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friend: *acts more distant than usual, doesn’t engage in the conversation like they usually do*

rational me: they’re probably just having a bad day, it’s got nothing to do with you!

irrational me, beset by the rejection dysphoria demons: they hate you. you annoy them and they want you out of their life but are just too polite to say so. you should stop bothering them and isolate yourself :)


So I felt the need to make this post because I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me for collabs but there are a lot of things that are a bit off in these emails so I wanted to clarify for yall how to ask someone for a collab.


Write these emails like you’re writing a school email. I’m not super picky about formatting or “dear star” at the top or something, but you can’t send me an email that just says “u want to collab? I need voice for fandub” Or something like that. 100% of the time if you send me an email like this, I will not reply. I simply dont have time to email back and have an email chain figuring out what you mean. Try to use complete sentences, and spell words correctly. Also stay away from “u” and stuff like that, because it doesn’t look professional at all.


This is the biggest one I have an issue with. If you don’t have a previous channel or any other previous work, that’s completely fine. I am perfectly open to working with people who haven’t done anything online before. However, you need to show me something. A preview, a sample of the voice acting, a demo of the game, something like that. Also, include information about what you precisely would need from me. “I would like you to voice this character, in this particular voice, and here is a sample of the lines I would need.” is a good example. If you’re not set on the lines or what kind of voice you need that’s fine, I dont need something really specific, just a rough estimate or more information about the project. 


I get about 4-5 emails daily asking if someone could join the channel as a possible voice actor. I’m completely open to adding people as possible voice actors, I’ve done it many times before, but you NEED to send me a demo reel if you’re looking to join or have an established channel or work that I can check out. It’s as simple as that. Remember, your voice is your trade. You need to showcase your trade. 


Nothing makes me want to delete an email more than reading the words: Here’s my demo reel, it’s so bad don’t look at it. I’m not saying you should send me an email saying “I AM THE BEST VOICE ACTOR IN THE WORLD HIRE ME”, but try to remember that when you’re sending me a demo reel or something like that you’re sending me an audition. If you walked into any audition and told the director not to listen to you, they would send you out of the room. I’m going to do the same. You’re an actor, you’re selling yourself. A better way to word it if you’re not sure about your audition is to say: “I’m still working on it, could I get some constructive feedback?” That right there is WAY better than “this is so bad.” I know this is a weird thing to be picky about, but I get a lot of these types of emails and it weighs on me. 

5. DONT SEND ME “CAN YOU CRITIQUE MY UNDERTALE AU?” just dont do it. I’d love to check out a comic or something, but I know nothing about creating AUs.  

AND THATS IT! I know I was a little strict in this post, don’t let that stop you from sending me an email! I love what I do and I love meeting new people through the internet, I just felt the need to share with you guys the best way to send emails because then you have a better chance of getting in contact with me! Plus this is helpful for people who don’t really know how to send these types of emails, and don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t know. 
Also just because why not, my email is starbotcentral@gmail.com. 
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: Kaede Akamatsu had so much potential as a good protagonist to break with the classic boy protag formula, she had a more bossy, determinated possibility unlike all the previous main characters. The game's dynamics would have been different and more interesting if we had a girl as the main character, and people would have been much more satisfied if they didn't kill her off to make us stuck with The Boy™ again. Ultimately, Akamatsu had so much chances and possibilities to explore with her unique personality, but was killed off early in a unsatisfactory way.

bad focus days. you know the ones where you’re desperately trying to concentrate on something important but the required attention just won’t come no matter how hard you try??? and it’s even worse than your usual state which already requires so much work in the first place.
you’ve been reading the same page over and over for what feels like eternity to you now and yet you’re still clueless about what it actually says. but god, you’re trying, like really trying so hard to the point where your brain starts shutting itself down. the world is a blurry mess but all you can do is keep trying, hoping that eventually it will come to you. bad focus days, man. i hate them.

