text embroidery


finally listed this little beauty in my etsy shop. the fabric is hand dyed (and took FOREVER, layers and layers and layers of colour went into this one!) and the text is hand embroidered in GLOW IN THE DARK (!) embroidery floss. finished off with a splatter of white paint and a smattering of teeny-tiny stars.

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‘Night Terrors’
(Exhibition piece)

This artwork was to highlight my 6 biggest fears when I was little - and I’m not ashamed to admit I’m still afraid of all of them.

I used embroider as it’s very symbolic. You are damaging something at the same time as repairing it. It’s therapeutic and takes your mind to an unconscious state.

I found that keeping the text ambiguous meant that viewers can interpret the text in any way they feel is appropriate…I simply hint at the real issue. It was very interesting to see what individuals thought of each statement and their responses varied dramatically.

Bonus points to my best friend who remembers my one about he toilet….She was the only one that remembered my strange ritual 😂


HELLO HI FRIENDS!!! I’m very excited to announce the newest addition to my Etsy shop: the “COOL” collection ! All garments are embroidered by me on secondhand or vintage clothing (all in great condition). They can all be found for purchase here

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Embroidery is super relaxing, but just know that it will take forever. I encourage all of you to give it a try.

A couple of notes on making your own cross stitch pattern: 

I’m not an expert or anything. This is just a process I developed because I like learning the basics of crafts & then running away with that info & doing my own thing. Like, why would I work off of someone else’s cross stitch pattern when I can just make my own? That said, I really like the reproduction aspect of cross stitching–theoretically, I could give someone the plan to my tryptic & they could make their own version at home for themselves. How cool is that?

I said “choose your pallet & start drawing” because I decided beforehand how many colours of thread I wanted to use. That’s just how I work. You do what you want.

I use a tablet to draw on the computer in photoshop, but I’m sure you could do this process with a drawing or painting that you scan in. And there are definitely other tutorials online that can show you how to do this all manually with graph paper.

Also, I didn’t use aida cloth for this tryptic. I just used regular cotton with waste canvas. Because I’m not a huge fan of how aida cloth looks bordering a finished piece. That’s  a super picky detail, but I figured I’d mention it in case someone got confused as to why the fabric my tryptic is done on doesn’t resemble aida cloth.