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So in “Hyung” Ksoo is on top of his career as a judo player, getting ready for nationals but then his older brother that is on parole ends up getting both of them in a problem, they have an accident and Ksoo loses his eyesight. The movie is about how his brother decides to be there for him, not letting him give up on his career as a judo player and make him comeback despite being blind………….. Omg :(

One of my absolute favorite tropes of all time is forcing the protagonists to do something absolutely ridiculous and mundane with incredibly high stakes.

Want to continue to train and get more powerful to protect the world from the worst enemies you’ve ever faced?  First you must GET YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE.

If you don’t take my daughter to prom, then your city will be eaten by GIANT BEES.

You absolutely must trick-or-treat, an innocent children’s pastime, or I WILL EAT YOU.

Give me all the totally ridiculously high-staked adventures in like knitting or participating in a beauty pageant, give me all of it.

i love this!!! because i bet this sounds awfully familiar to kageyama, since that was the way he thought as well. I cant wait for him to prove this dude wrong, that HE has to throw tosses spikers can hit, and NOT expect the spikers to read the tosses he throws. Just like kageyama did

Dear Harry --- An Apology

Three years ago today a certain famous female songwriter/singer stood on a stage and dissed you for the whole world to hear.

Looking back, it was an incredibly interesting thing for someone who has played the victim card A LOT to do, to stand on a stage and slight someone just because she could, but I digress.

The camera flashed to your face and there you sat. A smile on your face, chewing gum. To me, you looked… Well you looked smug.

And I immediately recoiled. “Ugh wow that Harry guy. Yikes. No wonder she’s so pissed. He looks like such a dick.” (Insert face palming here)

So now here I sit, an almost thirty year old mother, with a blog dedicated to how much I love you and your partner. It’s been a wild three years Harry, for you and I both, though your life is lived on an entirely different scale than mine. But as I scroll through my dash seeing pictures of that night, I just have to say:

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for believing all that I believed about you. I’m sorry for being “taken in by the big media machine” as @fromabovefrombelow so eloquently said. I’m sorry for dismissing you just like everyone else, for not giving you a chance, for waving you away until that fateful day in 2014 when I finally admitted I liked your music and wanted to learn more.

You didn’t deserve that. You deserve so much, you beautiful, kind, dashing, incredible human. I am so proud of you and so thankful to be your fan. I can’t wait to see your movie and find out what your next steps are. Thank you for everything you’ve done, thank you for your talent, and for your heart, thank you for just being you.

I love you, and I’m sorry. 🌈💚

important question: did yongguk take all the tiggers with him when moving out or are there still tiggers hiding in every corner of the dorm? do the other members sigh and mechanically put them back in the closets and cupboards they fell out of? are there any left in himchan’s room? do they still find tiggers when cleaning under their beds? I need to know

You’re Not Going to Ruin Your Friendship - Calum Imagine

request; can you pleaseeee do an imagine where you have a crush on one of the boys and you over hear the boys talking about you? (and u end up together)

once again sorry for the wait. i just started writing imagines again. hope you like this imagine! X

All you could think about was Calum. He was on your mind day and night. There was never a time when your mind wouldn’t wonder off to him. Just hearing his name made you melt on the inside. Being around him was becoming harder and harder as your feelings for him continue to grow. 

You didn’t mean to start liking him. You knew you shouldn’t like him. But there was just something about him that made you feel the way you do for him. He makes you feel all these butterflies in your stomach and makes you smile without even trying. 

So to say you had a crush on him was an understatement. You have come to think that you might be falling in love with Calum. As crazy as that may sound. All you knew was that whatever you were feeling towards him was not going away anytime soon. 

With your luck, Michael invited you over to hangout with the other guys. His excuse to have you come over was that they were going to grill out. Michael knows about your “little” crush on Calum. It’s not that easy to hide how you feel about him especially with Cal around. Your crush is the most obvious thing, you’re surprised how the Calum, Luke, or Ashton have yet to notice. But that’s a good thing for you. A really good thing. For one, if Luke and Ashton knew as well they would never quit bugging you about it. You’re lucky that Michael has been a good friend and has kept his mouth shut about it to this day. And second, you’re not sure if you want for Calum to know that you have feelings for him. The risks of telling him are too risky for your liking.
What if you ignore your feelings long enough that they just fade away? Yeah right. They’re too strong now to get rid of them. 

