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Another Question for Y’all

So, the original reason I made this mod blog was to be a place to draw things that don’t directly happen in the story of H.a.B.H., including those cool goofy blog interactions I see on other art/mod blogs. This didn’t materialize because, well… just drawing updates to the blog take so long.

Now I am not trying to squirm out of updating my blog, but lately I’ve gotten an itch to draw these simple cutesy for a lack of better terms “chibi“ characters. Now, I would love to use this style for reactions/replies to other blogs and stuff, but the thing is I see that other interactive blogs usually stick close to their typical art style. Would drawing the simple “Chibis“ be seen as insulting, like I am not bothering to put in the effort?

Main blog won’t change. I want to interact with other blogs in Chibi style, issat OK?