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I understand people who don’t ship bethyl or hate the idea of it or think it’s awful and gross. What I don’t get is people who adamantly refuse to acknowledge that Daryl had feelings for Beth. 

Like?!?? It’s right there??!! on your TV?!?  Him watching her play the piano?!?! The kitchen scene??! With the candles and the tender music and the intense close-up look that lasts exactly 14 seconds?!?  14 fucking seconds of Daryl gazing at Beth intensely trying to convey what he can’t say out loud with his eyes?!? Running after her all night?!? The depression he went through after she was taken?!? The claimer who provoked Daryl by saying that he’d lost his woman and that’s why he was walking around like a dead man??! The entire half season where he goes through hell to find her?!? The way he fucking crumbles after she’s shot!?! The 3 weeks where he’s clearly still deeply mourning her?? Rick’s “I know you lost something back there”?!?! Carol giving Daryl Beth’s knife because she knows that “she saved his life too”?!?! Daryl finding some solitude to mourn Beth and going as far as to burn himself just so he can feel something and then absolutely breaking down?!? Daryl carrying Beth’s knife because it’s the last thing he has of hers??! 

Also all of this shit??



I cant breath, damn it  the fnaf world’s new update is just so.. amazing ;;w;; )
the character page is now like that, aww look at spring cute ughH I can see everyone’s character details there. And yeah, I got Spring Bonnie weeks ago ahaha XD

Thank you scott you did a really, really good job. and this is for free. thank you.

Nick and the Memory Den

What is Nick’s relationship to the Memory Den? This is something I’ve seen come up a few times and something I’ve thought about a lot myself because there is clearly something there. Irma and Amari both know Nick well. On its own, this is almost expected. Even before meeting the Sole Survivor, seems like Nick has a prior relationship with everyone in the Commonwealth from random raiders to mayors to Dogmeat. However, unlike some of those other acquaintances, there is an extra closeness with the proprietors of the Den. 

If you talk to Irma before going down to Amari, she says:

Whatever you and Nick are up to, I don’t need to know. Just don’t let the big, metal softy hurt himself, all right?

Not only is she obviously fond of him, but she’s protective of him. What I think is most important here is that she asks that you not let him hurt himself and not that you, random stranger, don’t do anything to hurt him. If you know Nick for long, it’s obvious he has a penchant for getting himself into trouble. Usually that’s because he’s running headlong into danger so that he can find and help missing people. What trouble might he have gotten himself into in the Memory Den?

Memory addiction is a sad thing and definitely a danger to consider. I don’t think that was the issue with Nick, though. His entire story arc is about trying to find himself and trying to find an identity apart from a long dead man. If he doesn’t want those memories in his head at all, I doubt he’d wallow in them. What I think happened is that he went to the Den in a desperate final attempt to free himself.

Sole Survivor: Is there any way we could separate you and Nick?

Nick Valentine: Don’t think I haven’t tried. Lost near a month of my life last time I mustered up the courage to let someone play brain surgeon on me.

We know Amari works extensively with the Railroad. Synths come to her to get memories that will help them survive in the Commonwealth and- more importantly in this case- to rid themselves of old memories. Nick also wants to purge the memories of an another life. Not because it was bad- Nick the human was a good man and he doesn’t need to forget a life of slavery and fear- but because he feels like he’ll never be a distinct individual as long as he has another life packed into his head.

Nick seems to have some familiarity with the Railroad so it’s not hard to imagine he’d have gone to them when he was looking for help. After all, not many people in the Commonwealth are going to be willing to help a synth, let alone have much know how about caring for them. They wouldn’t be able to do much on their own but they could have sent him along to Amari. Alternatively, Nick might have gone to the Memory Den on his own and Amari’s experience with him is what made her devoted enough to synths to risk herself working with the Railroad.

Whatever the case, I think Nick went to the Memory Den for that final month long attempt to free himself. Amari wouldn’t want to do anything rash, so she was probably meticulous while Nick came in day after day. During that time, both she and Irma would have gotten to know him well. I would guess they were the ones who eventually put a stop to it for Nick’s own good, thus why Irma would know full well how far Nick would push himself when chasing a goal.

Was there anything more than friendship? It’s hard to say. Nick can certainly be quite the flirt when he wants to be and Irma is a very warm person. Maybe that’s all there is to it, maybe there was more. The important thing is that these women saw Nick at his most vulnerable and they took care of him.

La rutina deja de tener casualidad para volverse excusa, la distancia se convierte en “Hoy no puedo” “Mañana tampoco” y si tenemos suerte “Quizás no nos volvamos a ver, pero espero que no te duela”. El amor, casi siempre cuando se muere se convierte en compañía, esa sonrisa que uno tenía antes cuando veía a la otra persona se convierte en un acto reflejo, y el brillo de los ojos parece más Lágrima que escarcha...