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If Harry Refused to Wear Glasses
  • Snape:Turn to page 394
  • Harry:Three hundred...
  • Harry:Psst, Hermione, what page did he say?
  • Hermione:It's on the board, Harry
  • Harry:Yes I know that, what page is it?
  • Hermione:*sighs* Just look at the board, I'm busy
  • Harry:... *squints*
  • Harry:3... Is that an 8? And then... And then 5?
  • Harry:*turns to page 385 and proceeds to make an entirely different potion*
Houses as Preferred Method of Transportation
  • Gryffindor:Motor vehicle
  • Hufflepuff:On foot
  • Ravenclaw:Bicycle
  • Slytherin:Carried by servants
  • Wait, what am I saying? Obviously everyone would be all for being carried like let's be honest here.

I like to think that Rita Skeeter totally lost whatever renown she had after the war and so Harry and Ginny and the others like to pick up her stories for fun without worrying about the effect it’ll have on their image? Like Harry just idly turns a page every morning and goes, “Oh, we’re getting a divorce.”
And Ginny yawns as she fetches two coffee mugs and says, “Is it because I’m snogging Neville?”
“No,” says Harry, “it’s because I’m snogging Neville.”
And Ginny slams down her mug and says, “Goddamnit, Harry, let me have my affair in peace, would you?”