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Going back to present day.

Done with Flashbacks. Should I reblog the argument before, or just dive right back in? Probs just dive back in tbh.

We bring you Mon-El Appreciation Week from 3rd July - 9th July 2017 ! As a way to show all the love for this awe and some character.

day 1 (3rd July): the moment you fell in love with Mon-El.
day 2 (4th July): favourite episode or scene.
day 3 (5th July): favorite heartbreaking/angsty moment
day 4 (6th July): favourite outfit
day 5 (7th July): favourite hero moment
day 6 (8th July): favourite funny moment
day 7 (9th July): free choice

You can make gifs/videos/text post/fanfiction/graphics anything you want to show the love for Mon-El

We will reblob all the post related to the week in the Monelnetwork page so make sure you are following it!

If you participate please use the tags #monelnetwork and #monelaw (in the first 5 tags)

Ps. this probably will get hate or some people will try to highjack it but there is no way that we should let it prevent us from enjoying this week.

White women really need to stop writing fics and making graphics and art about interracial f/f ships in which the visibly brown or black woman in the ship serves as the “knight” or “lionheart” for the white woman who’s portrayed as the “queen” or “princess”. You all are being transparent and gross as hell. For once, consider how lbpq women of color are already painted as angry and brutal. Consider how lbpq women of color aren’t allowed to be soft or vulnerable or sensitive. Consider that they can’t be romantically or sexually autonomous without being fetishized by the male gaze and the white, colonial gaze, especially if they’re trans. Consider that the next time you begin outlining an AU or storyline in which the woman of color is the knight for her white savior princess. 

destiel 1k. my first attempt at smut bye

Ah, ah, right there, oh

Sometimes, Cas worked himself too hard.

Fuck fuck fuuuuuck

He would get stuck on a certain chapter or scene, or a troublesome plot line would need fixing.

Keep going, don’t stop

He would pace and think and think and pace until his own spinning imagination became his enemy, until his rigorous work regimen stopped working in his favor, until his desk became a prison.

Fuck, you feel so good”

Sometimes Cas needed to get out of his head.

Yes yes yes

Some people did drugs. Some people took walks. Some people slept or meditated or laid in a relaxing bath.

Oh God, oh my God

Castiel preferred to call Dean Winchester.

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Saving as JPG vs PNG for tumblr

I have read/watched alot on this subject in order to make up my own mind.

  • JPG: Smaller file size so they load quicker on the blog/dash. When it comes to publishing edits/stills/graphics to tumblr at the small dimensions we use, I think .JPG is perfect.
  • PNG: Bigger file size so it takes longer to load on the blog/dash. .PNG is used for large Hi-Res images, transparent images, printing, HD backgrounds ect.
  • In this video he explains the tech differences between the save settings and this is a good short video on the subject also.

How to Save a High Quality JPG Using Photoshop:

File>save for web>

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