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sometimes i randomly burst of laughter thinking about how much of a drama queen Elsa is

like, when she had a panic attack she fled her kingdom and everyone she cared about, but she didn’t just walked a little hundred meters away and hid y’know, noooo



🌸Jaebum Snaps: When You Have Severe Cramps And He Can’t Be There🌸

Requested By: @absolutely-daisy

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Piper: Hey gurl, ‘sup?

Annabeth: Just converting oxygen into carbon dioxide. You know, the usual.

Piper: Holly Hera, Annabeth, school’s out why are you still doing science?!

Annabeth: Breathing Pipes…

Annabeth: I’m breathing…

Yoongi Trainee Friendship Confession Request (idk?)

Part 1 of 1

Request by Anonymous: Hello~ Can i get a text with Yoongi where y/n is a bighit trainee ( shes yoongs friend) and shes getting close with an another trainee ( a boy ) so Yoongi gets jealous and Confess ?? ㅠㅠ ♥♡ thank u~~ (ps: Keep it up im reading all your texts gurl ♥)


Thank you so much for the request lovely😘 I’m so SO sorry it took so long for me to get to😔 but I had to be an adult and partake in life and such but here it is and I hope you like it!😊🙈

Just so everyone doesn’t get confused, these 3 conversations happen on different days🙌

Also uh excuse me…💁 Nearly 600 of you like the stuff I come up with???🙊 What even is air??!?!😭 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH, THANK YOU!😘💖

Let me know what you think though (MAKE REQUESTS)

I will update my Masterlist soon and another update for Heartbreak Girl is in the works and will be up fairly soon!🎉


It’s the end of the year and I have accomplished nothing. Okay, I know that everyone’s stressed out with mid-terms coming up, and so I’ll post this now before I have to get off to study. This has to do with what I like, so yeah.

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