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So it looks like Killian is rescuing Emma from the tower...

What if, when Rumple had the author write a new story, he decided to be extra cruel to his nemesis and make Killian remember their past life.

So Killian is actually rescuing Emma, his love, to make her remember.

Kinda like he did in New York City Serenade

Only this time, there actually is a man in the other life that she loves.

And it’s him

Thor, in this movie, felt more a part of the Avengers than he did in the first. In the first, I felt like Thor was very much treated like an outsider and his abilities were undermined greatly. In this movie, I felt like Thor’s abilities and knowledge were respected. He was shown to be as capable as we know him to be, and he wasn’t reduced to a few tropes. Thor brought his Asgardian jovial energy to the Avengers as they celebrated. Thor assessed their new enemy himself, and did not allow the threatening visions deter him from seeking out truth. Thor was proactive in doing what it was everyone else was hesitant to do, and put his trust in a new being that everyone else feared. Thor, with his extensive knowledge of the stones and guidance of the Avengers, with his mission to protect Midgard and to make drastic changes when necessary, truly came off as the god we all know he is. 

i hate how disliking being touched has to be “justified.” all the times i’ve been asked why after saying no, i don’t want a hug because i don’t like being touched, i can tell people are waiting for the sob story behind it so they can reconcile themselves with being told that i don’t want to be hugged. my level of trauma shouldn’t have anything to do with justifying whether or not i like being touched. it shouldn’t matter whether i’ve had something traumatic happen to me or not. some people don’t like being touched, and if they ask you not to, you shouldn’t ask them to justify it.