No need to lie, half of the time you were debating whether or not to go to Michael’s place. You knew that Calum would be there. Which means you’d have to see him. And it kills you seeing him and not being able to call him yours. So because of that you were going to call Michael and make up some lame excuse to not go. Instead of doing that, though, you went to your room, retouched your makeup, changed into a casual yet cute outfit, grabbed your purse and keys, then headed out the door. You had decided that you weren’t going to hide behind your feelings. Maybe at one point you’ll have the guts to tell Calum. (Okay that’s a lie.)

“Y/N! You made it!” Luke grins as he opened the door for you. 

You give him a hug and smile, “Hey, Luke.”

“Y/N is here!” Luke shouts to the guys. 

Michael and Ashton greet you as you walk to the grill where they are grilling.
You were nervous to see Cal who wasn’t anywhere to be seen. You take a look around the backyard to see if you could find him. Then you turned back to Michael and asked, “Where’s Cal? I thought he was gonna be here." 

"I’m right here.” You can feel his breath on your skin. 

He had snuck up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. You turned around quite nervously in his arms to face him. His gesture had surprised you to say the least. Although you’ll admit that it felt good to be held in his arms. 

“Oh, h-hi.” Was all you managed to breathe out.

“Let’s go in the pool?” Cal asks you, a smile on his face. 

He turns around and starts walking towards the pool stairs to get in. He was shirtless, his holy body on display. You couldn’t help but stare at him as he walked over to the pool. But then you remembered you weren’t alone and you needed to stop staring before anyone noticed. 

“I uh, I’m going to go change. I’ll be back.” You headed to the bathroom so you could change into your bikini that you brought with you. 

When you entered the bathroom and closed the door and put your back against it. A long sigh left your lips as you closed your eyes. 

How am I going to keep it together in front of him. He’s wearing just swim trunks and damn does he look good in them. Control yourself, Y/N. Don’t make a fool of yourself and don’t make your crush even more obvious.
You thought a couple of things before changing. Before going back out you took a deep breath. 

When you came out the guys were all in the pool, playing around. You remove the towel you had wrapped around your body and set it down on the lounging chair. You then sat down on the edge of the pool, putting your feet in. The guys were still playing around not paying any attention to you. Except Calum. You catch his gaze and you lock eyes for a few seconds before Michael splashes him. 

As you were going to get in the pool you noticed that whatever Michael had left grilling was burning. 

“Great cook you are, Mike.” You laugh as you got up to remove whatever it was he left on the grill. 

“Thanks. I know I’m the best cook in town." 

You laugh, shaking your head. "I’m gonna put this in the trash since it’s all burnt now thanks to the best cook." 

It didn’t take long for you to go in and throw away the burnt food. You saw that they had gotten out of the pool and were drying themselves off. You were going to step out, but stepped back when you heard Calum and Michael talking. 

"Could you make it anymore obvious that you were checking her out? I told you that you need to tell her about your feelings.” Michael says to Calum.

“I don’t want to ruin our friendship if she doesn’t feel the same." 

"Trust me, mate, you aren’t going to ruin your friendship.” You see that famous smirk appear. 

There was a possibility that he was gonna tell him how you felt so you decided it was time to come out. “Why’d you guys come out so early?” You try acting like you heard nothing. 

Shock was still flooding your body. There was no way that Calum had feelings for you too. It was hard for you to hide your reaction to the new information you just found out. But you just acted like nothing you heard was said. 

An hour had passed and Ashton, Luke, and Michael had gone in the pool again. Calum and you decided not to go in so you guys went into the living room. You were nervous to be alone with him for obvious reasons.  You decided you were going to tell him how you feel knowing now that he feels the same way. 

“Hey, Cal, I need to tell you something.” Even though you heard that he has feelings for you, you couldn’t help but still be nervous.

“I need to tell you something as well. I’m probably risking a lot by telling you, but I just need to tell you." 

