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Matt Damon talking about Luhan..
  • Matt Damon:It's overwhelming when someone like Luhan shows up with his fans. I think the first night there were 400 flower arrangements at the hotel.
  • MC:Did you for a second think it was for you?
  • Matt Damon:Not at all.
  • Andy Lau:I thought they were for me.

Sasuke knows that if he had actually leaned in and kissed Sakura; that kiss would have turned really heated in about 0 seconds.

He couldn’t do that in front of Sarada, his precious Uchiha Princess.

It’s why we see that ghost of a smirk of his as he walks away. Those kinds of explicit activities are reserved for the bedroom, Sakura.

I’m pretty sure about this. No one can convince me otherwise.

  • Us a year ago:*posts a selfie* ugh sorry for my face ew sorry for cursing your timelines
  • Us now:*posts a selfie* I look so good today look at me I'm glowing sorry for being so hot let me bless y'all real quick

Do not give women a hard time for not wanting children.
It does not make them a bad person.
It does not mean they are not feminine.
It does not make them monsters.
It is none of your business.

What is the big deal anyway??
1. The world is already over populated.
2. There are parents out there who should never have had children.
3. Women deserve the right to make their own choices regarding their own bodies.

So apparently the accurate translation...

…in the scene where Karin and Suigetsu were talking about (either the MP translation of Sakura chasing after Sasuke or the MS translation where Sakura, Karin, and Sasuke all go on a mission) is actually:

“There was a time when Sakura went after Sasuke and joined him in his travels, and she gave birth to Sarada-chan in my hideout!”

Mezzomarinaio on NF

Dear Everyone,

Even Karin thought that this particular theory (where she apparently turned out to be the mother of Sarada) was ridiculous.

The final anti-SS theory — the theory that the haters were clutching onto since the 700th chapter of Naruto has been OFFICIALLY addressed and debunked.