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Always throw salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Add pepper to your mashed potatoes. Plant roses and lavender for luck. And fall in love, whenever you can.
—  Practical Magic

I headcanon that on Tatooine small families are the norm. With food and water and well, anything that isn’t sand being scarce having to provide for more than three or four people at a time would be a nightmare. So the women of the desert have passed down a wealth of contraceptive recipes and techniques from generation to generation. 

When Beru and Owen Lars accepted the son of a man they’d met once, they knew that this was it. The only child they would ever raise. They could tell themselves sweet lies about how maybe the harvests would be plentiful for the next few years and they could get by, but they are children of the desert. They cannot refuse reality in a place as harsh as the desert. It would only serve to drive them mad or make them suffer. They could have said no. They didn’t really know his father and they know the danger will be great. They could have said no. They want their own baby and cannot have two. They could have said no. But how could they refuse the grandson of the woman they loved so much? They could have said no. But there he is, small and beautiful and helpless and in need of a loving home. So they accept him knowing that he is the only son they shall ever have. They love him as the only son they will ever have. And he loves them dearly. 

20 Questions!

I was tagged by the ever so lovely @im-a-kawaii-marshmallow for this and so I am bound by friendship to do it!

1. Name: Kenneth Taggard

2. Nicknames: Kenny (most common,) Kenty, Ken, Keniesha, Kendaddy (unfortunately,) amongst others.

3. Gender: Male

4. Zodiac Symbol: Gemini Sun and Aquarius Moon

5. Height: 5′7″. I’m slightly smaller than average height, yet somehow I’m the tallest out of all my closest friends…? 

6. Sexual Orientation: SO fuckin’ gay. Ask anybody who knows me personally. I’m literally wearing nail polish right now.

7. Hogwarts House: Slytherin/Hufflepuff. It’s basically a 50/50 split, I promise. 

8. Favorite Color: I love Cerulean. Favorite shade of blue. But I’m also quite fond of silver and white. 

9. Favorite Animal: Fox. Hands down. 

10. Average Hours of Sleep: As of late; about 4. (Depression…)

11. Cat or Dog Person: I love both so much. I really do. But between the two, I do favor dogs. They are so pure and loving and we did nothing to deserve them. 

12. Favorite Fictional Characters: With so many different mediums to choose from!! Oi… well I’ll just name a few. Samus Aran, Jack Frost, Jareth the Goblin King, Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet,) Storm (Ororo Monroe,) Zenyatta, Yda Hext, Lulu (FFX.) The list goes on but these are some of my true absolute favorites. 

13. Number of blankets I sleep with: Depends on the time of year. But it is either 1 tor 2. Never more. 

14. Favorite Singer/Band: Ooh girl. My top 3 are immediately Kylie Minogue, George Michael, and k.d. Lang. I’ve been listening to their music as far back as I can recall and they have all influenced me and gotten me through my life up to now. And I know they’ll continue to do so.

15. Dream Trip: I have my mother’s wanderlust to a certain degree and I would love to visit so many places. But to choose one? Kenya. It’s where my mother grew up and I would love more than anything to go back with her and see and experience everything that I can that she got to when she was younger. 

16. Dream Job: Actor/Singer/Dance/Choreographer. Preferably Broadway for the acting and singing and dancing. I’d like to do Choreography not for the stage, but in my own style. Which is a strange mix of contemporary, ballet, and vogue. 

17. When was my Blog created: Oh shit. It was my Senior Year of High School. that would be about four or five years ago during the first semester. so… September, 2012. Yikes… 

18. Current Number of Followers: 314. And that’s assuming that they’re all real people. (Bots are such a rampant problem…) But I love all of the real ones with my whole heart.

19. When did your blog hit it’s peak: I can’t say there has been one. It’s been a very slow and steady uphill climb and I’m still working at it. However, a set of my selfies almost hit 100 notes recently and that was hella exciting!

20. What made you decide to make a Tumblr: Ah yes. I remember quite clearly. My dearest friends @wanderlust-and-stargazing and @prideoflight all but begged on their knees for me to make one. Eventually, wanting to satiate them, I gave in. I barely even glanced it at first. But now I’m here for, like, half of my day. This place is awful and I love it so I refuse to leave. Plus, I have wonderful Mutuals that I would miss. Speaking of…

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Surely a couple of you will do it. For me, please? :)

It’s just I see so much writing and fanon about how “Owen Lars is abusive” and and “The twins were stolen from Anakin” or “Breha hated Padme because she can stand that she’s Leia’s mother” and oh my stars if I ever see “Leia’s real parents” again I’ll scream. Leia’s “real parents” are the people who took her into their home even though it was unbelievably risky and put her in line to be a Queen and rocked her to sleep every night and cared for her when she was sick and taught her right from wrong and loved her with all they had. Bail and Breha Organa raised Leia. They loved her. She called Bail her father and she considered them to be her parents. That doesn’t mean that she couldn’t see herself loving her biological parents. She can love all and accept all of her parents, should she so choose. We can all love Padme and Anakin as well as Bail and Breha. They can all be her parents. But don’t for a second think that the people who raised Leia are less than family just because they don’t share blood.