazul knows XD )
R) reason to smile: Life is too short to be angry
S) song last sung?: Neon Moon by: Brooks & Dunn
T) Time you woke up: 7:45 i think
W) worst habits? Major procrastinator
X) X-ray you’ve had: My left arm 
Y) your favourite food: Chicken Alfredo Pasta ;)
Z)zodiac sign: Leo 

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Here’s Who Probably Has A Crush On You Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

MBTI enthusiasts were asked which Myers-Briggs personality type they’re most attracted to, based on their own personality type. There was a visible trend in which types are crushing on which other types. Check out the responses below to learn who’s probably sweet on you!

ENFP- Who’s crushing on you: The quiet, nerdy one.
They’re focused, composed and together. You’re scattered, enthusiastic and charming. At a first glance it might not be a match made in heaven but something about your quick wit and fearless charisma keeps drawing them back to you. Try giving this combination a shot – you may be surprised to find that their intensity and firmness balances you out in all the right ways.  

INTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The emotionally intense one.
They’re introspective, analytical and artistic. You’re intense, intellectual and emotionally guarded. You may see them as overly whimsical but they see you as a challenge. This emotionally intelligent type wants to break down your walls and understand what’s beneath your cool, rational exterior. Though the thought of this may send alarm bells screeching through your mind, don’t be so quick to write them off. They may prove themselves imperative to helping you unlock parts of yourself you never knew existed –and you may just grow immeasurably from it.

ENTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The scatterbrained genius.
They’re analytical, entrepreneurial and just a little out of touch with the world that surrounds them. You’re practical, put-together and high achieving. Though you never pictured yourself with someone so scattered, this mismatched prodigy may just be the yin to your yang. They’re enticed by your no-nonsense, put-together attitude. And if you gave them the time of day, you’d quickly learn that they have the brains to fuel it all. Together you could be the perfect team – but you’re going to have to make the first move. They keep forgetting to.

ENTP - Who’s crushing on you: The softhearted brainiac.
They’re sharp, put-together and secretly harbouring a bleeding heart. You’re dynamic, quick-witted and tirelessly analytical. You may not have noticed them watching you, but they’ve been analyzing your every move for months now. This highly introspective type has you figured out in ways that you don’t even have you figured out – and discovering this will be a shock to your system. Something about the fierce precision this type possesses will endlessly compel you. You’ll want to break their walls down to understand exactly how they tick – except their walls don’t come down easily. Both of you love a good puzzle, and figuring each other out may just be one of the most passionate endeavours you ever undertake.

ENFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The artistic one.
They’re creative, individualistic and a little bit head-in-the-clouds. You’re warm, put-together and nurturing. They’re taking their time to approach you, to the point where you may not even have noticed that they’re crushing. But this highly introspective type is drawn to your organized, empathetic nature. Even if you haven’t spoken yet, chances are they have a painting, poem or song that they composed with you in mind. You inspire them and they could do the same for you. Just give them some time to move in closer – their emotional depth will intoxicate and challenge you.  

ESTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The sensible, selfless one.
They’re sensible, selfless and sweet. You’re motivated, driven and dominant. They admire the no-nonsense attitude you bring to the table and suspect that somewhere below your tough exterior, you’re hiding a heart.  This compassionate yet self-motivated type may be exactly what you need – their dedication balances your drive and they bring out the soft side in you. But don’t worry – they won’t tell anyone else that you have one.

INFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The intellectual badass.
They’re intense, unconventional and into pushing boundaries. You’re composed, introspective and guarded. This type is simultaneously your worst nightmare and your dream come true. They won’t be shy in approaching you and trying to get down to the bottom of what makes you tick. They’re natural puzzle-solvers and your eloquent composure is one giant question mark to them. They want to break down your walls and show you a whole new world – one that may just be thrilling in all the right ways, if you let it be.

ISFP - Who’s crushing on you: The nurturing friend. 
They’re kind, collected and community-minded. You’re artistic, adventurous and full of heart. You may only think of them as a friend – the one who’s always happy to pick you up after a long night out or relish your latest piece of art. But they’ve been secretly marveling over your artistic nature and thoughtful presence for a while now. They want to get to know you better – they simply aren’t sure if you feel the same way. Drop them a hint if you do – you two may just balance each other out in all the right ways.

