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1) If you could control EA, what would the next pack contain?
My favorite TS3 expansion was Supernatural, so I’d love a TS2 expansion just like that one. Or a TS2 version of Generations, because I really liked a lot of items that came with that EP. 

2) What is your most abused cheat/hack/mod?
MoveObjects On, setQuarterTilePlacement on and ACR.

3) What sort of CC can you never, ever say no to?

4) If your simself could take only one thing to a desert island, what would it be (no boats, etc.)
A tent I guess :)

5) What color/pattern are you never sick of seeing in your game?
Light Green/Baby Blue color combo and anything with a plumbob pattern 

6) What’s your favorite life stage of the Sims?
Toddlers. I didn’t think they were, because playing them can be such a pain, but I really missed them playing TS4. So I guess I’m one of those people ><

7) What’s your favorite lot type/venue?
Kinda obviously beach lots :D As for venues, I love clubs, with restaurants as a close second, because of all of the cute dining interactions. 

8) What’s your favorite room type in the Sims?
Does the garden count as a room? XD

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9) What one object from previous Sims franchises would you want to see in your game now?
Hmmmm. either the Snowboard half pipe, the snowball/waterballoon fort, or the magic duel stage. 

10) EA did Frog wall stickers in the last pack. What animal would you have preferred?
Owls, probably. Owls are cute ^^

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  • James:hey, Sirius?
  • Sirius:sup Prongs
  • James:hey, I can't hang out with you tonight
  • Sirius:why not?
  • James:I promised Lily I'd go over to her house
  • Sirius:what
  • James:yeah, sor-
  • Sirius:*cutting James off* are you gonna eat her out?
  • James:*sarcastically* yes Pads, I'm gonna eat her out
  • Sirius:do you even know how to eat girls out
  • James:uh, not really
  • Sirius:papa Potter never sat you down, said, son, one day you're gonna have to eat the pussy
  • James:*sarcastically again* no, but he did teach me how to eat ass
  • Sirius:God bless that man
  • James:yup.
Music meme!

While I decide whether to load my game, or download some new pretties first. ;)

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  1. We Suck Young Blood - Radiohead
  2. Give Up the Ghost - Radiohead
  3. Death of A Martian - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  4. The Game - New Order
  5. Fun, Fun, Fun - The Beach Boys
  6. Exit Music (For A Film) - Radiohead
  7. She’s Lost Control - Joy Division
  8. Vietnam - Crystal Castles
  9. Circumambient - Grimes
  10. The Perfect Kiss - New Order

HOW ISN’T THERE ANY DION??! I have at least five albums saved offline on Spotify, honestly. At least this time I feel like the selection better represents my listening spectrum. (Three Radiohead songs!) :P

Tagging anyone who wants to do this! Tag me in your post so I can see what songs you have - I love seeing what people are listening to. :) 

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Rules: put your music player on shuffle and write the first 10 songs. No skipping!

Another “about me” meme!

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Rules tag 10 people you wish to know better

birthday: August the 28th.
gender: Female.
relationship status: 9 years already in a wonderful relationship with my Iberian macho man.
zodiac sign: Virgo.
siblings: A brother 12 years older than me.
pets: A 12 yo ginger cat named Misi.
wake up time: I try to be up at 9.30 as too late.
lemonade or sweet tea: My favorite beverage, Nestea, combines the best of us (Jesus, I just sounded like a walking TV advertisement).
cats or dogs: Cats, no doubt.
day or night: Dawns give me peace. Twilight fills me with some kind of melancholy, but all those stars in the dark are truly something…
coke or Pepsi: Pepsi light with ice, to smooth the gas as much as possible.
calls or texts: Texts.
met a celebrity: Nope.
smiles or eyes: I’ve got a thing for eyes since always.
chap or lipstick: Dark red/terracota lipstick for special times.
country or city: How about something in the middle? A well-provided town surrounded by countryside, but not far from the city? Nah, yeah, country sounds more attractive.
last song I listened to: Ivan Torrent - Human Legacy

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1. Of the  Pre-created SIM Families across all 4 games (Goth’s, Landgraab’s, Pleasants, The Broke’s..etc) which do you like the least?

I really, really hated the Andrews family from TS3. Victoria was always a complete bitch to poor Beau. I once locked her in my basement to give him a few minutes peace.

2. If and when SIMS 4 has Supernaturals, which will be the first you create or play?

A witch! I miss all of the crazy stuff they could do. They also have pretty cool fashion.

3. What’s a Sim Mod you must always have in your game?

The no mosaic mod. The mosaic hurts my eyes and it makes taking screenshots hard.

