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okay, i was in the car with my sisters (who are both cishet), and one of them asked, “how lgbt friendly is our town?”

i responded immediately with, “not at all,” at the same time my other sister responded with, “well, it’s not *that* friendly.”

i was asked by both of them as to why i was insisting that no, our town (which is extremely small and can be summed up by the school, btw) is not lgbt friendly. i told them that so many kids threw around the f and d slurs, as well as calling people gay as an insult, and also, they make those “did you just assume my gender/i identify as an attack helicopter” jokes. keep in mind, i’m genderfluid and a lesbian, so yeah, these things are both *pretty* harmful to me. (granted, i’m not out to my family, so them not listening to what i had to say wasn’t (too much of) a problem, but that’s not the point.)

my other sister, who said that our town was *kind of* lgbt friendly, said, “well, yeah, but you’re going to find that in every school. what i mean is that no one - or at least most people - is going to get turned away for being gay.”

and you know what?


throwing around homophobic and lesphobic slurs and making homophobic and transphobic jokes is not “lgbt friendly,” no matter how normal it is. these things harm lgbt kids (i.e., me), and drive anyone who wants to come out further into the closet. i’m out as a lesbian to all my friends, but i would never dream of coming out as genderfluid to them, and you know why? it’s because they laughed at (not even made - laughed at) those “did you just assume my gender?” jokes. i’m fucking petrified of being myself around others because of these jokes. (goddamn jokes).

so no, our town is not lgbt friendly. i don’t give a shit that *most* people won’t get kicked out of their homes for being gay. as long as gay, trans, and nonbinary kids are being ostracized and pushed into the closet, our town is not lgbt friendly.

if you aren’t lgbt, you need to hold yourself to *way* higher standards than you are now. just because you wouldn’t kill your friend for being gay doesn’t mean you’re a good ally. if you throw around slurs (yes, even jokingly), if you call people gay as an insult, or if you make any of the “attack helicopter” jokes, you’re a shitty ally and an even shittier human.

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Pretty boy Diggory. Every person at Hogwarts lusted after him. He was an enigma. He had half the school contemplating dropping to their knees just at the sight of him. Everyone was in complete and total awe of him.

Cedric was aware of his beauty; he never denied it, but he never flaunted it either. He carried himself with confidence, not with arrogance. Even still, he knew that he could have whomever he wanted at the snap of his fingers. Whoever he wanted, except one.

Oliver Wood was also a gorgeous man, but his looks were often overshadowed by his passion for Quidditch. It was too much for most people; they found it annoying, overbearing. Cedric Diggory was not most people. Sure, Quidditch didn’t get his blood rushing in quite the same way as it did Oliver, but he found Oliver’s minor obsession with the sport to be endearing. Unfortunately for him, he was not the only one.

Marcus Flint, the insolent, pureblooded, Slytherin chaser with the crooked teeth and rumored troll heritage, certainly seemed to love it. Cedric detested him. Who could blame him? He had the one thing that Cedric wanted that he couldn’t have: Oliver. Darling, beautiful, Oliver. 

Cedric was everything that Marcus was not. Cedric was beautiful; Marcus was ugly. Cedric was kind and patient; Marcus was hotheaded and aggressive. Cedric was loved by most everyone, but Marcus received far more hatred than admiration. Cedric clearly was more deserving of Oliver’s love than Marcus. It wasn’t right that Marcus had him; it wasn’t fair. That much was obvious to everyone; everyone except Oliver. 

Cedric didn’t hide his affections. He made them known, the same as his admirers did for him. Even deep down inside, Marcus knew that Cedric would be better for Oliver. But Oliver didn’t care. He didn’t want some pretty boy that he hardly knew and shared little in common with besides his position as Quidditch captain. He wanted a man that he knew could treat him well; a man that was a little rough around the edges with wonky teeth and a bit of a temper, but loved him unconditionally.

Oliver and Marcus were opposites, but they fit each other so well. They complemented each other in impossible ways. They were made for each other, as cliche as that may sound. Even if the rest of the world could never understand, Oliver knew that he made the right choice. Cedric was so beautiful and so kind. It was understandable why he was so sought after, but he wasn’t the man for Oliver. That man, with the broad shoulders and raven colored hair, was sitting right in his arms.

Every person in Hogwarts lusted after Cedric. Except one, and that one didn’t regret it one bit.

the way heterosexual women eroticize and fetishize intimacy between men is a genuine problem but it’s not at all comparable to how men have transformed intimacy between women into porn categories for male consumption, something that causes actual physical and material violence against lesbians and bisexual women. but uh if you stick to tumblr as your avenue of discourse and the only terms in your arsenal are “valid” and “problematic” and some buzzwords taken out of context then it’s no wonder that pretty simple concepts are so wildly misunderstood, lol 

Madison: *Petting Martha and George Washington’s cat* You’re such a cute kitty.

Jefferson: Aren’t you allergic to cats?

Madison: *Continues petting the cat* ….Maybe

Kim Seokjin is not just a face with good looks. He is talented beyond imagination and has such a wonderful personality. He has done so much for the members along with this fandom and it’s terrible to see some people and bighit turn a blind eye to it. I’m tired of hearing excuses from those who repeatedly say that Seokjin isn’t fit for their songs.

Kim Seokjin has a wonderful voice.

Kim Seokjin has a wonderful personality.

Kim Seokjin is talented.

Kim Seokjin is a passionate soul.

Kim Seokjin needs the lines he deserves.

And For the millionth time I’ve said on this blog: Please stop sleeping on this wonderful man.