text pirate

i read @attilarrific‘s pirate au fic the other night and i can’t stop thinking abt how Good it was nd how well these two were written and i’m just so,,, sets hand over heart

Something that needs to be said, and something that I had to learn myself, is that the views on a music video put out by a group does not determine whether or not that group is underrated.
For example, if we went based off of views, NU’EST wouldn’t be considered underrated because their MV “Face” has 56,862,227 views. Sales and wins is what determines how popular a group is.

It is why people still talk about Monsta X being underrated despite that they have 26,652,516 views on their MV for “Hero.” A group can have a really popular music video/song and still be underrated.

but is kix doing okay though

is he happy

can he sleep without nightmares

is he eating enough

are the other pirates nice to him

do i need to go pick him up