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Descriptions of Broadway Girls' Voices
  • Renée Elise Goldsberry: When you chew mint gum and then drink water right afterwards so that your whole mouth is cold but it's the most exhilarating feeling you have ever experienced in your life and you get goosebumps just from that one sip of water and that minty freshness
  • Phillipa Soo: A cinnamon bun that is so sweet, so pure, so perfect, that you almost don't want to eat it but you do, and after you finish it you feel so content you just want to curl into a ball and fall asleep
  • Jasmine Jones: The feeling when you're listening to a fantastic song and the sound travels from one earbud to the other
  • Kathryn Gallagher: When your head's in someone's lap and they are playing with your hair and you're outside and you look up at the night sky and see all of the stars and life is good
  • Jennifer Hudson: That one swan song in every Broadway show that has the audience on its feet roaring with applause and crying and throwing roses on the stage when it finishes
  • Krysta Rodriguez: That moment before a concert is about to start and all the lights go off and everyone starts screaming and your stomach drops and you feel like you're going to explode from the excitement
  • Laura Osnes: A dress that is so beautiful and it's the perfect length and the perfect color and you honestly feel like royalty just by LOOKING at it
  • Kelli O'Hara: When you were little and you would get sick and your mom would bring you chicken noodle soup and tuck you in and sing you to sleep while stroking your forehead.
  • Sierra Boggess: That one perfume that smells SO GOOD and you have to stop yourself from spraying it all over yourself
  • Kristin Chenoweth: Cartwheeling through a meadow of flowers while simultaneously rifting and singing the highest notes you possibly can
  • Idina Menzel: That one part in The Odd Life of Timothy Green where he is absorbing the light because of photosynthesis and he just closes his eyes and spreads his arms and basks in the glory
  • Barrett Wilbert Weed: When you're at a party and your jam comes on and you and your friends kill it with your dance routine
  • Elle McLemore: A carnival at night with all of the bright lights on and you're sitting at the top of the Ferris Wheel eating cotton candy
  • Alice Lee: Driving really fast and the wind is whipping your hair back and your radio's blasting music and you feel like you're flying.
  • Jessica Keenan Wynn: When you make a sassy comeback and get complimented for it and you feel like a boss because you slayed everyone (yet again)

I honestly can’t believe that MJ allowed an episode to air in which Riley gets pinched and made fun of for wanting her friends to give gifts to each other, has them tell her that it sucks every year, and in the end they KNOW how much it means to her; and yet she doesn’t get anything because it was Lucas who did and they cut it out. So now not only does Lucas look bad, but basically the whole friend group because not one of them thought to get Riley something. How nice.

there has never been a show that i’ve wanted to rip out of a creators’ hands more than rwby.


Sui He interviewed by Elle Singapore, March 2017

Good News - Sui He will be returning to New York this year to work more in fashion. For the past 3 years, she’s been working mainly in China and Shanghai, that’s why we never saw her showing up at any Fashion Show since June 2014. I personally think that she would have been a bigger name if she didn’t leave the spotlight for so long. Can’t wait to see more of her this year ><

why do people reblog gifsets and add tags like “i dont like this couple // i don’t ship this” and then continue to explain why they don’t like the ship/couple..

like y’all if I wanted your opinions i’d ASK

Le spectateur

Hier dans la salle trop froide, le film thaïlandais. Il s’assied toujours en bout de rang, ses jambes dépassant. Les fauteuils grincent toujours. Au film, un homme qui fait caca au milieu des buissons, puis l’amibe sur l’écran. Posée là comme un cadeau.

Un autre jour, ses yeux sont aiguisés et ses jambes dépliées. Il fait un peu chaud cette fois, il regrette son pull. Deux heures de paix, ses yeux dans le manga et les nouilles en gelée. Il a de petits cycles de vie, ses humeurs sont très changeantes. Il est vulnérable, la salle est son nid. Il s’entoure de tous petits murs, d’obscurité. Il vit au travers de ces hublots, des séances qui rythment son tout. Il vit en paraplégique. Tout passe, tout revient. Il se rassied chaque fois.

On voudrait lui expliquer qu’il est mort, déjà.

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Relationship status: Taken

Last song I listened to: Control - Halsey

Last book read/listened to: Jingo - Terry Pratchett

Favorite color: purple (I say, not looking at the closet full of blue things)

Top three shows: Life (NBC), Steven Universe, Avatar: the Last Airbender

Top three characters: Sam Vimes (Discworld), Finn (Star Wars), Kate Sutton (The Perilous Gard)

Top three ships: ahhh, so difficult. Let’s go with the most recent? Chirrut/Baze (Star Wars - such snark, such clear partnership, make it canon disney), Steve/Tony (Marvel Comics - angst potential through the roof AND friends to lovers? yes please) and Josephine/female Inquisitor (Dragon Age Inquisition - actual wlw disney princess romance, thank you bioware)

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