It’s the first day of the new school year. Kids are being dropped off, all limos and goodbyes only from butlers holding open the doors. All of a sudden there’s a loud revving sound and the bat mobile screeches to a halt in front of the school. The top opens and a little boy with soft brown hair and big eyes behind a pair of glasses jumps out from his seat between Batman and the Joker.

“Bye Padre! Bye Dad! See you after school!” He says with a big smile, waving.

“See ya, kid!” Joker shouts back.

“Your father and I will pick you up at three,” Batman says. He, too, is smiling.

Then the front of the bat mobile closes and speeds off, leaving a crowd of slack-jawed students, stunned personal drivers, and one very happy little boy staring after it.

Te quise como nunca a pesar de que sabía que nada es para siempre.
Te entregue partes de mi aún cuando sabía que ibas a llevártelas.
Te confesé todo de mi aún cuando sabía que con eso podrías destruirme.
Te di todo de mi a pesar de que sabía que tú no dabas todo de ti.
Te llene de tantas cosas y aún así tú te marchaste.
Te deje ir, cuando lo único que quería era que te quedaras.
Te dije adiós cuando mis labios querían decirte no te vayas.
Te ame y te amo aun cuando sé que tú ya no lo haces.

Arya Stark: Justice, Not Vengeance 

An important part of Arya’s AGOT arc is her harsh introduction into the realities of the world beyond Winterfell. Like the rest of her siblings, she’s raised believing the world is a certain way: Bad people will be punished and the innocent will be protected. So when she sees Joffrey assaulting Mycah, she does what she’s been taught is the right thing to do: she stops him. Once Joffrey is disarmed completely, she even stops Nymeria from mauling him. This moment is about justice for her, not vengeance.

So it’s a heavy blow when everything goes down hill from there. Nymeria has to be driven off so she won’t be killed for protecting Arya, Mycah is murdered, Lady is executed out of spite, and Arya is blamed by her sister for everything that happened. All the while, the villains, Joffrey, Cersei, and the Hound get away with everything. The part that has one of the most significant impacts on Arya though is the complete lack of response from those around her that she trusted to protect her and enforce justice.

This was the first time they had supped with the men since arriving in King’s Landing. Arya hated it. She hated the sounds of their voices now, the way they laughed, the stories they told. They’d been her friends, she’d felt safe around them, but now she knew that was a lie. They’d let the queen kill Lady, that was horrible enough, but then the Hound found Mycah. Jeyne Poole had told Arya that he’d cut him up in so many pieces that they’d given him back to the butcher in a bag, and at first the poor man had thought it was a pig they’d slaughtered. And no one had raised a voice or drawn a blade or anything, not Harwin who always talked so bold, or Alyn who was going to be a knight, or Jory who was captain of the guard. Not even her father. – AGOT

This incident is hugely important in the forming of Arya’s character since this makes her see her countrymen and the whole justice system in a new way. Witnessing the men she trusted turning a blind eye to injustice is a betrayal and the beginning of her familiarity with the realities of the world.

As she witnesses and endures the horrors of ACOK, she realizes that criminals going unpunished is an almost constant occurrence. That’s part of why she keeps her list of the names of those who have hurt her, her family, or other innocents. The list is seen as the ultimate proof of her vengeful nature, but it’s really a coping mechanism to help her get through the atrocities of the life she’s been thrown into. It’s also a way of keeping track of the criminals who have escaped punishment so they can be executed later, because that’s the type of justice she’s been taught.

I should kill them myself. Whenever her father had condemned a man to death, he did the deed himself with Ice, his greatsword. “If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look him in the face and hear his last words,” she’d heard him tell Robb and Jon once. – ACOK

In a corrupt world where justice is disregarded in favor of the interests of the powerful, Arya takes what she has been taught by her father and tries to enforce the justice that’s missing from that world. That’s why she “wastes” one of the deaths Jaqen promises her on Chiswyck, who casually confesses to gang raping a thirteen year old. That’s why she ruins her cover as Mercy to execute Raff, the man who also participated in the rape and murdered Lommy. That’s why she struggles to kill the insurance man for the Faceless Men, trying convince herself that he earned death and should be punished.