my heart and head are breaking, we’re actually getting a 2 hour episode after all of the years of wanting one, we’re finally getting somewhere with spoby, emison, ezria and haleb, but toby is probably gonna die, alison is probably pregnant, paige is acting like a crazy stalker girlfriend, and pll is officially ending. :((( i just don’t know how to feel today. okay. 

Mafia Kings (Chapter 1)

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Description: Jay never meant to meet her. In fact, he wish never did. She was just a beautiful stranger who was nearly mugged and taken advantage of.

Jihye never asked for this life. Now because of one night she landed head first into one of the most deadliest rivalries in South Korea.

Request: None, I just got inspired. 

Length: 1,414

Genre: Angst/Smut

A/N: This story will contain a lot of violence and mentions drug use/distribution. If that’s not your cup of tea then this story isn’t for you. Also this story is from my wattpad acount and you can follow me there to read this story. 

“Mom!” Jihye yelled, running into her parent’s home. “Yes child?” Her mom said. “Did my packages arrive yet?” Jihye asked her mom. “Matter of fact, yes they did. What the hell did you order that needed to be stored in 3 boxes?” Her mom asked showing her where her deliveries were. “Ohh thank god. I thought they’d never show.” Jihye said, jumping up and down like a 5 year old. “Girl what did you order?” Her mom asked once more. “Well mother if you must know it’s hair products. It’s hard trying to find hair products for our hair type so I just went and bought some in bulk.” Jihye answered. “If your father found out that you’re overspending again he’ll have your ass Jihye.” Her mom told her. “Well good thing I make my own money, live in my own apartment,  drive my own car and pay my own bills.” Jihye said. She noted her mother’s annoyance and went to pick up her boxes.

Jihye’s mom is black and her dad is Korean and is a very strict, some may even say cutthroat, CEO of a lucrative real estate agency. When he first started his company, he single handedly sold over 500 homes within the span of 4 months. He’s one of the richest men in South Korea and he intends to keep it that way. Jihye never wanted for anything but at the age of 15, despite her father’s protests, she decided to get a part time job because she wanted to be free and independent. Now 26 with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communications a Masters in Public Relations she worked as the president of a huge PR firm. Her firm housed some of the biggest businessmen, rappers and singers in South Korea. They even had ties to the mafia but she tried her best to stay away from that side of the business.

“Look mom I’m sorry for having them shipped here….again. It’s just my neighbors are really nosy and I don’t trust them.” Jihye said. Her mom sighed and walked her to the couch patting the seat next to her.

“Jihye, sweetie just let your father set you up in one of his penthouse suites in the city. That way you don’t have to live in that neighborhood. You have money why don-”

“Mom that’s dad’s money and I don’t want him helping me find a place to live. That’ll just give him something to hold over my head. If it makes you feel better I’ll look for a new place tomorrow.” Jihye said.

“Thank you. I’ll ignore the fact that you cut me off while I was talking to you.” Her mom said. Jihye and her mom went back over to her packages and before they could began stacking them to be loaded into Jihye’s car they heard Jihye’s father Lee Hyungseung clear his throat.

“Hi honey, I didn’t know you were home.” Jihye’s mom said as she gave her husband a hug and a kiss. “I only just got here but not before I heard a bit of what was being discussed. What’s this I hear about you looking for a new place to live?” Her dad asked.

“Mom hates my neighborhood so I’m gonna go apartment hunting tomorrow just to ease her mind.” Jihye said.

“Why didn’t you just come to me? I could have sold you an amazing apartment in Seoul. You do remember that I just had the grand opening of my new apartment complex, or do you not listen to the many voicemails I leave you?” Jihye’s dad asks. He was aware that his daughter wanted nothing to with him or his money but he loved her and would always provide for her when necessary.

“Dad there are perfectly good real estate agents here. They may not have your track record but they are still good nonetheless.” Jihye said. Her father laughed and it annoyed her to death.

“Fair enough. I’ll make you a deal.” Her dad said. Jihye became extremely curious and sat back down on the couch. “Okay I’m listening.” Jihye said.

“I will sell you one of my penthouse suites and let you live there rent free for the first 6 months if, and only if you represent a new client of mine.” Jihye’s dad proposed. Jihye looked at her dad  as if she was expecting something more.

“What’s the catch dad? I know you and there is always something else so what is it?” Jihye asked.

“Okay fine. There’s some office space on the same floor as the penthouse and I sold it to my new client, Dean and-”

“DEAN?! Dad no!” Jihye screamed.

“Lee Jihye you will not interrupt me when I am speaking to you.” Her dad scolded.

“Sorry.” Jihye muttered. “Now what I wanted to say is that Dean is looking to clean up his public image. His parents have threatened to disown him off if he doesn’t get his act together.” Her dad explained.

“Dad you know how I feel about him. He’s an annoying douche bag and is always hitting on me. Plus he’s 28 years old, he shouldn’t still be relying on his parents and their money.” Jihye said.

“Not everyone is like you my child. Some people don’t know the value of hard work. He’s a family friend and his parents are huge investors in my business. Nonetheless those are my terms, take it or leave it.” Her dad said getting up and walking towards his office.

“Fine I’ll do it, but under one condition.” Jihye said to her father’s back. He smiled and turned around to face her. “I’m listening.” He said to her. “When I move in you aren’t allowed to visit me. No stopping by unannounced or sending your little lap dog of an assistant to “check up” on me.“ Jihye told her father. "Very well then. I’ll have my assistant see to it that your apartment is ready by tomorrow afternoon.” Her dad says as he finally retreats back to his office. Jihye looks at her mom who was sitting on the opposite couch the entire time, observing the scene in front of her.

“Mom why is he always like this?” Jihye asks. Her mom walks over to her strokes her hair. “As mush as he doesn’t like to show it, he was hurt last year when you two had that big fight and you cut him out of your life.” Her mom said.

“I never meant to hurt dad. I just wanted him to stop trying to control my life. He tried to arrange me in a marriage with Dean to appease his asshole parents. Who sells their daughter out like that?” Jihye ranted. Her mom chuckled a bit and stood up.

“Yes the Kwons are assholes but they bring in a lot of revenue and business for your father so he did what he thought was best.” Her mom said.

“And he thought selling his daughter into a loveless marriage was the right thing? Yeah okay mom I think I’m gonna go. I have some work to do.” Jihye said picking up her purse and boxes. She walked to the door and before she walked out she walked back to her mom and gave her a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I love you babygirl. Please be safe I heard there’s a slight storm tonight.” Her mom said. “I love you too and I promise I’ll be careful.” Jihye said. She stepped into the afternoon air and noticed it had gotten a bit chilly. She shivered and quickly put her boxes in the backseat of her car. Once she got into the driver’s seat she pulled out her phone to send a quick text.

My Girls: Are you guys busy tonight? I really need to rant and talk about my shitty day. I have wine and various alcoholic drinks……and I’ll order us some takeout.

Soljin: Hell yes I’m in. I need to get away from the insanity of my household and I can use a drink or 5.

Milani: You had me at wine!

Idara: Fucking right! Plus I got  some tea on your little boy toy Zico.

Jihye smiled at her friends’ replies and wondered what Idara meant. She threw her phone on her front seat. She backed out of her parent’s driveway and started on her way home. She knew that this night was gonna be extremely eventful and she couldn’t wait get it going.