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High School Noctis interactions with his crush: 

  • This giant nerd blushes and is suddenly as stiff as a board whenever you stand close to him. He’s a big nervous bean so give his heart some time to adjust to having you closer to him than he’s used to. 
  • A habit of his is that you’ll often catch him staring at you. Whenever he’s looking out at a crowd of people or sitting in class his gaze just sort of lingers. He just loves looking at that smile he’s come to love so much. 
  • The moment your eyes meet and that smile’s directed at him, along with a small wave he’s a blushing mess all over again. 
  • Not a huge fan of PDA so treat him gently. It might take a while before those fingers that bump your hand every now and then will be looped through yours. 
  • Noctis is a good listener. Leaning your head on his shoulder you just let it out. Placing his head atop of yours. He’d probs doze off to the sound of your voice without meaning to. 
  • Late night texting. While Noctis enjoys sleeping he values those random little text messages that the two of you swap back and forth. 
  • Admitting his feelings– oh boy. He’s a wreck and Noctis knows it. 
  • Courting is weird. And he’s pretty sure that he messed up somewhere along the way when asking you out after a date gone wrong thanks to a sudden downpour. 
  • But you just smile, Admitting you feel the same way before jogging out of the makeshift cover you used to get out of the rain. 
  • That’s the moment he grabs your hand. 
  • You’ve just made this boy’s day. By the Six he never wants this feeling to ever leave him. To hold this fluttering warmth, this moment in his heart forever. 
  • Your first kiss wasn’t the greatest. It was one of those clumsy in the moment kisses that was often used in cheesy romance movies, but it was something you’d never forget. 
  • Expect lots of out of random kisses from that day forward.