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i read @attilarrific‘s pirate au fic the other night and i can’t stop thinking abt how Good it was nd how well these two were written and i’m just so,,, sets hand over heart

Word. - Johnny Depp -

I am tired of seeing how our fandom is once again being smashed to the ground. Johnny Depp made a joke, get over it! Johnny Depp is a human being. And like every other human being you make mistakes. And people are always trying to bring you down, even if you are down or if you are happy, just so they can feel better about themselves. What is the point to even make it a big deal? We have other things to concern about, like the carbon dioxide emissions, natural disasters, injustice and other things.

I Like Johnny Depp for the human being he is, he is a wonderful person with a philosophical mind like my own, he can put down words for things I haven´t been able to describe. I Love him and I am so thankful for seeing him in real life where I cried like a baby but I was so, so happy. He is so cool and amazing in every angle you turn. This is my opinion and will forever be it.

You people who want to change it or wants to hurt our fandom in any other way. Don´t. Lay your energy to save our beautiful planet. There is so much other things you can do, then destroy other peoples´ feelings, or humans in fact.

Please listen to this, and stop hurting other people if it is me, Johnny or other people around the world. Spread love not hate! 
Thank you. 

It’s honestly disappointing, coming from Jack, a fine captain, that in this movie when they thought the Black Pearl was sinking he just said “she was a good ship” when in Pirates 4 he was SO pissed off with Barbossa for losing her that he literally said with all the anger and passion on his eyes “if that ship be sunk properly, you should be sunk with it.” It doesn’t sound like the same person to me and it saddens a lot

“What are you hiding from me?” 

“Nothing. Not a thing. I promise.” 

He kisses her nose and she laughs at him. His ears burn red because he’s hiding an engagement ring and it’s practically burning a hole in his pocket even when he’s not holding it. 

“You look cute with this hat, Swan.”

Emma blushes and lets it go this time.

Okay so I just watched pirates a few hours ago and I have nothing but great things to say about it. I am not one bit disappointed. This movie is so special, you’ll know it as soon as you see it. It’s probably one of the best out of all of ‘em. The kinda movie that makes you go through the biggest roller coaster of emotions and you can’t help but want to get in. It makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you wanna get involved. Makes you want this to be a never ending saga. But then, when you reach the ending of the movie, you realize you couldn’t wish for a better way for it to end. It’s one of the best movies I have ever seen and let me tell you I am so damn proud of how it turned out. It’s so beautifully done and there’s actually a meaning behind it, a meaning you guys will be able to understand with time. Seriously, if you’re reading this and never saw Pirates of the Caribbean I don’t know what you’re waiting for. I don’t know what you’re doing but you’re doing it wrong. This is so great. I’m so thankful that through these years we were able to experience such happiness and joy. I don’t know what I would do if these movies didn’t exist. I just love them so much. I just love all the characters so much. I’m speechless and don’t know what to say anymore. I’m in awe.