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didn’t get to post this at the time but I wore my new Mako shirt to work last Friday!!!! I possibly love this shirt more than any other Bioware apparel I have

the gang sign is M for Mako if that wasn’t clear

Because some people in #aion still don’t seem to understand:

If you want to share something that you didn’t make, either include credit or don’t post it

If it’s on tumblr, reblog it. The reblog system makes it so easy to share things, the only reason that you’d go through the extra steps of saving and re-uploading everything into a new post is to erase the creator’s name and replace it with yours. 

If you found it off-tumblr, the best thing to do is first contact the creator about wanting to share it. If they say no, don’t repost it. Post a link to their page containing it.

Sometimes getting in contact isn’t possible, but in either case, the location you found it should be included in your post. (The same post, visibly- none of those stupid nonexistent easter-egg credit links hidden around the corner and behind your left ear.) Tumblr has a content source system for this exact reason. Use it.

If no other source is entered there or in the post itself, the content is automatically attributed to you. It’s synonymous with claiming ownership of the content and everyone who sees the post will be under the impression that you created it. This is also how copyrights are claimed when artists/writers/etc first publish their work online. This is why people get upset. When you do this with something that isn’t yours, it’s theft. Plagiarism. It’s not appreciation or respect. This applies when sharing things anywhere: any forum, blog, or website.

Tumblr can and will remove content you post that isn’t yours. If the creator didn’t want their work reposted, even with credit, they can ask for it to be removed.

If reposting happens to you, you can report it here: https://www.tumblr.com/dmca

They’re quick about it, and it does extend to edits. It does not extend to toon remodels or Photoshop actions/presets.

fic rambly ramble rant? idek.

so i haven’t actually slept yet and i have spent most of my night doing nothing productive unless you call reading a shit ton of hobbit fanfiction productive. if yes then holy bums i was SO PRODUCTIVE you don’t even KNOW. but there are a few things that i want to discuss or get off my chest or what the fuck ever. i am tired and ingested waaaaaaaaay too much peanut butter for one sane person in one evening, just saying.

under a read more because who even knows how rambly i’m going to get. look how big this intro is. damn.

ALSO FAIR WARNING: i may or may not be an asshole in here. 

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Had a shit day but



I’m so happy. I can finally get to working on my major and working on my artwork.

If you’re going to help your legionmates, be fucking clear and honest.

If you don’t want to run something, say so.

If you don’t want to help anyone, even when the lowbies or members that just hit 65 rarely ask you for help, then say so.

If you’d rather run EB with 23 other people all day and form a tiny clique in legion, then do so. Make it clear that you aren’t going to be as helpful as you claim to be.

Don’t beat around the bush or get pissy when the legion can’t run on your schedule. Don’t get pissy when someone asks for help either.

Just fucking speak up. No misunderstandings. Nada.

also like the whole thing about “supermodels” in Mad Max: Fury Road is

yes? there are supermodels? most if not all the Wives were in fact played by models?

to which we/George Miller are like, so what?

as if them being supermodels makes them… less valid?? as actresses? as women? as people? makes this film less good of a movie?

thing is, them being supermodels actually SERVES THE NARRATIVE. It works on every level of context. Immortan Joe’s most prized harem consists of the most slender, tall, long-legged, voluptuous, beautiful women in his kingdom - Victoria’s Secret models whom that society (and ours) has on one hand elevated to be the pinnacle of the standards of female beauty, but on the other hand reduced to being primarily objects of male lust and little else. That people would see the Wives in the trailer and immediately dismiss them as just impossibly beautiful window dressing in a male-centered movie (lookin atchu Anna Kendrick) proves a point. That Mad Max: Fury Road is a completely absurd yet totally believable extension of what’s true now.

That the Wives were portrayed as frail, scared, determined, distraught, capable, self-possessed and surprisingly full of personality, and not sexualized at all despite the sexual nature of their dress and their function was just, like, overwhelming to me. (yeah, low standards, I know) So what if they’re supermodels. They have every right to freedom and survival and respect as any other non-female or non-model or human being. 

And then the Vuvalini appeared and that scene where you first meet them I was so anxious, like, oh no, there’s gonna be one semi-accidental nipslip here, to service the male audience members, it’s gonna happen, and then it doesn’t and the scene is instead really just full of beauty and grace?? dark hair and muslin billowing artfully in a strong desert wind and an even stronger woman running through it - and then I was crying for the next 10 minutes

hell I’m crying RIGHT NOW just thinking about it and I’m going to stop writing about this tl;dr the MRAs were right this is distinctly a feminist movie and George Miller is a feminist and they can all pack up their dicks and move to Australia like they keep threatening to do and that metal-as-fuck country will finish them all off for us

you know, i was really excited about assassin’s creed unity, but then the developers just started shitting from their mouth about how hard it would have been to make female playable characters and now i’m just like… so indifferent??? i am in no rush to purchase this game anymore. cool features and all.

So after the recent buzz surrounding the film, and hearing everyone from politicians, to major news networks, to even many of my own friends blasting their own opinion about it, I decided to go watch American Sniper today.

Now there have been many thought pieces circulating the internet about the film, telling you about the problems surrounding it, or trying to defend it. Seemingly hundreds of writers have talked in detail about every aspect of the film, arguing as to whether or not Chris Kyle is a disgusting human being or a brazen patriot,  whether the film promotes pro-war, anti-muslim notions, or that it’s just a simple documentary highlighting the actions of one of the most honorable war heroes to ever exist.

I’m not those writers.

I’m just a slightly above average movie goer, who saw all the buzz going around about American Sniper, and decided to go watch it himself. I’d much rather see the film with my own eyes and make my assumptions off of that, as opposed to just going off of what any particular side is talking about. This is by no means an argument for one side or the other, I’m just brain dumping all my different thoughts surrounding the film, from Clint Eastwood, to the contents of the film, to Chris Kyle himself, and even thoughts about the films in regards to the Oscars. I’m not some super amazing writer that will blow you away with my rhetoric, and I doubt this barf of text will even be coherent. My opinions are by no means perfect, and it’s up to you to take it however way you want. So if you want to keep reading, that’s on you.

well, here goes nothing 

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this is a PSA

watch Mr. Robot, a new USA thriller about cybersecurity, evil megacorps and a secret underground superhacker vigilante group. It

  • has Rami Malek as young reclusive genius programmer
  • is “Dexter with IT and hacking meets Fight Club”
  • has a sick cyberpunky retro synth soundtrack
  • is fuckin phenomenal I’m not even halfway through the pilot yet and I’m silently losing my shit

Ep 1 up for free on Youtube

i had a dream the other night that was about how my mom was telling me that her favorite anime character is goku from dbz and then she went super saiyan and flew away

it was weird

Ok this is a warning for anyone who might end up being a RP partner of mine. I AM VERY FRIENDLY AND TALKATIVE for one… and for two?

You may get shit like that thrown at you. So yeah. This is what you may be getting yourself into. I’m not like this ALL THE TIME but it does happen.

I guess that’s me saying I’ll be getting to those asks of mine soon, regarding lovely RP!