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If you’re going to donate, please don’t take it back on paypal. Only donate if you’re absolutely positive if you can.

I’ve got a negative account balance now because someone took back money that I had already used to buy myself dinner.

The only reason I have a donation button is if people have a few dollars and I entertain them, they have the opportunity to throw me a few bucks. It’s in no way required, and I never even talk about it. So please, only donate if you’re not going to take it back.

Thank you.

Hey, good folks!

This is my little poof ball Mali, and she’s in trouble.

I noticed her eye was starting to swell closed the other day and decided she needed to be seen by a vet, turns out I wasn't just worrying for nothing.

Instead of the doctor telling me she hit her head on something like my mother swore he was going to do, he told me she has a stage 3 infection in her mouth thats spread to her eye, and it will keep spreading.

In simple terms, shes got bad teeth making her eye bad and is going to need the offending teeth removed as soon as possible. But money is a big issue because I don’t have anybody willing to spend how much her surgery would cost.

I need 1,000$ to get this done.

Please, if you can donate my PayPal is Cjjewelr12@gmail.com

If you don’t want to donate please reblog so other people can see this 

or even consider commissioning me. 

I want Mali to be ok and live long, please help her.

im gonna say this again, and i do hate to bring it up, but it is hurtin me:

if you donate, please dont chargeback and take the money back. i can’t dispute it since it’s just a donation.

i understand that you might need the money, but if that’s the case then don’t give it to me in the first place. it’s entirely optional and it should absolutely be the lowest priority of your expenditures if it’s there at all.

please, please, please. i’m beggin you. nothin sucks the life out of me more than seeing $10 come in and think “oh nice i’m gonna go get some groceries!” only to see it fly back out the window a few minutes later.

Surgery next month

I have a major surgery in about a month, while this is a blessing, it involves me travelling out of province with my girlfriend for over a week. the timing sucks, we have very little notice (compared to what we expected) and my disability was just denied - it’s going to be months before support I need comes through. if you could spare anything it would mean so much - this surgery has to happen but we have so much to do, and we’re already worried about food for the month.

Our paypal to donate is below, and I’d really appreciate if you could donate or spread this post. <3 <3 


anonymous asked:

Can falconers gift their birds feathers? I've been looking for the laws around that topic but I can't find anything.

Yes, but only to individuals or organizations with valid permits to keep them. The official word from the Federal Falconry Regulations text is:

ii) You may donate feathers from a falconry bird, except golden eagle feathers, to any person or institution with a valid permit to have them, or to anyone exempt from the permit requirement under §21.12. (which is here)

So basically you can only legally own bird of prey feathers if you are a member of a federally recognized Native American Tribe, a licensed falconer, or a member of a school or organization that has the valid permits to legally possess raptor feathers.

please help a trans guy in an abusive home

guys i never ask for anything on here. but this time I’m desperate.

My mom took my phone for a week and won’t give it back, and I’m losing hope that I’ll make it through the school year with her constant abuse.

I only have one set of headphones, that only connect to my phone. It would mean the world to me if someone could buy the only thing on my wishlist, which is a cheap set of earbuds.

It would help with homework to make sure I would be able to leave this house and it would increase my mental health greatly, because I would be able to avoid the near constant abuse. 

This is the only way to help me as of right now.

Thank you everyone!

(If you can’t donate reblogging helps)

Most of you know I work from home because of my disability, but I’m going to try working two in-person jobs through the summer, and then continuing to work as In-home health aide for my mother or the rest of the year. For now, though, all my current income is going toward keeping the lights on. 

God willing I’ll have two jobs next month, but for now, I’m super broke and I need help feeding myself! If anyone wants to commission me for writing, buy nudes/video, or even just donate, message me! I’ll be happy to discuss specifics. I can write basically anything, but I specialize in fiction and poetry. Please reblog if you can. 

Paypal banned me because they hate sex workers so I only have the Cash app. My Cash tag is $AngelMcCorkle. 

