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Boyfriend Vernon (Seventeen)
  • Alrighttt I actually never thought I would be doing this ???
  • A mess okay here we go…
  • I think he’d be a pretty shy one ?
  • At least at first
  • & he would be anxious to text you, but he wouldn’t want to text you too much, so he would give you excuses to text him first
  • ”Oh yeah text me when that show starts” “hey do you know this person?” *Sends memes as excuses as well*
  • He’d turn into the meme he is after a while of dating
  • Everyone already knows how much of a meme he is and he will definitely get worse just to mess with you
  • He’ll know you love his dorky meme-y ways
  • So he’ll always bring that side of himself out to you

This is the second time attempting to do this alright 😂 

• I really think Vernon’s pretty goofy when it comes to dating someone 

• Like he swears he’s super cool and chill but no 

• He’s always dying inside around them so he makes all these dumb jokes to make himself seem ~cool~ 

• I don’t see him doing a lot of skinship at first honestly 

• I see him holding hands with his s/o and putting his arms around them but not much until they’re really together 

• Then he will be more open with the fact that he wants to be with his s/o all the time and wants to be as close to them as possible 

• I see him and his s/o having a lot of deep conversations late at night (whether they be in person or on the phone/texting/Skype/FaceTime…) 

• This couple will definitely be best friends and supporters of each other before anything 

• He will go to his s/o with any worry or difficulty he’s having in his life 

• These two will be each other’s lifelines 

• Expect a LOT of laughing 

• I do feel like he prefers speaking Korean to English but there will be random English phrases while speaking to his s/o 

• And they will mostly be meme-y phrases like “shrek is love shrek is life" 

• I don’t I see him as much of a kisser? 

• Like he loves kissing you but he may be more of a chill dude who just likes keeping his arms around you 

  • The kind of boyfriend with simply the occasional sweet cheek kiss 

• I mean there will definitely be kissing, but it won’t be that much 

• He will try to act sexy and like a "sangnamja” sometimes but no 

• Mostly as a joke 

• Would share his earphone with you all the time 

• The type of boyfriend to send new songs and playlists when he finds a GOOD SONG 

• You see Seventeen a lot, even though he was really embarrassed to have the guys meet his s/o 

• Mostly because of the inevitable relentless teasing 

• Gets embarrassed when you play his songs 

• “Babe, please, no. Not again” (he says through endless giggles and an extremely red face) 

• He just loves hanging out with you 

• Even if you don’t do anything at all 

• He still loves just being in your presence 

• It’s comforting and helps him relax especially when he’s anxious

Now it is my third time editing woopsie

  • I really like the image of him lovingly staring at his s/o because he can’t believe how beautiful you are
  • You would bring up his videos from when he was a kid
  • “Vernon, hey, hey Vernon. Guess what”
  • “What, babe”
  • “Kidney function is not a right, it’s a privilege” 
  • “Get out”
  • Ugly selfies from both of you
  • Laughing all night at weird filters
  • and LOTS of dumb jokes/puns
  • He would trust you completely
  • I don’t see him as someone for PDA no matter how far you two are into the relationship so~
  • Would prefer to date someone who is passionate about something and would work hard to reach their goals
  • He would looove for you to get along with his family
  • It would be his favorite thing
  • He would definitely worry about you all the time, even if he doesn’t show it too much
  • The type to attempt to make one of those romantic middle of the night adventure things
  • and fail
  • because you just want to sleep
  • Random texts when he’s busy or abroad telling you he loves you/misses you/asking if you’re okay
  • Calls you dude/m8/man 
  • bc memes man
  • I’d say he’s into those cheesy dates
  • Like an amusement park/beaches/parks
  • He’s a total blushy mess when you compliment him
  • o r if you let it slip that you love him
  • He would act like :O but when you turn away he’d be *//U\*
  • He would probably be too shy to call you his gf at first and would TOTALLY BLUSH WHEN SOMEONE ASKED ABOUT YOU
  • Someone: *Sees a picture of the both of you as his background* “Is that your girlfriend?”
  • “Umm…haha..Uhh-Well-Yeah…haha…” *//U\*
  • Singing along to songs badly together
  • Weird nicknames as contacts in each other’s phones
  • Whoever sees your phone when he texts would be very confused
  • BluSHES when he compliments you
  • The type to ask for a selfie/picture of how you’re looking today and hype you up like you’re the most exquisite creature on eaRTH
  • He’s not the kind of person to take hints
  • Like you have to tell him specifically what you waNt because he doesn’t take hints
  • omg I’m so soft for Vernon
  • He totally gives a ton of backhugs
  • all the time
  • That’s probably the most he’d do for PDA
  • Would never do anything to hurt you

