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I mean, if nobody else has put a request in, I would like to hear more on what you would write for the werewolf au. With or without xReader. Up to you. I just like the way you talked about them in the bulleted list you made (low-key SUPER down with an overly nuzzling Anti).

On what I would write for this AU? Several things honestly. Another list for you, since I’m better at organizing ideas like this. I might even come and refer back to this later in case I’m hit with the urge to write something for this AU without prompts.

  • Wolf fights. Let’s face it, the two are very aggressive towards each other. Anti always goes for the neck, as most wolves do, but Dark tries to cripple his enemies first. Anti’s too fast, and Dark’s too cautious, so the fights mainly result in no winners, just blood spilled and new scars on the both of them.
  • Nights with Dark or Anti. Honestly, this could go with reader or without.
  • Anti’s typical nights are just stalking around for prey. He loves the idea of chasing something down and killing it, but he’s a bit more reckless. The chase is his favorite part. He also likes picking fights with Dark for the hell of it.
  • Dark’s nights are hunting out of necessity. He’s a careful hunter. But after he’s gotten what he needed, he just makes sure that nothing is in his territory that it shouldn’t be. Anti, for example.
  • Anti’s night with the reader is him begging them to go hunting with him. He loves showing his power, even if he doesn’t always catch what he runs after. It’s high energy and he likes to wind down with shows of affection. More than once he’s probably tried to bite the reader. Not like in an affectionate way, but in an instinctive way. He’s bad at controlling impulses like that.
  • Dark spends his time with the reader under soft moonlight. It’s mainly talking and just spending what he considers “quality time” with them. Walking in the forest. It’s ominous, of course, but he’s more than glad to tell you that he’ll protect you. But he’s a bit scary himself. He’s got a mouth of sharp teeth that could probably rend the flesh from your bones in an instant, so you’re sort of walking on eggshells, but you try not to let it show. He’s more controlling over his instincts.

I could write on any of these if I find the time to do so. It would be fun to go into more detail, I think!

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Prompts!! So i'm guessing you already know what i want :D anything with 'The collision of your kiss' in it ;) and sterek obviously ... !! Xx


(I took the phrase as inspiration instead of directly including it. If I post on AO3 it’ll be the title.)

A comet might travel for thousands of years through empty space, jostled here and there by the gravity of passing stars, before discovering the one object strong and close enough to pull it into its orbit.

The captive body can then devote centuries to spiraling around its companion, dancing and weaving in a looping courtship, inching ever closer as the tug of gravity intensifies.

It’s a work of millennia, of a thousand chance encounters and altered trajectories.

When the meteor finally burns through the atmosphere and crashes to the surface, it still feels like it happened in an instant.


Their mouths collide after what feels like an eternity of charged dancing. Of biting words and helping hands and stray, heated moments that stretch on forever and not nearly long enough to pull them to the place they’re both burning to be.

It’s there when they barely know each other. Just a loud-mouthed, too curious boy and an untrusting man aching for something solid to cling to, trapped together in the boy’s bedroom with the thrill of his father’s ignorance running hot in the boy’s veins.

The knowing looks from Danny won’t fade from his mind, and as he sprawls out on his bed and watches Derek continue to read his history textbook like it’s actually interesting, he convinces himself it’s the thrill of victory over these two ridiculously attractive men that has him replaying Derek’s shirt-changing strip tease over again in his mind.


It’s there even earlier, when Derek’s bleeding out in Deaton’s clinic, body burning with wolfsbane and the thrum of encroaching death, when the boy’s confusing blend of challenges, panic, and determination are the only things that keep Derek on his feet and pushing forward.


It’s there in the pool and the long moments after. In the clench in Stiles’ heart that won’t let him leave Derek behind, not after he’d begged for his trust, not even if it means going under with him.


And in Stiles’ eyes, projecting that he knows, that he understands the difference between a supernatural being and a monster. An abomination. And that Derek isn’t it.

In another world Derek would kiss him then. Would  take a few steps forward and wrap Stiles in his arms, seal their mouths together in lust, in gratitude. In contentment.

Because he knows, in this instant he knows, that all he’s wanted for the past six years is for someone to believe he’s not a monster.

But it’s this world, and Derek lets the moment pass. He may not be a monster, but he’s haunted by too many demons to risk bringing them to Stiles’ doorstep.


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Life Lessons with Gail Peck (1/?)

Sometimes, it’s not what you say, it’s how fucking good you look while saying it.