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so im sitting at the library next to this really scary looking guy with tattoos and a beard and everything and im trying not to make eye contact in case he decides to stab me or something because holy fucking shit he looks like he could murder three people before breakfast and not even lose his appetite and then his phone rings and his ringtone is that song timon and pumba sing in the lion king to distract the hyenas and he answers it and has a really sweet conversation with the person on the other end finishing with “okay honey, see you soon, love you” before standing up and giving me a smile before walking out and the moral of this story is don’t judge anyone by what they look like because i have never been so wrong about a person in my life

Oh man, I’ve been dying to get a copy of this book for as long as I’ve known of its existence. It arrived this afternoon and I honestly couldn’t put it down until I finished it a few minutes ago.

It’s more of a biography/account of the space program written by the “co-author” Henry Still, with intermittent insights by Betty Grissom, but there’s definitely a tilt towards the personal side and every reminisce by Betty is just,, so neat to hear. I’ve had a… complicated? view of Gus’ family, especially on things that happened post-fire, but reading Starfall has completely changed my perspective. I hope someday I can be even half the wife, mother, and woman that Betty is. She was lucky to have Gus, but he was even more blessed to find a woman like her to support and love him through a tumultuous life.

It was written in the 70s so it doesn’t cover the problems they’ve had with Scott since then, and there is maybe some unfair bias against certain people within the space program (take the last few chapters with a grain of salt), but overall it’s an unbelievably cool insight into Gus’ life, how he was as a husband and father and man. He was so, so special and I feel blessed to be able to know him the way I do. I love Gus even more than I did 6 hours ago, if that’s possible. I miss him a lot more, too. It’s full of very poignant quotes from Gus and others, but my favorite might be from Betty towards the end:

“I hate that Gus is gone, but I guess the program was worth it. He wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

I Give Up - part 5 (A Baekhyun Series)


Genre: fluff/smut

Characters: Baekhyun X You

Description: It’s finals week, you need to study, but Baekhyun is back in town after a few weeks away and has other plans.

A/N: I like this one, I feel like this series is back on track. 😁

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It was finals week. You’d been studying and reviewing nonstop for so long you couldn’t even remember what it was like to have a life anymore. Your dreams were clouded with equations and formulas and body parts. Oh god the body parts! Not even the fun external ones but the internal Latin bullshit sounding names that were hard to remember and even harder to say.

Why did you choose to be Pre-Med again? You groaned and kicked your legs in frustration at the heavy text book with the worn cover that you were all too familiar with. You decided that you’d throw it off the bridge when you were done with it. The environment could go to hell, you were fed up.

You heard a buzz. Your phone, which sat face down on the counter of the dry cleaning shop, was blinking now, indicating that you had a new message.

“Hey beautiful. Miss me? ^_^”

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Right Idea

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“Okay, so I know we’re supposed to be studying here but is there any way I can convince you to take the night off and do literally anything else?”

“No, Jay,” you huffed as you continued highlighting a passage in your textbook, “you’ve taken too many nights off. If you don’t make an A on this final then you’ll fail the class. You do understand that, right?”

“What’s one class?” he whined and you heard his head drop to the table, “I’m so tired.”

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Shit white readers say:

“They can’t be a PoC, they’re rich!”

“They can’t be a PoC, they’re Jewish!”

“They can’t be a PoC, their eyes are blue!”

“They cant be a PoC, they’re pale!”

“They can’t be a PoC, they’re English!”

“They can’t be a PoC, they have light hair!”

“They can’t be a PoC, they have freckles!”

“They can’t be a PoC, the book cover made them white!”

“They can’t be a PoC, the author said so!”

“They can’t be a PoC, one of their parents is white!”

“Stop making everyone a PoC!”

“You already have *insert side character* so you don’t need to make *insert main character* a PoC!”

“But if we made a canonically PoC character be white, you’d call us racists!”

“Not everything needs diversity!”

“They racebent the casting! They’re ruining everything!”


So it’s true. When all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.E.A. Bucchianeri