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If you ever feel bad about ur life remember the time very, very long ago (today) when I was incredibly stressed out for two weeks because the cool barista told me she hoped I “had an unfortunate day” every morning, so I thought she hated me. Two weeks is how long it took me to piece together that my last name is Baudelaire. Was I clued in when she told me to watch out for men with ankle tattoos? No. No, I was not.


SuperCorp + Text Posts from the Amazing SuperCorp Fandom (pt 1) 



Things I love About the Falsettos Screen Recording

Whenever they zoom in on Jason’s face and he looks completely Done


The back and forth camera angle change between Marvin and Mendal when Mendal asks if Trina sleeps in the nude

Right after Marvin hits Trina and you can see how shocked everyone is

The entire March of the Falsettos sequence

Trina’s break down is gold and even better in the professional recording

Whenever a character mutters to themselves after a line as an after thought

Whizzer and Marvin smiling during the entire ‘fight’ in The Thrill of First Love

Medal’s “Oh my God”

The loud cheering when Charlotte and Cordelia come onto stage

The raw emotion you’re able to see in everyone’s faces

They somehow got Andrew Rannells to look really pale and sick and I just???

Whizzer’s voice cracks in You Gotta Die Sometime

Charlotte and Trina’s reaction to how good Cordelia’s food is

Charlotte and Cordelia kissing and Trina standing there awkwardly smiling

Whizzer’s “Thank you” to Jason right before he died


Marvin’s break down at the end

Feel free to add more if you want

Undercover - Jughead Jones

Hi! Could I get a Jughead x Reader imagine where the reader and Jughead are best friends, but the reader has feelings for Jughead but doesn’t tell him. One day she goes “undercover” to get info about Jason’s death for Jughead and he sees her undercover and realizes he has feelings for her, and then there’s some rated T action and fluff between them? Thanks!

I kinda twisted the meaning of it but it lead to *high pitched screaming*

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Being best friends with Jughead Jones isn’t the easiest thing in the world. He’s not the friendliest person to begin with, but some can easily look past that, like yourself. You and Jughead had been close every since you could remember, but the summer before Sophomore year changed things. Jughead became more reclusive and less in touch with you. It all happened after Jason Blossoms’ death. The day before school started up again, you invited yourself over to his house. Needless to say, Jughead was surprised.

“Y/N?” He asked, the bags under his eyes telling you he must’ve just woken up. Despite the normal summer heat, he was wearing a loose sweater and sweatpants. Just seeing him again, after so long, made your heart flutter. You quickly pushed it down and regained your angry composure. “I haven’t seen you in months, Jug!” You said, obviously breaking him out of his tired state. He quickly pulled you inside his house, and you accidently bumped into his chest. It was so tempting to hug him, but you fought the urge and watched as he closed the door behind you. When he faced you, you saw how intense his gaze was. “I’m sorry about that, Y/N, I am.” He said, his tone serious. “I’ve been working on something,” he said as he walked past you, beckoning you to follow him. He lead you to his room then to his desk where an open laptop rested. Pages of text cluttered the screen and just by skimming through the document the words ‘Summer’, ‘Jason Blossom’, and ‘presumed dead’ caught your eye. You turned to face Jughead who stood, unmoving, next to you. “This is what you were doing?” You asked, turning back to study the words he had typed.

“Yeah, ever since I heard he was missing.” He muttered, but you couldn’t help but be amazed by your friend. His drive and dedication to his writing was eye-opening. You faced him once more with a grin on your features. “Do you need help?”

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