You knew what he was talking about. He was going to admit how he feels about you. 

"I think I know what you’re talking about. I may have heard you and Michael talking earlier.” You admit. 

It was out of the blue and you sounded pretty calm about the whole situation. But you weren’t. Inside you were a nervous wreck. This was the moment where all your feelings were going to be out in the open air. Not something you’d ordinarily do. 

“Oh. So I’m guessing you know how I feel then..” He trails off. 

“Kinda.” A shy smile appears. 

“I’m sorry if this makes our friendship awkward and you don’t want to be friends anymore after-”

“Calum, it’s okay. I feel the same way about you.” You cut him off.

Relief washes over his face. “Good because I’ve been dying to do this.”

Calum leans in, gently grabs your face and kisses you. On instinct, your lips start moving and your arms make their way to his neck. 

“About damn time, Hood.” Michael’s voice interrupts the two of you. 

“Get a room. No body wants to see that.” Luke says, walking into the kitchen. 

“I knew you two had a thing for each other.” Ashton joins in. 

By this point, your face is as red as a tomato. But there was still a big smile on your face. 

“Stop teasing me and my girlfriend.” Calum speaks up, looking at you and giving you a smirk. 

“So it’s finally official?” Asks cupid Michael.

“Yes, it’s official.” You smile, giving Calum another kiss. 

“Get a room.” This time all three boys groan, making you and Calum laugh.

You know, for a while I was a bit confused as to why tsukishima’s apathy was a problem meanwhile kenma’s never given a single flying fuck and it felt like no big deal. And then I realized, it’s because it wasn’t an apathy ‘problem’ in kenma’s case. That’s who he is. Kenma’s knows what kind of person he is and that’s not the kind of person who does extra practice or gets super competitive. He doesn’t want to beat everyone or be a captain or any of that. He knows he enjoys volleyball and he knows he wants to keep doing it at the capacity that he’s always been doing it. Simply put, kenma being apathetic is just how he is and he knows it. And since he knows it, he was actually able to turn it into a strength. Kenma does give his 100% it’s just that his 100% is just naturally less loud and less try-hard than the others’. 

Whereas tsukishima was just confused. He was never really apathetic towards volleyball. He was competitive and driven right from the get-go. And while his 100% is going to be less passionate than say hinata’s or kageyama’s, it was still more than what he was giving in the beginning. Tsukki didn’t know what he felt towards volleyball and more or less forced himself to act like he didn’t care about it. He told himself he’d never be the best and started to settle for ‘ok’. But in truth, he himself wasn’t really satisfied with that. That’s the difference between him and kenma. Kenma honest-to-god just feels less strongly about volleyball than the others. Tsukishima pretended he felt less strongly than he actually did. Kenma’s always known what he wants to get out of playing volleyball, he knows he’s playing it because he enjoys it. For a while there, tsukishima didn’t even seem to know whether or not he wanted to be playing the sport.

I think I like that theme though. The idea that “give it all you’ve got” means different things for different people is something that’s very nicely shown all throughout the series and especially in this case.

call out post @bitchumor

this user has been reposting twitter screencaps and claiming them as their own. furthermore, they had posted a rather racist photo: link here

i really hate how people would resort to racism to get a laugh and honestly that cheap humor and rlly it sucks. 

i confronted them and messaged them to remove that post. (honestly their entire blog kinda sucks but whatever thats not my prob now.) and they messaged me back calling me a “c*nt” also (fyi i wasnt following u in the first place)

frankly @bitchumor  is an asshole and i think anyone who has the time to, pls message them telling to remove this post, and anyone currently following them should unfollow. they’re racist, rude, a reposter and they are unwilling to cooperate with anyone. 

older black wlw who are just now figuring things out are super important.

it honestly doesn’t matter if it took you until your late twenties or thirties or forties or fifties - or even past that - to realize or accept that you experience same/similar gender attraction.

it’s really hard to simply exist as a black woman or a black person who aligns with womanhood in the world. realizing you’re not straight is scary and exciting and adds a whole different dimension to your experiences.

there’s no deadline to realize you’re a wlw. you’re welcome here and we’re so glad you exist.