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How about some auto correct mayhem?

keith, internally: “IT’S ABOUT TIME”

listen dude “klance” and “mayhem” kinda go hand-in-hand so i hope it’s alright that i got my shipper trash all over this request lmao

I’ve seen this a couple times on Facebook and no no no no. This is borderline abusive. Maybe a father would send this, but a boyfriend???

“It’s hard because I’ve always been a tremendously good person”
What are you implying about your girlfriend there, pal?

“When I text you, you are to answer”
Okay mom. Seriously. She’s your girlfriend, let her have fun instead of having to check her phone constantly.

Don’t patronize your partner and act like they’re your child. Going to a party doesn’t mean they value parties over you. And if you have to remind your girlfriend not to cheat multiple times maybe you should reevaluate your trust issues. Don’t give your girlfriend a fucking curfew. If you can’t trust her to be reasonable at a party to the point that you send her a fucking book of rules, then maybe you shouldn’t be together.

Seriously. Significant others aren’t your possessions/children.

Wasting time over who sent the last text message, who started the argument, who is at fault or who started the last conversation is the most effective way to ruin a relationship.
—  Things I realized when I thought about my failed relationships, part I