text on shirt

like if you’ve never listened to the adventure zone or you’re new to it and you see fanart where, like, taako is wearing a pink skirt and magnus has a t-shirt or something that says “ruff boi,” you might think that’s just tumblr headcanon stuff but, uh. no. that’s canon, baby. 


No one requested this one, but I watched bits and pieces of Mark’s livestream the other day when they were selling this shirt (which I did not buy because I’m broke :/) and I thought it would be really fucking funny if Anti bought one. I would’ve liked to have an edit of it actually on his body but sadly I have no skills with Photoshop (but if one of you wants to do it for me I’ll do an updated version of this one :D).

Read parts 1-29 here!

  • gai, enthusiastically: how's the cutest boy in the world doing
  • kakashi, looking straight at gai: judging by his face, he seems to be doing well
  • gai, holding back tears and under his breath: holy shit