ESTP - Who’s crushing on you: The sweet one.
They’re unassuming, nurturing and selfless. You’re outgoing, adventurous and capable. You may not have noticed them admiring you from the sidelines but once you do, you’ll have no idea how you ever missed them. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their sweetness and genuineness. This nurturing type sincerely wants what’s best for you and in exchange they ask only that you light up their life with your haphazard charm. They’ll be your soft place to fall if you’ll be their superhero – together, the two of you could make a dream team.  

ISTJ - Who’s crushing on you: The party animal.
They’re impulsive, outgoing and excitable. You’re steady, reliable and strong. Nobody would ever put the two of you together, but they’ve been secretly admiring you from the spotlight. This scattered type respects your firm resolve and feels surprisingly balanced out by you. Chances are they’ll be moving in on you any day now – they just aren’t 100% sure if you feel the same way. It’s time to give them something to go on if you do.  

ISFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The superhero.
They’re outgoing, confident and capable. You’re compassionate, reliable and organized. No matter how much of a show they put on in front of others, something about you has them weak in the knees. This straight-shooting type is comfortable with going for what they want, but they’ve been secretly longing for someone to come home to. And you’re the exact type of person they have in mind.

INFP - Who’s crushing on you: The together one.
They’re organized, capable and kind. You’re intense, analytical and a wee bit out of touch with the world that surrounds you. And something about your accidental aloofness is insanely attractive to them. This kind, nurturing type has been admiring you for the depth and authenticity you bring to every task you undertake. They know that with your vision and their practical skills, the two of you could make a dream team. Now if you’d only stop pursuing all those other tortured artists for long enough to notice them…  

ISTP - Who’s crushing on you: The whimsical one.
They’re sensual, spiritual and adventurous. You’re laid-back, logical and grounded. Something about your capable nature is endlessly attractive to their fanciful one – and they want to get to know you better. The good news is, you already run in the same crowds. You’ll notice them getting a little bit closer each time you hang out –and don’t be quick to write them off. If you do eventually get together, they might just provide the exact mix of sensuality and camaraderie that you’ve been looking for.

INTP - Who’s crushing on you: The class clown.
They’re witty, outgoing and goofy. You’re logical, introspective and aloof. Something about your standoffish nature presents itself as a challenge to this gregarious type –they want to find out what’s under your shell. It may not be a match made in heaven, but it’s worth giving a shot. You share a love for the unconventional and that might just include each other.  

ESFJ - Who’s crushing on you: The scattered romantic.
They’re whimsical, artistic and idealistic. You’re warm, generous and together. Your compassionate yet put-together persona is attractive to their bleeding heart. With your practicality and their romanticism, the two of you could make a dream team. But you might have to make the first move – they’re too busy expressing their affection in their artwork to actually let you know they’re interested in you.

ESFP - Who’s crushing on you: The strong, silent one.
They’re resilient, reliable and steadfast. You’re gregarious, excitable and free-spirited. You may not have noticed them admiring you from the sidelines but they’re charmed by your charismatic nature and they want to get to know you much better. You two might just provide the exact balance one another needs – they’re simply waiting for you to finally take notice that they’ve been there all along.

Reminder to nsfw/18+/pornographic blogs:

Exposing non consenting people to sexual content is a form of sexual assault called exhibitionism. It is also classified as sexual harassment.


Exposing on tumblr includes: putting your porn and sexually explicit or suggestive text/images in sfw tags, not flagging your blog, messaging people your nudes, sending sexually explicit or suggestive messages/asks, following them, reblogging or liking their posts, and reblogging their posts to link them to a website that is sexual in nature.

So yes, I will compare you to rapists. Because that’s what you are. Congratu-fucking-lations!

You wanna lose that label? Develop some damn morals and be a fucking decent person.

Cheat on me? Time to make money off you.

(warning: long story)

So my boyfriend had an ex before me. Not only was she extremely selfish and demanding, she would constantly spend his money without a second thought of how hard earned it was; back then he made less than 2k a month. In fact she spent money like it was free. (This would come into play later.)

To top it all off, she cheated on him with her ex and expected (even till NOW) to be forgiven.

And he did but after trying to work it out for a year (on his end cause entitled b*tch didn’t take it to heart), he threw in the towel and they parted ways rather amicably.

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