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oh; baby.

Felicity finds out she’s pregnant, but isn’t sure how to tell Oliver. When he gets hurt on patrol, her emotions get the best of her. Established relationship/married olicity. A bit of angst, a bit of fluff.

Rating: G/K+  Words: 2522

Genre: Family

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Felicity stares down at the little white stick in her hands. Maybe if she blinks, the pink plus sign will go away. She tries even though she knows it’s pointless: this is the third test she’s taken today, all positive. It terrifies her, but what terrifies her more is the realization that she wants this, truly and completely wants it.

They haven’t talked about having a child yet, though, and for that, anxiety bubbles up in her stomach. She’s always known she wants this someday and is pretty sure Oliver wants it too, but she hadn’t really counted on it happening this soon. Sure, they’ve been married for a year now, but she doesn’t really see a child fitting into their crazy life just yet.

It hit her this morning when she almost threw up after her first sip of coffee. For a week and a half now she’s felt queasy every morning. Yesterday, she threw up twice and the day before that, it was 3 times, even though she doesn’t have a fever and hasn’t eaten anything unusual. She missed her last period and didn’t realize it at first because of how busy they’d been. When she did realize it, she chalked it up to the stress she’d been under and forgot about it. Until today.

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