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oh my god this is the sweetest thing to me 

so Atlas, one of the Fiasco! characters from that picture i just posted (Black hair, red coat, cross patterns, older than the others) I don’t know why…but for some reason my grandmas love him?? and I LOVE that?????

one of them just agreed that she loves him and the other said, and i quote “he has a good heart” 

ok first of all, I’m def making it a thing in the story that grandmas love him, thats for sure, but secondly….like….how do i tell them that he’s…kind of addicted to  heroin in one of the universes.

i mean i guess i’ll just…leave that part out?? but I’m just so happy that 2 of my grandmas love him like thats a trend right there 

idk why i even have such an extensive tagging system i never go back and look through my blog its unnecessary to categorize every single post because im SURE no one else goes through my tags i organize things just for the sake of organizing them and theres no payoff it benefits no one why do i do it

like i have a complicated organization system for my clothes and my files and i used to have one for my manga before i switched to alphabetical order, i divide things into arbitrary categories and place them on value scales that hold little to no significance (my manga used to be organized based on how sad i thought it was???) and i dont know if this is a symptom of my Mental Jazz cocktail or if its just a thing i do

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Tori: You betraying me and leaving me is way worst then letting me know!
Tori: At least then I would be aware of what’s happening, where you are! you haven’t once called or texted me when you left the first time!

Okay, so imagine a soulmate au where whenever your soulmate touches your skin, the part they touched turns a different color. And not faded colors, but like bright rainbow colors.

And so it’s basically impossible to hide when you find your soulmate. And it’s just super awkward when you go to shake someone’s hand in greeting and both your hands turn green.

You kiss your soulmate for the first time and can’t help laughing because there’s just a splatter of different colors around their mouth

Your soulmate has a big important meeting to get to so you kiss all over their neck, just little pecks that leave lip prints

And you’ll just sit there for hours, drawing little doodles on your soulmate’s arm

And the colors fade after a few hours but you almost always see little splotches on people because humans touch a lot more than they think and each patch of color tells a little story

how to be a better ARMY :

- don’t say namjoon is an extra in the band
- don’t pretend like seokjin doesn’t exist anytime except when he’s blond
- don’t stereotype yoongi as ‘lazy’ when he is anything but
- don’t call hoseok 'ugly’ or 'untalented’
- don’t oversexualize jimin’s abs and get disappointed when he can’t have them 12 months of the year
- don’t call taehyung '4D’ or 'weird’ just because he’s being himself
- don’t call jungkook 'cold’ because he’s shy and reserved
- don’t stereotype bangtan and support them only when it’s convenient or love certain members only.

  • Yoda: Jedi cannot be romantically involved with anyone
  • Anakin: But what if they date each other?
  • Yoda: What?
  • Anakin: I mean, what if they HATE each other
  • *punches Obi Wan in the face*

Just get the band-aids, Steven