Help--Please Read:

So I hate making these types of posts, because I’d much rather do things for people in exchange for money then outright ask for it, but given the severity of the situation—I guess I have no choice right now. x-x

Where I’ve been living for the past several years of my life hasn’t been the healthiest place ever. I’ve been physically and mentally abused to the point of several disorders and mental problems (none of which I have the funds to really get properly diagnosed and cared for), and after a confrontation a night or so ago over something so stupid and meager, it made me realize how close I am to becoming the same as my abusive manipulators, and it is frightening…

I don’t ever want to be like them.

My problem, however, stems from the fact that I live in a world where everything is SO expensive and unless you make 30 dollars an hour (and most low level places you can work grant Americans roughly 7 dollars an hour or 9) or have a roommate, it is damn near impossible to move out and be on your own. Apartments here, even for one person, varies in price, but you get the price range of 509 – 800+ dollars for ONE bedroom and one bath, so, here is my problem:

I NEED to get out for the sake of my sanity and my health. I cannot stand to be here another moment longer, so I am at that point where I am pleading for people to shoot me donations through ko-fi (even 3 dollars help), so I can get my money’s worth of relocating to a good and decent place till I can find my feet and get another job or a better job to be stable and on my own.

Another option: Anybody in Georgia looking for a roommate or wants to be in Georgia with me as a roommate? I don’t mind sitting down and talking about options if you’re serious about the notion.

The other reason I need a good bit of money fast is also because of my credit. I’ve been slowly paying off that previous 600 dollars on my credit for a car repair, and now I am down to 430, but it is SUCH a struggle…and then I have the odd lump under my breast that I don’t know if it’s cancerous or not, and there’s that fear that it could be, but I lack the funds to even get THAT checked, so for the past several months, I could have been sitting on something cancerous and just do not know. The reason I’ve not been very forward about it is I don’t want to make a rise out of something that might not very well be, but also—being a depressive—I just have very low value in my life, so that’s honestly a big reason why too. ^^”

But the best ways to help in this situation is buy me a coffee on ko-fi—I would link it, but to my understanding, Tumblr hides outside links, so I’ll just say the button is on my page somewhere or search for Oreana Galena on ko-fi. My icon there is the same as the one here. Or you can send any money you want through paypal using my email: oreana.minamino@gmail.com

As a warning and heads up—given the crap I’ve been enduring the past several days with stress from my health and family—I’ve turned off anon comments! I’m sorry, but I just don’t want people taking advantage of the situation to make it worse. I will turn them back on in the future.

If you want to talk to me about something personal, you can do so through private message, and I’ll respond when able.

Thanks to those who donate or at least reblog this. ♥

~Oreana Galena

SO i got rent paid and out of the way, but i’m still waiting to start at my two new jobs, and i have only like maybe two meals of food left??? if anyone has any money they can spare, it would be a huge help and also would help me not starve so hard. i know we’ve all gone to the cleaners lately financially but still i don’t really have any recourse. 


I forget whether we have talked about this before but Mika is really truly out there being as unproblematic as anyone can wish him to be…. seriously, the only drama surrounding him is the fact that he doesn’t tour as often as people would like him to, and he takes ages producing content (e.g. the book that he’s been writing for 3 years now) Even then that’s not real drama like…. he just takes his time, but man oh man is he a Good person!! 

Hey guys, I’ve started a new job that pays really well at an Escape Room (a place you go to get locked into a room for an hour and then figure out puzzles to escape) ! Unfortunately, I’m not gonna be paid until next week, and I need money now to cover Uber costs (which will fade out over time once I get this second job at a warehouse I’m currently processing for and then I can afford a car). I’m hoping I can ask for donations to help me out? I’ve been walking home every other day to mitigate costs, but it’s about 8 miles away… so 16 miles back and forth… … so u h yea h. .…

This is also gonna go into food because I’ve been portioning one meal per day and I don’t think that’s very healthy and I’m also hungry a lot and that sucks 

WHo knew transitioning back from homeless would be so hard HAHAH hah  a …. 

anyway here’s the link:  paypal.me/owengreynorris

i’m sorry about asking for help so much. i’ve been sleeping on literally a floor and my shoes have a literal hole in them but I don’t have anyone else to help me out and I’m trying to stay in school the best I can.