I think I’m done for now but I’ve had so many bursts of inspiration that I may just add more pls enjoy :D

  • me, thinking: yeah i don't really open up to people that well. im really private
  • somebody: hi it's nice to meet you, my name is-
  • me: i think the neglect of my mother in favor of her career when i was toddler and young child shaped my personality as well as opened the door for abuse that went over her head, i think my early childhood set the foundation for the rest of my life.

☆ Todoroki vs. Midoriya ☆

At this year’s sports festival, both have shown top class performances! It’s like two great rivals fighting against each other!

im tired and was thinking abt how jack has said that dark and anti probably won’t meet ever bc of anti lore and i’m sure this has already been said a bunch of times but… i like to think that anti isn’t actually a physical being. like i see him portrayed a lot as a sort of demon, which also makes sense and im all about that ghosty shit but like

a few days ago i was thinking about how anti could be a virus of sorts? like a computer virus, that is. and he leaks into jack’s videos and harms the jack in the videos, but maybe not even the real jack?? idk i was trying to make sense of that and….. that could be smthn really cool idk

im not really sure how it would actually work? but i like to imagine that anti is just…. in jack’s computer or w/e, and he kinda pops into the videos themselves and not actually in the physical world. he’s all programming

and he can corrupt the video files to put himself in the place of jack and hurt the jack in the videos, and that’s why it’s all glitchy. bc he’s trying to change the whole format of the video and change the images that we see and the audio we hear, and i bet that’s fuckin hard to do. hence, little (or big) glitches happen as he tries to get it to work in his favor

like looking back at the halloween video, rather than jack actually cutting his own throat, it was just the IMAGE of jack doing it. and anti somehow fuckin changing the recorded image and taking over the recorded jack to make him do that, but real life jack is maybe perfectly fine? 

this honestly makes no sense and i have no idea how he’d actually do that, but hey, this is anti right?? he’s a fuckin weirdo that can do some wacky shit. like possess a previously recorded image, bc it’s easier to work from a template than create an entirely new image from scratch to go over an old one, as well as meshing old audio together to make new audio (tho that part sounds like hell to me tbh im no video editor)

the only thing that makes me second guess this is also in the halloween video (which i just remembered is called say goodbye) when before anti actually shows up, jack hears a bunch of weird stuff or keeps going off screen to do stuff (ie. the part where he’s like “i keep hearing bubbling”), although i don’t know if all of that was acting or if just some of it was. bc, who knows, it could’ve all just been a coincidence and anti coming in to be like “oh, you made this pumpkin carving video? well, instead, im going to put in all this footage you and robin edited out to make it seem ~spooky~ and then surprise everyone” rather than jack actually hearing anti doing some poltergeist stuff to try and distract him

and who knows, maybe real jack also gets hurt, but i just love the idea that anti takes over and harms and messes with the recording itself and not anything else. and that’s why jack wasn’t actually found dead with his throat cut after the say goodbye video lol

maybe i’ll revamp this when im not half asleep on some advil pm but just!! computer virus anti seems so cool!! 

Alright so of course I’m all for body positivity, but if you are very over/underweight and even the doctor suggests that you lose/gain weight—then you need to lose/gain weight. It’s as simple as that. Being healthy is good too.


my eyes are open wide
i’m racing to her side
there’s nothing that i
won’t do for her