Text Messages From Kise♡


You have three new messages from ☆Ryouta Bae☆:

“_____CCHI ( ˘ ³˘)❤ GOOD MORNING!!!”

“I hope you have a fabulous day!!” 

“(´ε`*) <-your morning kisses from me!”


You have two new messages from ☆Ryouta Bae☆:

“Hey! Let’s hang out after my practice! This new cafe opened we should check out! It would be lots of fun!! I miss your beautiful face and can’t wait to see you!!” 

“σ(≧ε≦o) <-your afternoons kisses from me! Can’t wait to see you!”


You have two new messages from ☆Ryouta Bae☆:

“Today was so fun together! Tomorrow let’s hang out some more!(○゜ε^○)<-your nighttime kisses from me!!”

“Gооd Йight (´ε`*) I ιον∈ Υου” 


Request: “Fake texts with photos with one of the stilinski twins please? Maybe she’s texting the twin(who she’s not marrying) a photo of her dress but her fiancé picks up the phone and sees it? And her freakjng out”

A/N: I am currently writing on a oneshot. I might be a bit distracted. Sorry guys >__<’’
Also: Who didn’t knew I would pick Stu, doesn’t know a thing about me xD
I would always choose Stewie! <3