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Hamilton Song Asks

1) Favorite overall song?

It’s like trying to choose between my favorite children, but I gotta go with Helpless.

2) Song you (gasp) skip sometimes?

Schuyler Defeated, its not my favorite tbh

3) Favorite Schuyler song?

The Schuyler Sisters! Everything about the song is perfect.

4) Favorite Burr song?

Wait For It
5) Under appreciated song?

Farmer Refuted! I love this song to death! I gotta get around to drawing a few scenes from it, and c’mon Thayne Jasperson’s voice is like an angel.

6) Character who’s songs you listen to more than others?


7) First song to make you cry?

The World Was Wide Enough, The first time I listened to Hamilton I was in tears as soon as I heard the “This man will not make in orphan of my daughter” line.
8) Song that made you cry the most?

Stay Alive Reprise, 
9) Song that you listen to on repeat all the time?

According to Itunes I’ve listened to That Would Be Enough 231 times.
10) Most motivating song?

Right Hand Man! It gets me so pumped up, I put it on blast whenever i’m running late and need to get to my class on time. 

11) Favorite lyric (11+song)?

I’m not falling behind or running late I’m not standing still
I am lying in wait,  That line hits home with my introverted self

12) Song you relate to the most?

Wait For It, It’s basically everything I’ve felt for the past 20 years wrapped up in 3 minutes and 14 seconds 

13) Lyric that took you a long time to figure out what they were saying?

I mean you gotta put some thought into the letter but the sooner the better
To get your right hand man back! 

I thought Lafayette was rapping about putting together a recipe for some reason
14) Song that unsettled you the most?

Say No to This!! Love the song, but I feel guilty listening to it, like i’m cheating alongside with Alexander, Jasmine cephas jones is amazing but ohmygod poor Eliza.
15) Song you forget most?

One Last Time, sorry George
16) Song you (try to) sing the most?

I can’t sing to save my life, but Dear Theodosia is my go to shower song
17) First song you heard?

Alexander Hamilton, I was in the 8th grade when I watched the video of Lin rapping at the White House and I fell in love with Hamilton right then and there.

18) Favorite King George song?

You’ll Be Back Da da da dat da
19) Favorite Act I song?

Non Stop

20) Favorite Act II song?

The World Was Wide Enough
21) Favorite recurring musical theme?

The Schuyler Sisters name riffs, Angelicaaa, Eliiza and Peggy
22) Story of Tonight or Story of Tonight (reprise)?

Story of Tonight Reprise, drunk Laurens is everything

23) Stay Alive or Stay Alive (reprise)?

Stay Alive Reprise, if you stabbed me it would hurt less then listening to this song 
24) Favorite song title?

Your Obedient Servant
25) Song you want to marry?

If I could marry The Election of 1800, I would be very happy indeed. 
26) Are you listening to the soundtrack right now? Which song?

Sadly no, I’m listening to the Allegiance obc, but I was listening to Take Break  earlier if that counts.


it was valentines day and you had been binge watching youtube videos while ash when on a date, and the boys of course went to spy on him. the date didn’t go so well. the boys reported a lot of awkward hand touching and uncomfortable eye contact and conversations. once everyone had settled down in your flat and you decided to practice some eyeliner on ash to distract him from his bad date. 

he was sitting on a kitchen stool with you straddling his lap, with his arms around your hips keeping you from slipping away according to him. your face extremely close to his, completely concentrated on the eyeliner. he would make weird faces and tell you dumb jokes to try and throw you off, causing both of you to giggle and rest your head on his shoulder shaking from laughter. you genuinely wanted to give him some bombass guyliner but your hands couldn’t help but shake when you felt his strong gaze on your face, and his arms tightening around you. he didn’t seem too disheartened by someone who just had a bad date. 

couple hours later before bed you noticed mike had tweeted you. @michael5sos: i have no idea what is happening but it’s 10 times cuter than the date ash was just on. with a picture of the both of you giggling during your eyeliner practice attached. you smiled to yourself saving the photo.

maybe valentines day wasn’t as naff as you thought.

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  • jungkook:i'm a man now, and i shall show everyone a more mature side of me.
  • jungkook:*gets flustered when his eyes land on the girls in his vicinity and tries his hardest to avoid every female specimen living on the face of earth*
  • jungkook:*is still filming himself being an idiot at the pool*
  • jungkook:*derps like there's no tomorrow*