text embroidery

Here is me trying to get my life on order

And by that I mean trying to get a possible income in order or something??

 Ok so I’ve been thinking about selling some of my embroidery. It seems the beetle collars are quite popular and I was thinking of what the best method would be. Here’s my thinking aloud: 

  •  I can embroider a bunch of those fake collars (which is actually what I did the good stags on) which means I could do a whole bunch and not have to worry about sizing and finding time to do each sized shirt.
  • I could embroider full on shirts (but I’d have to find a good supplier of good quality shirts).
  • I could do BOTH these things at the same time but I might need to drop a day at work if the demand is really gonna be that high (I wish)
  • The back of the embroidery could be cleaner so I will have to try and keep it as tidy and professional as possible.
  •  That just leaves the price, I reckon it can probably take a bout 7-8 hours to complete but I might do another run to see how it goes. At minimum wage in the uk (£7.50~ish? Idk) that’s roughly £58 and material cost on top of that! No ones gonna pay that much for them at this stage, I’ll need to make a name for myself I think. So I could probably do it for £30 if I find a good supplier of collars (think I’ll start with the fake collars) plus s+h.
  • Also means I will make an Etsy and maybe a new blog and/ or business name so I’m more in control (this is a side blog atm). 

Thanks for listening to my rambles, just wanted a place to keep all my thoughts in one place and see if I can get any opinions or advice?

 Hope you’re all having a great day/ night!!


Embroidery is super relaxing, but just know that it will take forever. I encourage all of you to give it a try.

A couple of notes on making your own cross stitch pattern: 

I’m not an expert or anything. This is just a process I developed because I like learning the basics of crafts & then running away with that info & doing my own thing. Like, why would I work off of someone else’s cross stitch pattern when I can just make my own? That said, I really like the reproduction aspect of cross stitching–theoretically, I could give someone the plan to my tryptic & they could make their own version at home for themselves. How cool is that?

I said “choose your pallet & start drawing” because I decided beforehand how many colours of thread I wanted to use. That’s just how I work. You do what you want.

I use a tablet to draw on the computer in photoshop, but I’m sure you could do this process with a drawing or painting that you scan in. And there are definitely other tutorials online that can show you how to do this all manually with graph paper.

Also, I didn’t use aida cloth for this tryptic. I just used regular cotton with waste canvas. Because I’m not a huge fan of how aida cloth looks bordering a finished piece. That’s  a super picky detail, but I figured I’d mention it in case someone got confused as to why the fabric my tryptic is done on doesn’t resemble aida cloth. 


HELLO HI FRIENDS!!! I’m very excited to announce the newest addition to my Etsy shop: the “COOL” collection ! All garments are embroidered by me on secondhand or vintage clothing (all in great condition). They can all be found for purchase here

Thanks everyone for the continuous support!!!