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Tony Stark survives an explosion created by his own hands a few feet away from him with only shrapnel in his chest, survives chest surgery with no drugs to numb the pain, survives torture and waterboarding while having a car battery attached to his chest, survives the walk through the desert with no water, survives the climatic ending explosion, survives palladium poisoning, survives race car crash with only scrapes and bruises, survives god nearly strangling him, survives flying a nuke into space with no oxygen, survives multiple panic attacks, survives house exploding around him, survives snow and freezing temperatures in a shirt and pants, survives experimented human torches attacking him, survives climatic ending battle, survives battle against multiple buggy iron suits, survives thunder god nearly strangling him, and survives direct hit from the winter soldier.

All without his suit. 

Tell me again are we really sure Tony is just a normal very intelligent citizen and doesn’t secretly carry some form of recreated supersoldier serum that Howard probably experimented on him with. Because otherwise Tony Stark is a helluva tough guy. 

So I saw this video a few days ago where this lady was teaching a bit how to read Hebrew and get method was really cool and is actually pretty helpful! I now easily recognize the letters she used as an example in her video so once get on my computer I’m going to link the video but until ten I’ll explain her method.

For each letter she made up a short story to help the boy remember the sound the letter makes, for example she said the letter “ד” looked like an open door from a bird’s eye view and guess what sound “ד"makes? D as in door so I’m using this method and I’m now slowly but surely making progress in reading!