4. What’s Sims trait do you least care for?

Slob. I hate when my sims have messy homes. Slobs don’t mind when the house is a wreck but their housemates do. I hate dealing with the constant debuffs.

5. IRL Which Sim 4 Pre-Made sim do you most relate to or are like?

Probably Travis Scott. He’s always in front of the computer :p

6. What is your favorite Sim action or reaction?

I always thought the action of them dropping food on the ground while cooking and then looking around before throwing it back in the pan was funny. The “Take Picture” action is pretty great too.

7. Do you prefer to use the Gallery or post your creations to share online via blog/simblr and why?

I always upload my stuff to the gallery but I like sharing my creations here on tumblr. The notes are good for my self-esteem.

8. Have you ever met one of your followers IRL?

No :(

9. Besides toddlers, (because we ALL want them) what would you like to see most in future releases?


10. Do you let your Elders just age and die off, or do you Cheat and kill them off early?

I let them die naturally. It’s always really sad though. I hate when my sims die.

11. Honestly, do you really like the Tragic Clown?

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but seriously I’ve never seen the Tragic Clown in my game before. I wish it would visit but I keep my sims too happy.

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Rule: Tag 20 people you would like to get to know better.

Name: Eden

Nickname: I don’t have one

Star Sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Height: 1.5m

Favorite color: Blue

Time: 00:27am

Lucky Numbers: 8, 25

Last thing I googled: “Italy prefix”

Number of blankets I sleep with: One, two in winter

Favorite fictional character: Castiel

Favorite Book: ehhh I don’t read much

Favorite Band/Artists: Il Volo, Daughtry, Imagine Dragons, Marco Mengoni, Christina Perri, Sleeping at Last, Twenty One Pilots

Dream Jobs: something related to maths/accounts

What am I wearing right now: shorts and a tank top

When did you create your blog: September 2014

Current amount of followers: 1,064 thank you all sm

What do you post about: Mostly football but some memes, text posts, wwe, studyblr and my life too sometimes lmao

Do you have any other blogs: Yep 3 other, I’m too lazy to link them now but they’re all in my bio!!

When did your blog reach it’s peak: I don’t know?? Maybe 1-3 months ago

What do you get asked on the daily: I don’t get asked daily but when I get asked it’s never about the same topic so idk

Why did you choose your URL: Just because I love Basti and Thiago

11 Questions Meme!

The Rules: Always repost the rules. Answer the random 11 questions posted for you. Create 11 new ones and tag 11 people. Let the person who tagged you know that you answered… I’m breaking them though. Just gonna answer the ones that @josiesimblr tagged for me and not make any new ones. I don’t have the brain capacity for that right now lol.

1. Be honest. Do you like Mortimer and Bella Goth?

I love the Goths. I think their story in the early games, especially TS2, was quite cool. They were always a mystery. I don’t like TS3 Goths very much.

2. Do you play with supernaturals, regular Sims, or a combination of both?

I play with Witches and vampires. I didn’t care much for the fairies or werewolves. I absolutely HATED the zombies in TS4. That ugly blueish green light that took over the game those nights were the worst.

3. What’s a Sim skill you must always have your Sims master ( or at least reach a high level in)?

Cooking. My sims usually level this on their own throughout their lives but I really enjoy seeing all the different types of food they can make. I think TS4 has done an excellent job with the cooking skills (regular, gourmet, baking).

4. What’s Sims trait do you find yourself using most often?

Geek. I should give my sims negative traits like evil but I hate when my sims lives aren’t perfect.

5. Do you play challenges? ( Legacy, Rags to Riches, Prehistoric, etc)

I play “legacies”. I don’t keep track of points or rules or anything. That’s too much like work :p

6. When it comes to decorating, do you like clutter or a minimal style?

I love clutter. I’m a pretty disorganized person irl so clutter in my sims’ houses make the game seem more real to me.

7. Do you ever have your sims live on huge lots or tiny lots?

Usually tiny lots. I never know what to do with the big lots.

8. Do you spend more time playing, looking for CC, or browsing Simblr?

I probably spent more time playing. But when I’m playing I’m usually on tumblr too.

9. How do you feel about the Sim Gurus? Do you think they benefit Sims players?

I like most of the Sim Gurus (except for Drake, didn’t she yell at a bunch of people recently?). They are really good at communicating with players on Twitter which I really appreciate.

10. What’s a Sims appliance you never use?

The juicer. I don’t ever think to grow fruit to make juice. It’s a cool object though. I wish they would bring back the trash compactor and the food processor. A toaster would be pretty cool to have! We could have different types of toast and stuff.

11. What is your favorite season in Sims 2 and 3?

Fall of course! It made everything look so cozy in TS2. I miss it. I want seasons back so bad.